Life changing (09/18/2018)

I've been type 2 diabetic most of my adult life. No matter what I did it was only temporary. I was one of those people who had a low BMI and was active as possible and still was insulin dependent and high blood pressure with high cholesterol. To the point in 2012 I had my first pancreatitis attack. ... * read more.

New me (09/18/2018)

I had my surgery late April and since then I have lost 71 pounds. I have never lost this much weight this fast and felt so confident and happy in my new skin! My experience was great, the nurses were very attentive and the doctor made me feel comfortable and secure.... * read more.

Can't w8 2 meet the new me...I've caught a glimpse...looks like a helluva guy! (09/17/2018)

It's been about 4 weeks since my procedure and I'm down over 36 lbs. I feel great. Already getting the Holy Crap look from friends, who I haven't seen in a month. Getting sick of soup and yogurt, but I've got my eyes on the prize. This life style change is going to make a world of difference in ... * read more.

Thank you, no regrets (09/17/2018)

I'm 18 and was reaching obese status. The surgery was worth every penny and I do not regret my decision. The journey is unexpected but you learn more about yourself through it. I am 2 going on 3 months post op and hav lost 40 pounds and went down 2 pants sizes. I expect to lose more weight in the fu... * read more.

Fabulous (09/17/2018)

Have lost 70 pounds in 4 months cannot eat too much anymore. Back playing tennis and walking4/5 miles a day. Blood pressure is back to normal and no longer pre-diabetic gotta find a girlfriend next... * read more.

15 days post op (09/14/2018)

15 days post surgery and I am feeling great and down 11 lbs thus far, with that being said, my overall experience wasn't the greatest. It seemed as though once we got to Tijuana the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing. We were told that we would go straight to the facility as soon as... * read more.

My journey (09/14/2018)

I have called my doctor with concerns. I am not loosing weight. I follow a sugar free diet and swam all summer and have only lost 33pounds. My diabetes is still not under control. Dr. Beltre has offered for me to come back to Florida and he will do another type of surgery. I am thrilled about... * read more.

Best Decision of My Life! (09/14/2018)

My sugar was nearly 300 on operation day. I had suffered a heart attack, occasional HBP, and all of the other things that go along with being obese. Today my sugar is running an average of 55, I'm no longer always sweating, and my skin !! My skin is like it was when I was 30 ... Err.. Ok, 40. I h... * read more.

My Journey (09/14/2018)

I decided to have the surgery for health reasons. I am a diabetic and my readings were out of control. I had to increase my insulin frequently. When I increased my insulin the more weight I would gain. Not to mention all the other medication I was on. I kept thinking what am I doing to my body. I wa... * read more.

6 months after (09/12/2018)

My name is Monica Medina Dobbs, I had the gastric sleeve 6 month ago. It was a fast recovery from day one. I had a great experience at the hospital, with Dr. Almanza and his friendly staff. I learned to understand my body and limitations with food intake and most of all with portions sizes. I am sti... * read more.

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