Cambio total (06/24/2022)

E perdido m s de 100 libras,la d abetes se a ido,la hipertensi n,la tiroides est totalmente bajo control y ya no tomo medicamentos para nada de eso,dorm a ahogandome por la apnea del sueño que desapareci por completo,duermo bien,corro,salto,me siento mil veces mejor y les tengo una sorpresa,los m... * read more.

Slimming down (06/24/2022)

I'm so excited about the weight I e lost in just six weeks and I feel great. I'm living in a slimmer body thanks to Dr Mario and his expertise in bariatric surgeries ... * read more.

La mejor desicion de mi vida (06/13/2022)

Tome la decisi n de realizarme la manga g strica fue que ya mi salud se estaba viendo afectada, comenc a padecer de presi n alta, aparte de que comenc a tener complejos y frustraciones por mi gran peso. Una compañera de trabajo me recomend la agencia Weightloss y decid contactarlos y hay comenz... * read more.

Keep pushing without giving up! (06/12/2022)

40lbs in 3 moths since after surgery, but 55 in total since pre-op and I have to admit WLS was the best decision to help me live a healthier life I'm back in track and soon I'll hit my goal I've joined CrossFit (modified) and I also workout on my own - slowly building more confidence!!! ... * read more.

Stressed for nothing! (06/12/2022)

Walking into this I didn't know what to think. A lot of my friends used Dr. Almanza so that was the reason I used him. The thought of going into Mexico for surgery terrified me. But as I arrived and got checked into the hospital, I noticed it was very modern, clean and upkept. First thing they did w... * read more.

Just Do It! (06/10/2022)

My first surgery, the sleeve was almost 7 years ago. I had the procedure done in the US and from day one, I was constantly hungry. Although my stomach was smaller and I could not eat that much, the thought of food never left because of my hunger. This led to stretching out my stomach and not bein... * read more.

Great job (06/09/2022)

I highly recommend doctor Almanza he is the best and hospitality awesome great team nothing but bless for you guys..... * read more.

WOW! (06/01/2022)

I chose to have this done based on my quality of life and some liver issues directly related to my weight and diet. I'm 3 weeks out now and am very happy with the results. In the last few days, my energy has started to come back as I've now transitioned to the pur ed or soft solid phase of my post o... * read more.

So much more confidence!! (06/01/2022)

I had weight loss surgery because I was struggling to keep up with my very active kids. Within the first 4 months I was down 100 pounds. Now a year and a half later I feel great and my kids struggle to keep up with me, lol. Best decision I ever made!!!... * read more.

My second chance!! (06/01/2022)

Dr. Alamanza did my sleeve 7 years ago. Although I lost weight I never reached my goal and my GERD was out of control so I decided to revisit and get the full bypass. I was scared and nervous for sure: What of it doesn't work? What if I don't lose weight? What of the reflux stays? Is this all for ... * read more.

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