Gastric Sleeve

The Gastric Sleeve is a surgical weight loss procedure. The procedure is performed by removing a large percentage of the stomach. The resulting stomach is much smaller, so the patient will feel full much sooner when eating. The procedure also reduces production of the hunger hormone known as Ghrelin. The result is a patient who feels hungry less often and feels full when eating less food. Click here to learn even more about gastric sleeve surgery.

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Gastric Sleeve Testimonials:

Outstanding (10/19/2021)

Dr.Cantu help me be happy again had surgery April 20 2021 and in 5 months 85 pounds gone Such amazing team ... * read more.

Luz Corujo Torres (10/15/2021)

Estoy muy feliz hoy se cumple 1 me de mi cirugia muy agradecida de Dios y del Dr Almanza y su equipo waooo aun sin creerlo e bajado 33 lb tan dif cil que se me hac a bajar de peso y voy por mas... si se puede se lo recomiendo a todos. ... * read more.

Good decision (10/12/2021)

I had my surgery last September 17, everything was good, Some time I feel alone, with the doctor, is hard to have communication, that in my personal experience I had thousand questions, I feel good, after 3 weeks, is very important to follow the diet, this is a key, I feel that was a great decision, ... * read more.

Gastric sleeve (10/12/2021)

Had surgery almost 6 months ago. Down 75lbs. Had a great experience with Dr.Almanza and his staff. Everyone was professional and I felt well taken care of the whole time I was at Baja Hospital. Would definitely recommend to anyone ... * read more.

Almost 2 yrs (10/12/2021)

I have been holding steady at 125 lbs to 130 lb for the last year I am extremely happy I have never felt this good in my life thank you for saving my life ... * read more.

Scary but worth it. (10/04/2021)

I was so afraid. My mom said you are going where to have what! The people at the facility were very nice. I have some suggestions though. There needs to be away to communicate with families to know when the patient is in operation and post-op. My sister and I had surgery on the same day. I went dow ... * read more.

My Turn (09/30/2021)

For years I found myself not having the courage to have this procedure. I knew that I was unhealthy and unhappy with the weight gain but thought that it was temporary. I took appetite suppressants, hired a trainer, purchased diet plans and worked out on my own. Nothing worked! I began to gain more a ... * read more.

Lo mejor que podía se me fue esta operación (09/29/2021)

Me siento Super bien cada d a me estoy sintiendo mucho mejor fue la mejor decisi n que pude tomar los doctores y la enfermera te tratan Super bien todos te tratan bien apenas tengo dos semanas y voy a seguir bajando m s de peso Bendiciones para todos ... * read more.

Feel incredible (09/27/2021)

After years of trying to lose weight, I decided to go on my weight loss journey. I took a leap of faith and headed to Mexico and I'm now 34lbs lighter. I weighed in at 234. Now I'm 201. Thanks to weight loss agency and Dr. Mario Almanza ... * read more.

Great experience; helpful & dedicated staff (09/27/2021)

Very easy surgery, before and after. A good experience. ... * read more.

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