The change in my life (04/19/2019)

Is been a long journey is not easy but is worth it I have lost 32lb since my surgery last month my body is changing I feel more energized the only problem is that I still struggle with solid food and to reach my daily goal with protein and not enough water. I do recommend the procedure just have cle... * read more.

I feel fabulous!! (04/19/2019)

I had my gastric sleeve done 12/14/18 as of now I'm down 87lbs!! I'm so excited and feel much better and I have tons of energy! Some people don't even recognize it's me, and I'm just 4 months this out of surgery! It's one of the best decisions I have ever made to have the surgery. The facility was ... * read more.

100% Succcess (04/19/2019)

Almost a year and half ago I took what most people call a risk going out of the country for weight loss surgery. I was determined to get this weight off me, get healthy and be able to run around with my son and enjoy life. After lots of research about the clinic and Dr. Mario Almanza and team I ... * read more.

Satisfied (04/19/2019)

I was very nervous originally about going out of the US for surgery. As it turned out , I had nothing to worry about. I had my surgery the same day I arrived at the hospital. It was all so quick, however it was a successful experience. I did fine, the nurses were fantastic, the facility very clean, ... * read more.

You ALL had a wonderful attitude (04/19/2019)

The beds from the hotel were absolutely stiff. I had the worst roommate and I was in so much pain medication they kept giving me was not working very well but none of that mattered so much because to see how great i was being treated and how everyone was such in a good mood and easy to talk to just ... * read more.

Best decision ever !!!!!!!! (04/19/2019)

I actually can't put into words how glad I had the surgery. This has help me tremendously I am down 80 pounds since the beginning of my weight-loss surgery just wish I would've had it sooner! I may be back for my tummy tuck next year Thank you for helping me get my life back!!!!!!... * read more.

Great Experience (04/19/2019)

I had a great experience for my gastric sleeve surgery. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. I didn't speak Spanish but I was able to communicate easily due to the nurses having translation apps on their phones. Dr. Galileo Villarreal spoke English very well and explained everything about ... * read more.

Excited about the results (04/19/2019)

I was sleeved August 2017. At my surgery date I weighed 197 lbs. I am just shy of 2 years and now weigh 134 lbs. I am at the best health of my life at 56 years old. I was approved in January to donate a kidney which requires excellent health. I couldn't be happier with my results. I feel great... * read more.

Best Discussion I've made (04/19/2019)

I'm so glad I choose to have the weight lose surgery. I've lost 100 lbs. I have more energy than I did when I was 30. Best decision ever. ... * read more.

2 years later (04/12/2019)

Everything went amazing and the service provided after surgery was out standing. I was originally 250 prior surgery and 198 at my lowest weight. I've gained 20 pounds however I am now losing it by dieting. ... * read more.

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