So eternally grateful (03/16/2020)

Thank you to Dr Almanza and was able to achieve what I had try to my entire life... To get to a healthy weight. I only wish I would have know about this sooner.

I am eternally grateful for Dr Almanza and weight loss agents. ... * read more.

So Happy (03/16/2020)

I have now lost 81 lbs in a size 14 Just really happy with the results!! Would definitely refer anyone looking for a better life!! It has definitely changed my outlook on eating!!... * read more.

3wk out (03/16/2020)

38 pounds down!! My back hasnt hurt since 5 days after surgery....weird cause my back hurt before i gained all this weight over the last 13yrs...best thing i ever did for myself!! Thank you Dr. Almanza and staff!!... * read more.

Amazing opportunity (03/16/2020)

Honestly everything that I've experienced with this company and my surgeon has been nothing short of extraordinary. The people at weight loss agents were quick with their replies, promptly answering any questions or concerns that I had up until I reached the hospital in mexico and checked in. I woul... * read more.

My Sleeve Procedure Testimony (03/12/2020)

I recently had a gastric sleeve procedure and my experience was a very positive experience. The hospital was very clean and quiet. The staff was friendly and helpful. Dr. Mario Almanza was very informative, professional and communicated very well with any questions we had regarding the procedure wh... * read more.

Excited about this journey! (03/12/2020)

I was sleeved on 02/24/20 at Baja Hospital in TJ. So far I have lost 12 lbs since surgery and 28 lbs since starting the required preop diet. I already feel so much better, and with continued work I can only imagine where I will be in a year. Dr. Almanza and his team are incredible! Everyone was so k... * read more.

Grateful (03/09/2020)

My reason for having the gastric sleeve probably will be different from yours but that's okay. I have a hernia that is growing out of control but my doctor won't do surgery to repair it without me losing weight first. I have tried losing weight on my own for three years without much success.

The g... * read more.

Chaanged my life!!! (03/04/2020)

This was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I was so depressed and hated my life... when I decided to do this surgery I was so unsure what or where it would take me. Well now I am down almost 100lbs! I am happily married!! My life is wonderful! ... * read more.

Life Changing (03/03/2020)

I never thought I could do something so drastic to change my life. I'm two weeks out from surgery and amazed.. Why did I not do this sooner. The thought of Mexico is scary to most, but I have to say at no time did I feel any kind of treat. The hospital is a gated facility and so, so clean. Your... * read more.

I was super scared but When I got my surgery. It was excellent. My life changed a lot. Thank you. Did dr. Mario almanza (03/03/2020)

Thank you very much. I have lost already 50 pounds since November. Up 2019 We already in March. 2020 I'm very happy. I'm not in a rush. To lose my weight thank you to dr. Mario almanza. His hospital was great. The nurses what wonderful everybody there helped us recovery. Are you scared? I know it.... * read more.

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