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Dr. Marcelo Hernandez

    Dr. Marcelo Hernandez Ramirez.
    Professional Certificate 912535. Certificate of Specialty AEIE 04265

    Originally from Veracruz, Mexico. His studies were conducted at the Universidad Veracruzana, Surgeon with Specialty in General Surgery. Endoscopic Surgery Study in the Republic of Cuba providing more experience.

    Dr. Hernandez made his specialization and residence as Surgeon General in the Secretariat of National Defense University Army and Air Force of Mexico. In 1994. He has played as important at the university that have allowed him to have extensive experience in cases of surgeries of all kinds.
    Additional has worked in the Regional Military Hospital of Guadalajara, Jalisco.
    His approach in patients with gastric problems was taking time. Dr. Hernandez has completed a large number of graduates and courses for updating and providing the same information on the study of medicine to students who have had the opportunity to present their work in the classroom and practice as a doctor.

    He is a member of the Association of Surgeons of Baja California since 1988. Active member of College of General Surgeons. He is also a member of the Medical College of Tijuana in General Surgery. Member of the Federation affiliated to the World Medical Association 2008 to 2011. He has had graduates Cardiology Update Comprehensive Treatment of Obesity, International Meeting on Gastroesophageal Reflux

    Dr. Hernandez has over 5 years experience in surgeries aimed at weight reduction and metabolic diseases. He has worked in large hospitals providing a comprehensive service to the patient.

    My experience. (03/31/2022)

    Weight Loss Agents and Dr. Almanza's team were professional and caring. The program they have created is easy and convenient for bariatric surgery. The Weight Loss Agents communication and process are excellent. All inclusive, one price, no haggling with insurance. Everything regarding transportatio ... * read more.

    Convenient and safe. (03/28/2022)

    I had a gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Almanza's group in 2016. I have been so pleased with the resulting weight loss and increased self esteem since that time. The whole process from requesting information, transportation, accomodations, to the completion of the surgery and follow up is incredibly ... * read more.

    Update (11/24/2019)

    3 years ago today was a game changer for my life! I have lost 122lbs!!! I do not think (I've learned to never say never lol) I will ever regret my decision to have the sleeve. I have 2 very active boys (13 &10;) and I am able to keep up with them abs and enjoy life with them. Anyone who asks I tell ... * read more.

    My experience (11/21/2019)

    My decision to have the surgery was not easy for me to make. I did a lot of research on the procedure as well the location I chose. After researching Dr. Hernandez's back ground I felt very comfortable in selecting him as my surgeon.

    I went alone for the surgery and recommend that someone atten ... * read more.

    Amazing results (10/30/2019)

    I had the sleeve three years ago and I have had amazing results. I lost 150 pounds in one year. I have never started back eating bread, rice, corn, popcorn etc. I have started eating things that I really shouldn't and I found myself gaining about 10 pounds. I have now started the keto die ... * read more.

    Great successful surgery (09/17/2019)

    On September 11th 2019 i flew into San Diego California to cross over into Tijuana Mexico for my gastric sleeve procedure that was scheduled for the next day on the 12th at the Baja hospital in Tijuana Mexico . I was picked up at the airport by Baja hospital driver who was very polite and helpful, t ... * read more.

    Best decision of my life (09/04/2019)

    It's only been two weeks and I already lost 50 and feel great. It was a hard decision to make and was nerve wrecking, but once I made up my mind and did it, it wasn't so bad hardly any pain. ... * read more.

    A healthier me (08/25/2019)

    I decided to go to MX to grab ahold of my weight and my health. It was a culture shock but it was very safe. ... * read more.

    Best decision (07/27/2019)

    They took good care of me. No regrets ... * read more.

    Life changing still (05/24/2019)

    Its been 3 years and my life is still changing, thanks to weight loss agents! I'm blessed to have lost max weight of 85. Pounds. Ive gained about 10-12 pounds. However I'm in the gym every other day at least 2 hours, my mind and body is so healthy. I boil most of my food, im absent from beef, alcoho ... * read more.

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