Payment Options

    Our providers typically offer several payment options.
  • Credit Cards and Debit Cards are accepted. From within your patient portal, you're able to enter your card(s) by yourself into the system and nobody will ever see the full card numbers because they're encrypted and saved in a special vault by our banking partner. If needed, you may spread out payments between two or more cards simply by loading each card to your profile.
  • Cash. Payment in the form of cash, in US funds, is accepted by the providers. Contact us to learn about current discounts some providers may be offering if you pay for the majority of your procedure with cash.
  • eCheck. This is an electronic version of a paper check used to make payments online. Anyone with a checking account can pay with an eCheck by simply providing an account and routing number.
  • Cashiers Checks. Our providers typically accept cashiers checks. Contact us to ask if the provider of your choice accepts cashiers checks, and if so, how to prepare your cashiers check.
  • Layaway Plan. Our patient portal allows you to make partial payments over time towards your procedure. The portal also lets you set a "reminder frequency" for your layaway plan, or turn it off entirely. There are no minimum payment commitments, you decide when and how much you wish to pay. Once your balance is paid in full, the provider will perform your procedure. Payments are not automatic, you'll initiate each and every one of them, whenever you are ready.
  • Financing. We work with several lenders who offer monthly payment plans. Apply from within the patient portal, and receive a response from us usually the same day, and sometimes instantly. After a short review process, if you're approved, an agent will discuss with you the terms - such as the down payment, the rate, the monthly payment, and the duration in months. Once everything is finalized, the lender will pay for your procedure. We've helped hundreds of patients obtain financing, and we have some fantastic relationships to help you make your procedure a reality.
  • Care Credit is currently not accepted.
  • Please remember, that regardless of your payment options or selections, there may be a small cancellation fee associated with canceling a procedure that you've scheduled.

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