Great experience; helpful & dedicated staff (09/27/2021)

Very easy surgery, before and after. A good experience.... * read more.

My Journey (09/23/2021)

Lleg el momento de compartir.
Muchos nos han preguntado c mo hemos bajado tanto de peso y tan r pido. Pues aqu les explico, el cual no tengo porque hacerlo, pero entiendo que puede ser de bendici n para muchos mejorar su salud.

Hace exactamente 6 meses, Marzo 24 2021 mi esposo y yo tomamos la d... * read more.

Good experience (09/21/2021)

I was very anxious about traveling to Mexico for surgery. As far as surgery goes, I have a good experience. The staff and drivers were all very friendly. Dr Almanza was very professional and kind. The care was great post surgery and have had no issues so far. ... * read more.

New Chapter / Extended Hope (09/21/2021)

If you are hesitant I would say do not be The staff and hospital were amazing! DR. Mario was amazing and talked with each patient along with checking in after surgery. I am on day 5 and have zero regrets. If there are any regrets, it's why I didn't do this sooner!... * read more.

Good experience (09/19/2021)

I had a good experience with this procedure. I had this procedure done to help put my diabetes into remission. I would have like a little more consultation with the doctor prior. But other than that it was a good experience.... * read more.

Wish I would have done this 10 years ago (09/19/2021)

I started looking into Dr Almanza 10 years ago. I had 5 friends who had the gastric sleeve with Dr Almanza and they were very successful. I hit my highest weight after being up and down for years. I had the surgery in June and it has been life changing. It been 3 months and I am down 78 lbs. It was ... * read more.

Happy happy (09/16/2021)

My first month from 185 now 155LB... * read more.

CPAP is gone (09/14/2021)

I had to use my CPAP machine in the hospital after surgery. Since being home, I have not needed it once. Hallelujah! Thank you, Dr. Almanza! My surgery is already a success just for that reason! ... * read more.

Haven’t felt this great since I was 20. (09/14/2021)

If anyone ever had doubts about having this surgery DON'T. It has saved my life and added years to my life. In just 4 short months I have lost 85lbs. My knees stopped hurting my sleeping is 100% better. As Dr. Almanza says my English maybe not so good but my hands are GREAT. I will never ever forget... * read more.

Life changing (09/10/2021)

The experience I had with Dr. Almanza was phenomenal. Very professional, very skilled, great staff and very clean facility. I have lost 108 lbs in a year, and more importantly I feel healthier than I ever have, I love to exercise and be healthy now that I've had this boost to help me get to a place ... * read more.

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