Success!! (12/04/2018)

Hey Everyone. I dont want to say I struggled with my weight for years. Cause I acutlly didnt care. I lived a great life. I partied, I drank, I ate good. Really Good. I was happy. But it took a video of me and to hear me breath heavy over the music of the club to to make me question my life style. So... * read more.

Amazing Results (11/30/2018)

I'm very pleased with my results! I wasn't sure how things would turn out for me... however, with the balloon I loss 28lbs in the first 6months, which is totally amazing. Dr. Cantu is an awesome doctor!,(bedside manner was excellent) and he & his whole team were incredibly kind and helpful in ensuri... * read more.

Overall I am pleased with my experience and care in Mexico (11/27/2018)

I had the gastric sleeve in Tijuana Mexico 11/20/18. My mom, uncle, and I arrived 11/19/18 to the hospital. Overall the nurses, doctors and staff were very accommodating and attentive. My family did not have to stay at the hotel, they were invited to stay at the hospital with me in a two bed hosp... * read more.

I feel great (11/27/2018)

From 210lb to 136lb 5'5 male I feel great and yes is being challenging there's good and bad, the goods is I look good I feel great I can go shop for clothes and I can go to the smalles size. The bad is kind of my fault is being 8 months and I still vomit every single time if I'm to full also I want ... * read more.

Life Changing Experience (11/27/2018)

Thanks to Dr. Almanza and his wonderful staff. This was the best experience, the facility is very nice, the staff is courteous & Dr. Almanza is very personable. I've lost 107 pounds & still going! This was the best decision I ever made! ... * read more.

Weightloss Success (11/25/2018)

Almost 2 years ago I took what most people call a risk going out of the country for weightloss surgery, I was determined to get this weight off of me. I entrusted these Doctors and I must say they got the job done, I am probably one of many to say I successfully had weightloss surgery in Tijuana an... * read more.

My gastric resleeve surgery (11/25/2018)

Everything was unexpected it was perfect from the time I arrived to the end it was perfect in any way possible .
I lost in 4 months 78 lb and I'm still going slow at 2 or 4 lb per month and I can eat everything, but in very small portions
I eat maybe 6 or 7 times a day
4 or 6 oz the time
I feel fa... * read more.

60 lbs gone (11/25/2018)

I was 59 years old and needed to lose a bunch of weight. A friend of mine had gone to Dr. Almanza and lost 75 lbs. a couple years earlier after him prodding me for months I broke down and had the surgery. Wish I would have done it sooner what a life changer.... * read more.

Great experience !!! (11/25/2018)

I have nothing else to say but good things about this whole experience, the clinic is clean and beautiful, the staff is very professional, very respectful people working in this facility. My companion had a good experience too, and the Doctors are great, thank you very much to all of you, good job!!... * read more.

Intense But Worth It (11/20/2018)

The whole experience is a lot, but it's worth it! I am two weeks post op and down 25 lbs (almost a whole dress size) already.
Grand View Hospital is brand new, extremely clean, and very secure. I never felt in danger at all. The staff are all very accommodating and professional.

I'm not a fan of ... * read more.

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