Confidence Booster (04/01/2019)

It's been 6 months since I had the mommy makeover. My confidence since then has reached a high. I used to be too embarrassed to wear my yoga pants without an oversized shirt because of my lower belly pooch, now if I could live in them I would. I have hips now, I have a waist now and I can not wait f... * read more.

Good experience (04/01/2019)

The service was good very pleased with everything. ... * read more.

Another New Start (04/01/2019)

U had sleeve over gastric on 3/1/19. 4 weeks I lost just over 40 pounds. I had a very successful surgery. Lil to no problems to report. If I had to do this all over I would. I hadn't taken any updated photos yet. But am awesome. ... * read more.

Happy (03/29/2019)

It's been six months and 70 pounds. Couldn't be happier. The first two weeks were hell but since then it's been easy going. Highly recommend especially if you have health issues.... * read more.

Good experience (03/29/2019)

Staff were all very helpful and professional. Hotel was great very nice people... * read more.

Adventures in Tijuana (03/29/2019)

I had an excellent experience with Dr Almanza! The facilities were clean and the staff was professional and courteous. I've had zero complications as I stuck with the directions and guidelines given to me by the doctor and nutritionist! It was a life changer and have no regrets! ... * read more.

Feeling great! (03/29/2019)

I'm down 70lbs in 6 weeks. Everything is great!... * read more.

Worth it!!!! (03/29/2019)

I had the sleeve done my Dr Alamanza and I would recommend it to anyone!!! The experience was great! Weight loss agents answered any questions I had, the hotel staff was very friendly amd helpful, I felt safe at all times, never had an issue with anyone even the people of Tiajuana were poliet and I... * read more.

Life changing! (03/26/2019)

One year ago i was approached with the idea of gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. My initial reaction was "oh hell no would i go to Mexico for surgery!" But as i did extensive research and read the testimonials of others, the seed had been planted. The thought of being able to walk without feet, a... * read more.

More confident than ever! (03/26/2019)

I was embarrassed to have started at my weight (235), for me this was devastating. It was the highest weight I'd ever been in my life. I started this journey and had surgery at 214. Since surgery my confidence has resurfaced and skyrocketed. My only regret about the surgery is not having it sooner... * read more.

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