Getting my skinny back! (02/08/2019)

Hi there,
I was sleeved on 1.7.19 as my New Years resolution along with a friend of mine that had the surgery as well.
As nervous as I was, I was trying not to freak out, the travelling back home was the worst part and I asked myself why did I do this, but as soon as I got home and started feeling ... * read more.

My Struggle (01/31/2019)

Its been a year now. And I could not have been happier with my choice.

I am alive again. I now feel less body pains, feel energetic and most importantly I have fallen in love with me again.

I love who I have become since the operation. I am more confident.

My life has made a 360 turn. I c... * read more.

I’m happy (01/31/2019)

I'm happy with the services provides to me, I'm still in pain but hopefully it will get better. Dr. Almanza and his staff is great!... * read more.

The perfect beginning to new me (01/31/2019)

I wish all businesses were run as well as weight loss agents. They were there to answer any questions quickly. The hospital staff was kind and attentive, the facility clean and nice. My discomfort was minimal, and I feel this has been the best decision I've ever made. I'm about to hit week 3 a... * read more.

The new me (01/31/2019)

I couldn't be any happier with the choice I made to get the gastric sleeve. Dr. Almanza and his team were great! I have gone from 201 lbs to 127 lbs in as little as 7 months! I feel great and I had zero complications. Thank you Dr. Almanza! ... * read more.

Great surgeon (01/31/2019)

Really happy with results. Great care.... * read more.

Life Changer! (01/31/2019)

This surgery was a huge blessing for me and my life. I was at the point where diets didn't help, exercise hurt and I was always depressed and tired. After the surgery I started to love myself more and my life changed in so many amazing ways. Being mindful to never over do it again was hard at first ... * read more.

Life changing (01/31/2019)

I had my surgery 06/04/2018. At that point I weighed 210lbs. I had been put on BP medication in June of 2016, at which time I weighed 180 lbs. Over the next 2 years I gained 20 lbs & tried 3 different BP meds, none of which properly controlled my blood pressure. I made the decision to do surgery ... * read more.

Best thing I ever did! (01/23/2019)

Best thing I ever did, only wish I had done it sooner. I've battled with my weight all my life. It's not the easiest adjustment but I'm getting there. ... * read more.

Time for a change! (01/23/2019)

I went into this with an open mind and a need for change. I had my surgery on Thursday Jan 17-2019 so i am only 5 days post op but have already lost 10 lbs. I feel great. I am still a little sore but my mind and body are in tune now to lose the weight. I am so thankful for Dr. Mario Almanza and ... * read more.

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