Gastric sleeve and Gallbladder removal (05/18/2022)

Throughout this process I always just put my trust in the Dr. and nursing staff. I was never nervous and just knew they knew what they were doing and would take care of me, and they did just that! At times there were some language barriers, but they always found a way to communicate so I could unde... * read more.

Excellent experience, very happy! (05/16/2022)

It was an really great experience. Everythings on time, very respondible, respectful. So in care with my incisions and health. I would recommend the hospital teamwork and dralmanza to everyone.... * read more.

A week after surgery (05/16/2022)

I'm already down 10 lbs in just a week. I was 235 I'm now 225 still 4 days left on clear liquids not hungry sticking to protocol and excited to see progress. Wounds are are closed and no soreness except one area. Walking and able to sit up and walk around with no problems

Still having a lot of gas ... * read more.

Dr.Mario Almanza (05/14/2022)

It was a beautiful experience. It was a blessing to do it. The surgery was a true success. I a graceful I did.I have managed to keep the weight off and I continue to lose 3 to 4 pounds a week.... * read more.

What a change in my life (05/13/2022)

Went on this journey 8 months ago surgery on August 24, 2021 . I was 238 pounds today I'm a smashing 154 pounds. Just incredible.... * read more.

Gastric Sleeve (05/13/2022)

It has been 4 months since my Gastric Sleeve, and I have lost 49 lb so far since surgery (92 lbs total since June 2021 when I initially decided I wanted to have the procedure and started dieting). I have not had an complications and no complaints. If I had the choice to redo the surgery, I would do ... * read more.

If I had to do it all over I would! (05/13/2022)

I'm so thankful I made the decision of having this life changing surgery, my only regret is that, I wish I would have done it sooner! I'm so grateful. ... * read more.

Would do it all over again! (05/03/2022)

I had been weighing the options of surgery for about 2 years topping out at 243 pounds as my highest weight starting the pre-op diet. It was rough for the first few weeks post op learning to eat different, slower, and make lifestyle changes. But now at 2 months post op I'm down a total of 42 pounds... * read more.

Best thing I have done for myself! (05/03/2022)

My experience was nothing but wonderful. From the start the facility was what I expected. I just wish I had done this years ago. I have lost 48 pounds so far and so many inches. I couldn't be happier!!... * read more.

Alot of Pros and a few Cons! (05/03/2022)

I have been a patient of Dr.Almanza twice now. Once seven years ago, up untile the pandemic I had reduced my weight to 134 lbs. After two years of working from home, I had reached 165, and decided i needed some help with my weight loss again. Both of my eperiences have be mostly amazing.

The pros... * read more.

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