I'm feeling good by the day (07/10/2021)

June 10,2021 I had Gastric bypass sleeve surgery (starting weight 321)
July 10th has been a month since surgery my weight is 295 losing 26lbs ... * read more.

Fantastic jurney (07/10/2021)

Truly believe one of the things you should know about having this surgery is what to expect I have done my research for 4 year..so I pretty much knew coming into the surgery what to expect but to be honest it went above and beyond the staff the nurses the doctor the facility itself was a fantastic j... * read more.

So happy with results! (07/10/2021)

I will start off by saying I am so happy with the results. I have lost 70lbs within 6 months of surgery. Days pass by and I just keep on loosing! Getting a gastric sleeve was the best decision I've ever made I was so unhappy with my body that I hated going out in public. I was referred by a friend a... * read more.

un semana despues de la operacion (07/09/2021)

me siento muy bien ya e bajado 7 libras. las cicatrices esta sanando muy bien. recomiendo mucho la clinica y al doctor Mario Almanza, la atencion fue excelente de la clinica.... * read more.

Dr. Mario Almanza (07/07/2021)

I am feeling great... no sickness... ppl at the hospital were great until the last day when my room was changed... The ppl on the 5th floor were horrible... I had to check out early and walk across the border to catch a cab to san Diego and get my own hotel room because they wanted me to sit at the ... * read more.

Baja experience (07/03/2021)

First off all of the staff are as friendly as can be! Everyone is so helpful and caring. The facility itself had a beautiful view of Tijuana itself. I would definitely do it all again if I could. Thank you so much for changing my life for the better! Almost one month post op and I'm down 20lbs!!... * read more.

Mi experiencia de cirugía manga gástrica (06/30/2021)

Hola como est n
Yo le agradezco a todo el equipo del hospital baja en Tijuana yo al igual que todos me encontraba traumada con mi peso y mi autoestima le doy gracias a Dios y al Doctor Mario Almanza y a todo su equipo en el hospital es una esperiencia maravillosa todos desde la administraci n son e... * read more.

2 weeks post op (06/30/2021)

I am 2 weeks out and so glad I did it. I have to say the first two week are a hard when you like food. But liking food is what got me there. I feel so much better though now. And look forward to seeing just where I end up. I am down 20lb and have 40 more to go but I will get there. Thank to all you ... * read more.

No regrets (06/30/2021)

I had my procedure done on February 26 2021 and by June 25 I was down 107#s I feel wonderful no longer sleep with a CPAP no snoring very active! The first picture I'm 330 second two 223 and still going! Sorry for the poor photography!... * read more.

Great experience! (06/30/2021)

I had been thinking about getting sleeved for many years, either I lost weight and didn't qualify or something else held me back. I finally got to the point where I gained all my weight back plus some and my insurance was asking me to jump through hoops to qualify so I started looking in MX. Dr.Cano... * read more.

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