Great experience (01/10/2023)

From Pick up to drop off everything has been a great experience ... * read more.

Pleased (01/01/2023)

Down 85 in 5 months. Very happy with the entire procedure. From weightloss agents staff, enrollment, crazy last minute questions, airport staff, and the hospital, I cannot say enough. I'm very happy with my results. ... * read more.

Life changing. (01/01/2023)

From beginning to end, this process has been so easy. From the moment I submitted to get information, til day of surgery everything has gone smoothly.
They help you every step of the way to be in contact with facility you are interested in. Once you connect with facility, Weightloss agents follow up... * read more.

Great Doctor (01/01/2023)

The Dr. Almanza and his team were great. The attention and facilities were great. ... * read more.

Would Definitely Do It Again! (01/01/2023)

I know at least 8 people who've had this surgery done by Dr. Mario, all with great results. But even so, it took me two years to decide to do it myself. I wanted to do my own research and count the cost. I decided it was the best decision for me. My mother was a third generation diabetic who died at... * read more.

It was great decision if my life (12/26/2022)

I was 214 Lbn with in 6 month I'm 149 pounds I feel so good and so happy thank you ... * read more.

Trust the process!! (12/26/2022)

On 9/29/22 my life changed completely for the better. I do have to admit I was very nervous doing all the research in the world, asking around for feedback. My coworker sister in law did her surgery 2 years ago with Dr. Almanza and it was the best decision she had made. Seeing her results made me wa... * read more.

Why did I wait? (12/20/2022)

I had done the research on the gastric sleeve surgery years before I actually got scheduled with DR. Almanza. I have already lost a total of 27 pounds (mostly for the pre-surgical diet) and I am sleeping better and feeling better than I have in years!! 10/10 would highly recommend Dr. Almanza and hi... * read more.

La mejor decisión de mi vida (12/04/2022)

Tengo 2 semanas k me hise el procedimiento y la verdad es que el cambio f sico ya se est notando. Me siento feliz por la decisi n que tome.... * read more.

The change (11/29/2022)

The first 3 months are hard but this weightloss has changed everything about me. I feel so good and have little to no pain with anything I do physically and I am a much happier person mentally. FOLLOW THE RULES AND DR. ALAMANZA will make your life GREAT.... * read more.

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