Feeling amazing (12/10/2018)

Best decision i have made as i have lost 30 pounds already had my surgery October 26
Doctor is very professional and both are very nice
Happy for my new life and health ... * read more.

Different (12/10/2018)

Hi my name is allison I originally had the sleeve done in 2013 at 400 pounds. I lost 160 pounds in the first 1 1/2 years I got pregnant in 2015 and had a baby June 2nd 2016. I only gained 10 pounds being pregnant. I gained 60 pounds back in the next 2 years, it was all my fault, I was eating like... * read more.

Highly recommend this! (12/10/2018)

Before having my gastric sleeve surgery, I knew a lot of people who had been to Tijuana to have the surgery done, and I was jealous of all of them! Once I made the decision to JUST DO IT, I met another girl who had lost 150 lbs. after having the gastric sleeve. When I asked her how it went, her re... * read more.

Great Experience (12/06/2018)

I had a really great experience at the hospital. The hospital is cleaner than a lot I have seen in the United States and the nurses are very friendly and attentive. The doctor and surgical team were friendly as well and any questions asked was answered. The beds are pretty comfortable and the rooms ... * read more.

Gastric Sleeve (12/06/2018)

Its been two months since I had the gastric sleeve done by Dr.Almanza and I am down almost 40lbs and feel so much better. It was a great experience and I am thankful for this chance to improve my quality of life and to become a healthier version of myself! ... * read more.

Bravest and best choice I’ve ever made (12/05/2018)

Most of my friends and family thought I was crazy for flying to San Diego and getting surgery in Mexico especially with troublesome border issues on the news. I felt very safe the whole time and made great, lifelong friends especially since I went by myself.
I highly reccomend weightloss agents and... * read more.

SO GLAD I DID THIS!!!!!!!! (12/04/2018)

I want to thank Dr. Mario Almanza, the hospital was very clean and everything went very smooth I am so glad I did this. Is only been three weeks and I am already lost 19 pounds. I could lose 5 pounds in a two months that I was trying to lose. My goal is 100 pounds and I am on a mission. Its not has ... * read more.

I did it (12/04/2018)

Making the decision to have the surgery, was not an easy one my brother in law had it so it help me a lot.
You can not do this half hearted the pre op diet is not easy but follow it. The people that were in my group the ones who did the best followed the pre op diet the best. You have to make the c... * read more.

Good job (12/04/2018)

Dr. Almanza is a very good surgeon. The facility is still being built, so the staff is trying to adjust to the constant change. They are all doing an excellent job. I haven't needed any diabetes medication since the surgery. My sleep apnea has improved immensely as well. I have lost over 40 lbs alre... * read more.

Life is changing (12/04/2018)

Long time I fight with high weight problem. I had a lot of health problem like high cholesterol, thyroid problem, back pain problems. I heard about gastric sleeve treatment from my friend. Then decided to do. I'm really happy. Thank you to Dr. Mario Alamanza and his team. ... * read more.

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