Life Changing (08/17/2020)

First let me start by saying it took me very long to write this testimonial because I wanted to wait at least a year to see the actual changes that I would go through. It has been the craziest journey I have ever been on and I do not regret 1 thing. I have gain so much by taking this leap and going ... * read more.

Best Decision I've Ever Made!!! (08/17/2020)

Where do I begin?

I had struggled with weight, off and on, my whole life. I would either eat too much or not enough..my whole life and my whole family's lives have been centered around food. Holiday, weddings, funerals, get togethers, vacations..all revolved around food. I knew a lady that had t... * read more.

Great experience (08/13/2020)

I had a great experience at the hospital. Very attentive nurses and amazing doctors. I haven't had any issues at all. Thank you Dr. Almanza & staff, I appreciate all you did for me. ... * read more.

Great Experience (08/08/2020)

I had my surgery on July 24th. Im 14 days out and I've already lost 20lbs. The staff is great just make sure u have a translater app on your phone. The nurses don't respond as well in English. ... * read more.

Dr Mario Almanza is awesome and will explain to your everything detail by detail (08/08/2020)

Dr Mario Almanza is awesome, very professional since day 1 he made me feel very secure and Honestly the day of surgery I wasn't not even scared of afraid ! I love everything about the procedure and hospital and staff Best decision ever the only thing I regret is not done it sooner In just 2 mon... * read more.

My journey after surgery at baja hospital with Dr. Almazar (08/06/2020)

Hoy cumplo 3 semanas de haber sido operado en Baja Hospital con el Dr. Alm nzar y mi recuperaci n ha sido excelente. No fue f cil tomar la decisi n de hacer someterme a un procedimiento como este pero las atenciones que recib desde que llegue a Baja Hospital fueron excelente y el apoyo del equipo d... * read more.

Dr. Mario Almanza (08/06/2020)

When booking and planning I had no idea what to expect. The staff was amazing - they took excellent care of me. Dr. Almanza and his team explained everything that was going to go on. I never felt scared or worried the whole time I was there. ... * read more.

My experience (08/04/2020)

I'm happy that I decided to do my gastric sleeve with dr Almanza in Mexico they treat me Betty nicely and worried about me all the time.... * read more.

Highly recommend! (07/26/2020)

I was able to get the gastric sleeve done with my mom. I was very nervous, new place, and out of my comfort zone. The staff was very welcoming and happy to see us. They were there every time we needed them. They are all so very nice! Doctor Almanza was so genuine and happy and made me more excited t... * read more.

Worth every penny! (07/20/2020)

My husband and I were tired of the yo-yo dieting. One month it was the Atkins diet, then keto, then calorie counting...etc. everything we did brought results that could be seen, but then came the plateau and the disappointment of ending up in the same rut we always did. Eventually the 25-30 pounds w... * read more.

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