Reset my objectives (09/13/2019)

So I had a resleeve I had this surgery done 5years prior to this. I had great results I made it down to 225lbs. But I lost my right way of thinking and my sight of my goal and started to over eat and eat incorrectly which caused me to regain weight. I went up to 275 and knew I needed to reset my bra... * read more.

Wish I would have done it many years ago!! (09/11/2019)

Today is 35 days after surgery, I have lost 41.4 pounds from the day of surgery. It has been an amazing experience. I feel fantastic! I have more energy, my joints don't hurt nearly as bad as before. Amazingly, even my asthma and allergic rhinitis is better, go figure on that one? It is an almost... * read more.

The Trip (09/11/2019)

I was very impressed with everyone. Jessica at the was amazing and helpful. Enrique and Lena were my favorite nurses. The facility is clean and the rooms were looked beautiful like a hotel room. I tell everyone how new and shiney your facility is.... * read more.

I wish I’d known about them soon! (09/06/2019)

I just had the best experience of my weight loss journey life! The staff was amazing and very knowledgeable. The physicians make direct personal contact with the patients (me). I had a sleeve before and I've never had a leak test. They went beyond measure to ensure my surgery was a success. I h... * read more.

Best decision of my life (09/04/2019)

It's only been two weeks and I already lost 50 and feel great. It was a hard decision to make and was nerve wrecking, but once I made up my mind and did it, it wasn't so bad hardly any pain. ... * read more.

Almost two months post op (09/04/2019)

Feeling good. My highest weight 320 starting weight 297 and current weight 260. About three weeks out I got dehydrated and wasn't able to eat for about a week and a half almost 2 weeks but I went and got annIv treatment fill with hydration and vitamins and have been feeling amazing ever since. ... * read more.

Game Changer (09/03/2019)

I was scared as hell about having the surgery done. My wife and I had it done on the same day. She was called in first and I laid in my bed with tears running down my face as I worried about her. Shortly after, they called me in. I felt like I hadn't been asleep for 10 seconds and they are waking me... * read more.

Thank you for the surgery! (08/30/2019)

I had my gastric sleeve done on August 14,2019. It was a good experience. The hospital was clean and the Doctors and nurses were very helpful. Dr. Almanza was a very nice doctor and he is very experienced in weight loss surgery. It was very well worth it to go to Mexico and get ... * read more.

It's going DOWN (08/28/2019)

I felt very comfortable with my care at hospital. I only wished that it was a vsg support group in the city that I live in.. I'm now down 60 lbs 2 months post OP. I'm still figuring out what works best for me to eat and drink yet I'm totally satisfied with my results.... * read more.

Amazing work!! I would do it again!! (08/27/2019)

Great service, great nurses, the providers checked on you daily, super clean hospital and loved that the hotel and the hospital were connected along with other services that my sister enjoyed. Easy access to my family members that came with me. ... * read more.

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