2.5 years later (08/29/2022)

I am happy with the results I had procedure done 2/20/20 lost 103lbs. Here it is 8/22 and still at 163lbs. The joy I feel is overwhelming at times but the best decision I ever made for me. I still eat small portions, can workout without regrets, you still have to eat healthy and pay attention to you... * read more.

Wasn’t prepared for the recovery process (08/29/2022)

The first month after surgery was really difficult for me. Because I also had my gallbladder removed, I had to deal with a lot of nausea since the bile in my stomach was more than I was able to eat or drink. My life feels completely different now. I didn't realize how much I depended on food for com... * read more.

Life Changing (08/24/2022)

I weighed approximately 235 and now weigh 155, so I have lost 80 lbs. I now have more energy and a new outlook on life. I didn't really do this for appearance of being obese, but to be able to enjoy living life with my family by going hiking and participating in other physical activities. My overall... * read more.

Feeling better (08/24/2022)

If you thinking about getting gastric sleeve do it. My over health has changed in 2 weeks. No more HBP, I'm sleeping through the night without melatonin. The procedure process was seamless. I would definitely recommend Dr Almsnza! ... * read more.

Un verdadero cambio de vida (08/22/2022)

Ha sido una experiencia que ha valido la pena el cambio ha sido radical y mi salud ha mejorado mucho ya no tengo las piernas hinchadas no ronco en la noche me levant con nimo hago muchas cosas c mo caminar sin cansarme que antes no lo pod a ser de verdad recomiendo esta operaci n 100% gracias a to... * read more.

A very smooth process (08/22/2022)

From start to finish this entire process has been incredibly quick and smooth! Anytime I had questions they where answered promptly everything was taken care of I never felt alone this was a great experience start to finish! Now I'm home 7 days post opt and doing incredible I go back to work tomorro... * read more.

testimony. (08/22/2022)

it's been two months and I've been feeling a lot better about myself since the surgery; it's been a wild ride but I've lost 40 pounds so far and I'm really happy about where I'm at.... * read more.

Is this really it? (08/19/2022)

When you walk in and see all the people hobbling around, looking like they're on their last cylinder, it's a little bit concerning but you end up doing it anyway and it's one of the best choices you can make. Tough out the few months of being uncomfortable for years of happiness... * read more.

Weight loss (08/17/2022)

Im so Happy with my experience. I have lost 50lbs in 5 months. Thanks to Dr.Alm nzar and staff ... * read more.

New beginning (08/17/2022)

I had a great surgeon and nursing staff and would highly recommend this place to whoever wants the surgery done ... * read more.

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