Yo estoy muy agradecida (12/15/2021)

Yo estoy muy agradecida con todo el equipo médico por todo el trato que recibí durante mi sirugia el cambio de vida a sido maravilloso mi vida a dado un gran cambio per de lo que más agradecida me siento es con mi salud hoy en día no tengo que usar una ma. Estoy feliz por el cambio de vida y de ... * read more.

Change my life (12/15/2021)

I am very happy for having made the decision to have surgery! And grateful to have had the best Doctor and his team for my gastric sleeve operation. I have already lost 51 pounds in 4 months. And I feel like I have come back to life, and that something as simple as tying my shoelaces and doing by... * read more.

So nice I had to do it twice (12/15/2021)

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to see Dr. Almonza for the 2nd time. The first time lasted 8 years before I got back out of control with my weight gain. The Dr. Recommended a mini bypass for the second go round. Glad I did so again I lost 40lbs. I had to make a few adjustments in my lifestyle o... * read more.

Unbelievable life change (12/11/2021)

Iam still in shocked in how much the gastric sleeve surgery has changed my life. I still can't believe how much weight I have lost, never in my life did I ever think I would be this skinny. I am so happy with the results so far. I definitely don't regret the decision I made back in June 2021. Live t... * read more.

Best Decision I've Ever Made (12/08/2021)

After letting myself go and reach upwards of 550lbs i realuzed in order to make a living and function I had to do something! My girlfriend at the time, who's now my wife, had had surgery in 2018 with Dr A. She was adamant it was life changing! So December 7 2020 I flew to Mexico and started th... * read more.

The best (12/07/2021)

The great change of my life the best decision I recommend it in my 4 months and I lost 55LB... * read more.

Don’t wait! Wish I had done it many years earlier. (12/07/2021)

HW: 215_SW: 208_GW: 125_CW: 114
Female, 5'7"

This surgery changed my life. I wish that I had not waited.

If you are on the fence, let me help tip your decision to get this surgery.

If money is an issue, please find a way. You will spend much more money in the long-term on weight-related health i... * read more.

Thankful and grateful (11/29/2021)

My experience with Dr.Galileo and the staff at Hospital was more than great! ... * read more.

6 Month Post-Op (11/29/2021)

Sleeved 5/24/2021 Down 85 lbs in 6 months and I'm not stopping anytime soon!
Today 11/28/2021 - I met a major goal I am finally pre-baby weight. 4.5 years later
HW: 300.8lbs
SW: 272.8
CW: 186
Down 114 lbs (pre and post op)... * read more.

Amazing experience (11/24/2021)

Everyone was perfect the attention, the doctor can't be more wander full the nurses are the best ... * read more.

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