Best Decision I have made! (04/05/2021)

I was very scared to go have a procedure done in Mexico. They had the best staff I ever had in a hospital. Very compassionate towards me. The surgery was a huge success for me. See the pictures for proof! ... * read more.

Life is amazing (04/04/2021)

My experience was absolutely top notch. Everything went smooth and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I am now 3 months post surgery and down 70 pounds and losing more every day.... * read more.

Wish I've done it sooner (04/02/2021)

I've lost almost 60lbs in 10weeks I be 11 weeks next Tuesday I be 3 months on the 12th,and yes I'm thankful for Dr.Almanza,hes gods given, I feel healthier,look younger,more energy and I cant eat alot yes ,I stopped the over eating ,well I must say this tool is the best ,I've even made better health... * read more.

No insulin for me (03/30/2021)

It's been 4 Months since the surgery and I in a lost 50 pounds! I am very pleased with my results and highly recommend surgery for any person trying to lose the weight and get off the diabetic medications.... * read more.

Great Experience (03/30/2021)

I had a friend refer me after her successful experience with Weight Loss Agents and Dr. Almanza. I had been researching these procedures for many years, but lack of insurance and the high cost of surgery in America was prohibitive. The process was so simple and there was help every step of the way.... * read more.

AMAZING!!! (03/30/2021)

I just wanted everyone to know that I had a great experience! From the time that my friend and I were pick up to the moment of our departure!
The NURSES WERE ALL AMAZING,KIND,PATIENT,UNDERSTANDING,& COMPASSIONATE! Dr. Almanza was truly the BEST! I had my procedure done on March 15th and I am down on... * read more.

Awesome (03/25/2021)

I'm am so happy and thankful for the way they treated me took care of me well respected nurses dr was awesome great personality it was a great experience being there and being taken good care of from when I got there to when I left ... * read more.

a second chance..... (03/25/2021)

I have a gastric sleeve in 2019 and did really well with it...lost 89 lbs..... but due to some circumstances such as breaking my leg at the end of 2019...i had limited mobility for a few months with that.... and of course 2020 was just challenging for everyone i noticed i was stress eating and not g... * read more.

The best decision I have ever made (03/25/2021)

I am so happy with my results I love it ... * read more.

God is Good (03/15/2021)

Before surgery I was 475 pounds today I weigh 333 pounds I had diabetes high blood pressure high Cholesterol now today no diabetes, no high blood pressure and no high cholesterol and I am not on any prescribed medication ... * read more.

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