Thank you (01/23/2019)

4 years ago today I made a decision that has changed my life forever! I came to see Dr Almanza for the gastric Sleeve. When I decided I needed a tool to help me lose weight I was 470 lbs, and when I got on the plane I was 450 lbs. Today I am 170 lbs. Losing a total of 300 lbs! So All I can say ... * read more.

An amazing year (01/23/2019)

I had surgery on January 22nd 2018 my highest weight was 204. The day of surgery 194.4 and today 145.6.I'm so happy I made the decision to have surgery after of years of yo-yo diets ,this has been a life style change. I have more energy and satisfied with the way I look and I'm able to wear a 2pcs s... * read more.

Best decision ever (01/23/2019)

Dr. Almanza and his team was nothing but amazing. They make you feel so special. If I had to do it all over I would most definitely go back. They take really good care of you. While your there you meet some really great people that you get to share your journey with. ... * read more.

Slow looser (01/23/2019)

Feeling great! Almost 7 months out and 55 pounds lighter! My tool works and I'm enjoying life! ... * read more.

Couch slug to Runner!!! (01/17/2019)

I was sleeved May 2017. I'm 41 years old. I am married with 3 kids. I'm 5'3" tall. Starting weight 213 pounds when I started the Preop diet. I was 200 the day of surgery. Today January 12th 2019, I weigh 122 pounds. I am very happy with my results. After a year I had lost 97 pounds. In May of 2018, ... * read more.

Life Change (01/17/2019)

Having this surgery was the best decision I have made my whole life. Dr. Mario Almanza has truly saved my life. Before my surgery I had limited mobility. Thanks to Dr. Almanza I can walk again. I would definitely recommend this surgery to others.... * read more.

Dr A (01/17/2019)

Testimonial for Doctor A...here's the raw and real story folks . I'm sure it will sound alot like your own...over weight and up and down like a yo yo from hell . Knowing I needed an intervention ...it was time . I heard the news loud and clear in regard to my vascular health..."get off between fifty... * read more.

Best thing I ever did (01/17/2019)

To all those who read this know that it is the best thing I ever did. Since my own surgery I taken my wife and daughter. I have went from a 54 in the waist to a 42 and I am off all blood pressure and diabetes medication. My wife went from a size 18/20 to a size 7 and A total of 90 lbs she is quite s... * read more.

One month (01/17/2019)

It has been 4 weeks and I am still learning the new life. I'm down 10 pounds so far!... * read more.

Mi vida cambió (01/11/2019)

Este es mi testimonio para los hispanos que quieren cambiar y no saben c mo o les da miedo que la manga gastrica es una buena decisi n estoy muy agradecida al doctor Mario y su equipo muchas gracias yo baje 65 libras en 4 meses ya tengo 7 meses y sigo bajando pero ya es poco mis amigos est n sorpren... * read more.

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