the best decision and experience I have ever had! (05/18/2021)

The best experience I have had, I have lost 21 pounds in 2 weeks after the operation, there is no pain, no discomfort, thanks to Dr. Almanza for his excellent work! the nurses and his team are the best! RECOMMENDED 100%... * read more.

Future Life (05/17/2021)

I saw my weight getting out of control, after many attempts to get it gone I realized I was going to need help. I did not want to wait till I was 300- 500 pounds before I done something. Now I am 5. 1/2 weeks out from Sugery and all the good is for sure out weighing the Bad and I for sure would do i... * read more.

Journey (05/17/2021)

I had the sleeve performed by Dr. Almanza about ten years ago in a strip mall. I got down to 130 and slowly started gaining weight in the last cupel of years to 180. I have pain in my hips and have started taking high blood pressure.
So I started to google bypass surgery and Dr. Almanza p... * read more.

Excelente!!!! (05/17/2021)

Wow!!! Nice people nice service
Todo fue una experiencia y una ciudad muy segura en lo que respeta mi experiencia vivida en Tijuana , un hospital muy limpio y nuevo con nada que envidiarle a uno de estado unidos la recuperaci n Fue r pida claro! Dependi mucho de mi por seguir las instrucciones ... * read more.

Sleeved In Mexico (05/11/2021)

I decided to come to Mexico due to the great experiences some of my closest family members had with Dr. Almanza. I am very happy with my decision to become sleeved in Mexico because my experience was great! Surgery went well and I had minimal pain, more soreness than pain.
The nursing staff were so ... * read more.

Awesome (05/11/2021)

I am so grateful to have been able to get this surgery with Dr. Almanza. The staff was incredible they really encourage movement and it helped me so much. I wish all of them much much love. They were all so attentive and knowledgeable about how i felt before i could even tell them. Im 3 weeks out an... * read more.

Success!! (05/11/2021)

100 pounds in 298 days! I've been waiting just for this day to give my testimonial. Am I happy with the surgery? 100% YES!! Would I do it over again? 100% YES!! Do I feel great? 100% YES!! Is it hard even after surgery? 100% YES!! But 100% worth it! I still can't get over how much better I feel, bot... * read more.

Amazing Experience (05/11/2021)

The whole experience was amazing! Danya Dr Gailio coordinator was much help with translating paperwork and going over the procedure and what to expect. Dr Gailio was very informative as well. I would do it all over again. Advise : Make sure you bring an extra $300 for medications. ... * read more.

5 months out (05/11/2021)

I had the sleeve surgery with Dr. Almanza in tijuana 5 months ago. The facility was clean and the staff was nice. I felt very comfortable and safe being there. I love that they pick you up and take you back to the airport, very helpful! The Dr. did a great job and the surgery went well!
Weightlissa... * read more.

No regrets (05/11/2021)

I was initially scheduled for surgery on 4/8/2021. I flew to San Diego on 4/7/2021. Picked up by the shuttle, taken for COVID test and then to the hospital. Once I had completed the pre-op process I was taken to my room. The after care Dr. came in and gave me the option of having my surgery that... * read more.

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