Professional experience (11/24/2019)

I am so pleased my wife talked me into this. I weighed 230 lbs before and had a bmi of 34. I have slowly been gaining weight for 20 years, and no matter what I have tried I didn't lose any weight, and if I did I gained it back quickly.
I lost 10 lbs in the diet before the operation and by the ti... * read more.

Update (11/24/2019)

3 years ago today was a game changer for my life! I have lost 122lbs!!! I do not think (I've learned to never say never lol) I will ever regret my decision to have the sleeve. I have 2 very active boys (13 &10;) and I am able to keep up with them abs and enjoy life with them. Anyone who asks I tell ... * read more.

Saving my own life! (11/24/2019)

I'm 40 years old with a sweet granddaughter who is 8 mos old. I was afraid if I did not do something with myself I was gonna die. I was gaining more and more weight. I started reading about the surgery and talking to the ladies from the weight loss agency. Trust me I had so many questions! I probabl... * read more.

My experience (11/21/2019)

My decision to have the surgery was not easy for me to make. I did a lot of research on the procedure as well the location I chose. After researching Dr. Hernandez's back ground I felt very comfortable in selecting him as my surgeon.

I went alone for the surgery and recommend that someone atten... * read more.

Living life (11/21/2019)

I was nervous and didnt know if i wanted to go out of country to have a procedure done. I know of a few people that had their surgery done with dr. Almanza, they had great results. I did my research and saw good reviews and the cost was a great deal, too good to pass up. I decided to go, and so far,... * read more.

Thank you for the surgery! (11/21/2019)

It has been 3 months since my surgery and I have lost 40 pounds so far.

Thank you for all of your help

from Tracy Sellers... * read more.

Me siento y me va muy bien (11/21/2019)

E perdido 48 libras. Y me siento muy bien.
La vida a dado un cambio positivo. Realmente estoy satisfecho.
Y quiero felicitar a todo el equipo que tienen en el Hospital. La atenci n es de primera. Gracias ... * read more.

Wow!!!! (11/21/2019)

Amazing, that is how I would describe my time spent at the hospital. I was treated very well the nurses are very sweet, and understanding. The doctor stated that he was not able to speak much English, I found him
Very easy to understand, he explained all questions and is very helpful. The job he ha... * read more.

Down 52# in 6 weeks (11/18/2019)

Very good staff and all went smoothly on airport pickup, etc. The facility was extremely clean and comfortable.I'm very happy with my weight loss to date. I try to do some exercise 5 nights a week and do some walking each day.... * read more.

Best Decision Ever!!! (11/16/2019)

JUST DO IT! Honestly, it was seriously the best decision I've ever made. I was terrified and even more embarrassed to have VSG but I feel so amazing now. I researched for months, finally having the guts to ask my husband his opinion and talk about it. He was not for it but he knew how miserable I wa... * read more.

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