An pasado 3 meses (06/04/2019)

Y estoy s per feliz por que e perdido el peso deseado aunque a n estoy en el proceso se que voy bien , estoy perdiendo el cabello pido sugerencias sobre como se ayudaron en eso ... * read more.

Best Decision Ever (06/03/2019)

The absolute best decision I've made! I'm almost 1 year out and have lost so much weight that without this surgery would not have been possible! Dr. Mario Almanzo is the best!!! ... * read more.

Great job! (06/01/2019)

Baja Hospital's staff are the best team I ever seen in a hospital. They were more than happy to help me, my medication was always on time, the facility was super clean however, they need to work in the facility hot water and a better service for the guess in the hotel, It was hard to find food and w... * read more.

Life changing (06/01/2019)

Life changing, life living to the fullest, best me ever. Better to show you then tell you... let the pictures speak loud and clear!... * read more.

Great Experience (05/31/2019)

My life is changed forever. I have lost 100 lbs. Already and still have a journey. The hospital is great, the staff is great, the Dr's are the best. What are you waiting for do it for yourself!... * read more.

Best thing I ever did! (05/31/2019)

It honestly was the best thing I ever did for myself. I was a bit skeptical of going to Mexico and doing it by myself, but I am so happy I did. I've never felt better in my life! Definitely wish I did it sooner! ... * read more.

Best Decision Ever (05/29/2019)

I was well over 300lbs and really doing everything I wanted...traveling, dating, and running a business. I did not relate to the over weight women who were depressed, not doing things, or health challenged. You see I had no high blood pressure, diabetes, or any weight related illness.
Well, due to m... * read more.

I would do it all over again (05/29/2019)

Six months has past since my surgery, and all is good. The weight loss from this surgery is nice, but the real benefit is the medications I no longer have to take. The people I have dealt with in this weight loss process ALL have been GREAT. Everything from this surgery has been worth it, and YES, I... * read more.

Life changing still (05/24/2019)

Its been 3 years and my life is still changing, thanks to weight loss agents! I'm blessed to have lost max weight of 85. Pounds. Ive gained about 10-12 pounds. However I'm in the gym every other day at least 2 hours, my mind and body is so healthy. I boil most of my food, im absent from beef, alcoho... * read more.

Cada día Mejor!! de 315Lb a 280Lb en 21 Dias. (05/24/2019)

Este ha sido un camino lleno de momentos gratificantes, creo que lo que mas define este momento a casi cumplir mi primer mes es la disciplina y la constancia.
Mi cirug a fue el 29 de abril,y ya he perdido 35Lb en 25 dias....estoy muy emocionada por este proceso!!!... * read more.

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