2 years later (04/12/2019)

Everything went amazing and the service provided after surgery was out standing. I was originally 250 prior surgery and 198 at my lowest weight. I've gained 20 pounds however I am now losing it by dieting. ... * read more.

50 lbs down (04/12/2019)

I was pleased with the care received by Dr. Almanza's staff. They were very attentive and professional. My recovery has been good so far.... * read more.

Would Do It Again! (04/12/2019)

I traveled with my mother to have a revision to my 19 year old gastric bypass. At my highest weight, I was 388 pounds. With the previous gastric bypass, I lost around 160-170 pounds, but in the last few years, I had been regaining. I was at 277 pounds before my revision. It has been 5 weeks sinc... * read more.

A great decision (04/12/2019)

Having this surgery was the best decision i have ever made. I feel so much better. I would recommend this to anyone thinking about doing it. The doctor and nurses were great. It was a great experience in every way possible.... * read more.

The best decision of my life (04/12/2019)

Started out at 387 now at 210 9 months later feels great have a ton of energy can play with my kids perform at work and in the bedroom without any fatigue. Would recommend this proceedure for anyone with wieght issue. But i would suggest that this is a tool to help you lose weight its up to you how... * read more.

Amazing (04/12/2019)

Everything about my surgery was amazing. The care that we received before and after!! My mom and aunt are both going in June and I have referred numerous others!!! Great job Dr A!!!! You saved my life ... * read more.

Best thing I wvwr did for myself! (04/12/2019)

Dr Mario Almanza saved my life. I had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and also high cholesterol. I was in pain daily and my body ached every night. I am now free from all of that and have lost 61 lbs so far!! Thank you so much for the difference you make in the lives of your patients! The qual... * read more.

I have my life back. I’m so in love with me (04/05/2019)

I tried so many diets only to lose and gained twice as much as I lost until I reached 310 pounds and I hated looking at myself. Did not like shopping but now can't keep me out of the stores my husband is about to go crazy. He said I never knew you liked shopping so much so here is a pic at 310 on th... * read more.

Best experience ever (04/05/2019)

At the being I was a little scare but the driver the staff from the hospital even the people the work at the hotel made me feel comfortable and safe the nurses where great I loved the experience if I have to go again I will I loved everything about my trip ... * read more.

Life time change (04/03/2019)

I was apprehensive about going to Mexico for my procedure, which all the horror stories we hear. That's just it they are stories. Dr. Almanza and his staff were phenomenal, well attentive to my needs and remained professional my entire stay. The hospital was a bit cold, it is to be expected for bact... * read more.

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