Sure Weight loss (07/30/2019)

I got sleeved a month ago. Before the process began, i weighed 242lbs. This weight came with back pain, knee pain and waist pain. Now one month after,and after a loss of just 26lbs,the pains are gone.
I see a gradual weight loss. I expect to lose another 26 to 30lbs. My clothes fit better and I'm ev... * read more.

Muy profesional (07/30/2019)

Todo muy profesional no tengo queja ninguna una experiencia nica ... * read more.

My journey (07/28/2019)

I would recommend this to anyone wishing to change their lives . The hospital and staff were AMAZING. Very clean facilities, and the care was Excellent! I am 5 weeks post op , feeling great and down 37 lbs so far . I have no regrets at all . ... * read more.

Best decision (07/27/2019)

They took good care of me. No regrets... * read more.

Just after one month (07/24/2019)

Just one month after surgery i have lost 32.lbsand am very happy i had it wish i would have done it 10 years ago.
The doctors and staff was all very attentive and caring i have no complaints at all very nice facility also and Saftey was never and issue
I highly recamend them.
... * read more.

Life changing experience (07/24/2019)

First I would like to thank Dr Almanza and his nursing staff for the way they treated me. I have lost 25 pounds and I feel like a new person! I have tried all the diet that you can imagine lost weight and gain plus some after the diet I was depressed and didn't not want any one to see me like this ... * read more.

Amazing Dr. I HAD (07/24/2019)

I had my surgery 7/10/19. I had to go back into surgery that night then 13th was taking back to surgery. I was well taking care of by Dr Almanza and his staff. I was sent to the states incase i needed another surgery. They called me every day to check on me. My issue with my surgery was due to the... * read more.

Changed my Life! (07/20/2019)

Two years ago, I made the best decision of my life (except for marrying my husband): to have gastric sleeve surgery. As a mother of five, I was always putting my children, husband, teaching position, before myself! Gastric sleeve isn't the easy way out and you definitely need to be committed to mak... * read more.

Life changing (07/18/2019)

The best decision i have made in my life, other times I would think of everyone in my family well being but never about me this time it was time for me to think about me and my well being so i decided to do the gastric sleeve not only to look good but to feel good. I got family with diabetes and hig... * read more.

Worried at First, but Wonderful Experience (07/16/2019)

When first a "plain white van" took us to Mexico and into an alley where they honked to open a gate, I was a bit frightened. I thought how easily we could have been traffiked. (Luckily, Tony (the driver) had a shirt on with the hospital name or we wouldn't have went with him.) ALL of those insecur... * read more.

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