Changed my life (04/27/2020)

I went into this journey at 268lbs. I lost 135lbs over the course of 1 year and I have bounced back about 20lbs. I am the happiest I have ever been. I can do things with my daughter, go dancing again and now I am a skydiver!!! I love my new lease on life and would make the same decision over... * read more.

Week 3 (04/22/2020)

Diet has been hard but trying best; lost 5 lbs this week and 8 lbs last week; still got 44 to go... * read more.

Amazing experience (04/22/2020)

I lost over 80 lbs (40kg)
It's changed my life for better ... * read more.

Best decision ever! (04/22/2020)

I know you hear it all the time but it's true! This was one of the best decisions I've ever made! I was once the guy reading all the testimonials of patient after patient describing in detail how much weight loss surgery impacted their life for the better! I would often ask myself is it really that ... * read more.

Did this life changing journey with my 27 year old son (04/14/2020)

My 27 year old son and I am taking this journey together, my son began his weight loss journey at 6'4" and 438 lbs, I began mine at 5'9" and 325 lbs, he has lost 125 lbs up til this point and I'm at 90 lbs lost, I think the only struggle to lose the weight is our mindset about food and food portions... * read more.

I made it (03/25/2020)

This is not an easy way out, and the instructions provided need to be followed. I made the mistake of not getting my vitamins in, and my body reacted negatively. It was my own fault. Once I got all of that back on track I felt like a new person! Y'all I am down to 140 lbs from 216 lbs. my clothes sw... * read more.

Best life changing decision! (03/25/2020)

I was sleeved on 3/18/2020. I've never had prompter care even in the states. The facility is impeccably clean and the hospital beds are the coziest! Dr. Almanza was super supportive and nice. So far I am down 17lb since the beginning of the pre-op diet. There is a bit of a language barrier with some... * read more.

Absolutely flawless! (03/23/2020)

My body is completely perfect! No more saggy skin, just perfect, perky breast, tight stomach, and no more bingo arms! I'm so excited, I can't stop looking in the mirror and playing with my new body! The staff was so professional. I'm excited to go back for my butt implants! Excellent service and per... * read more.

Life changing experience (03/18/2020)

I was very big my feet hurt so bad when I would get up to try to walk especially early in the morning my back would hurt I hurt in quite a few places since I had the surgery and has lost a lot of weight over 100+ lb I am not in pain anymore my feet does not hurt my back don't hurt my legs don't hurt... * read more.

Feeling amazing! (03/18/2020)

So very thankful I finally decided to do the surgery. It has already changed my life. I am down 27 pounds in a few weeks and my ankles and body are already rejoicing. The hospital, staff and doctor were all truly amazing. I would recommend anyone that is considering it to do it.... * read more.

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