Manga Gastrica (04/26/2023)

Mi procedimiento de manga gastrica ha sido un cambio para mi, me opere el dia 11 de Abril y ya he bajado 13 lbs, me siento bien y no he tenido ninguno de los sintomas que ha muchos le dan como nauceas, eruptos, etc. Lo primero que se me ha quitado es la acnea del sueƱo, en resumen me siento bien, c... * read more.

First Class Surgery (04/20/2023)

I underwent the Gastric Sleeve procedure with Dr. Villarreal and from arriving at the Laredo Airport transportation was provided to the facility, to and from the hospital and hotel. Laredo and Nuevo Laredo are very safe to travel, and the all the extra precautions taken by the staff provided even mo... * read more.

Life changing (04/12/2023)

I am coming up on my 2 years since my gastric sleeve surgery.
I started my journey weighing at 448 I now weigh 212.
I would say RUN don't walk to have the surgery!
It is not going to be a quick fix. To be successful I believe you need to concour your thoughts around food. Realize food is fuel. I wa... * read more.

My story (04/12/2023)

I thank Dr.Almanza so much he has helped me feel better about me I have lost 144lbs in almost 2 years I feel great and am grateful for his blessed hands and hardwork ... * read more.

Very simple and quick surgery. (04/06/2023)

I was able to get an appointment very quickly with Dr. Almanza and had the surgery with absolutely no complications. I am 2 1/2 weeks since the surgery and feeling great. I would highly recommend him!... * read more.

Amazing Results (04/06/2023)

Thank you Dr. Almanza for my new tool. I would like to encourage anyone that's thinking about heading towards this journey to just go ahead and do it. I no longer have to take insulin. My knees don't bother me anymore. It's easier for me to get out of bed. There are pros and cons with this surgery. ... * read more.

Barigladdi (04/03/2023)

I was battling hypertension and obesity and I tried so much. I had my surgery on 3/2/23 and I was 240 and today 4/1/23 I'm done 29lbs already. It was a good experience and I'm glad I had the surgery.... * read more.

Life Changing (04/02/2023)

This was a total life changing decision. Very affordable and professional. I feel like I have a new lease on life. So nice to look normal when I walk into a room and I feel so much healthier. Once I completely healed up I don't even notice I've had the surgery except for I eat smaller portions. I ha... * read more.

Love how everything turned out (03/30/2023)

Hello my name is Hector I had my surgery a year ago I really recommend Dr mario almanza to anyone who want to do the sleeve everything was clean nice personal staff I felt well taken care of so don't stay there think if you should do the surgery just do it and have trust... * read more.

Wonderful Results (03/30/2023)

My experience was great. Flew in, had the surgery the same day. Recovered for 3 days and flew home. I am 9 months post op and down 105lbs. From 255lbs to 150, so It's been wonderful and I would do it all over again. The staff was kind and gentle and the facility was beautiful. ... * read more.

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