7 months later... (10/20/2017)

I had the sleeve 7 months ago. I m down 90 lbs since. Best decision I ve ever made. I ve never felt or looked better. My back pain has decreased so much I barely notice it most days. I also love the new found attention I m getting from the boys :) I highly recommend this surgery to anyone who is ser... * read more.

Shoulda,woulda,coulda (10/20/2017)

Shoulda done this years ago! Down 34# and A1C has improved to 5.6
The facility in Tijuana along with the on staff nursing at the hotel was A+
My sister came along as a companion and I recommend to everyone not to do this alone. I was able to focus inwardly while my sister handled all of the other d... * read more.

Life Changer (10/20/2017)

After Struggling with my weight all of my life, I had heard from a family friend about bypass surgery. I did all the research that i could on the pre-op and post-op and then made my decision to do the gastric bypass. After having done it I wish that I would have done it years ago! I am currently 200... * read more.

Ready to start the "Real" Journey Now - Life after VSG (10/19/2017)

I almost had this procedure done 2 years ago when one of my close friends tried talking me into going with her. I kick myself for putting it off for 2 years but after doing my research and seeing her AMAZING results, I scheduled myself to get in there and just Get it Done! My procedure took place o... * read more.

My new life... (10/19/2017)

Dr. Almanza was amazing he answered any of our questions and concerns before surgery.he spoke good English for those of you wandering and their is interpreter if needed...His staff was amazing they answered questions and kept me very comfortable at the hospital..and the nurses staff at the hotel wa... * read more.

Best Decision Ever! (10/18/2017)

Having the gastric sleeve surgery was the best decision Ever! It's been 11 mos., & I have surpassed my goal weight. My cholesterol, blood pressure, & blood sugar levels are all significantly improved. I look & feel so much better!... * read more.

Why didn't I do this sooner??? (10/17/2017)

WHAT!?!? Are you crazy?!? That's what everyone said to me about going to Tijuana for the sleeve. Thank goodness I didn't listen to everyone's comments. The staff at both the hospital and hotel were absolutely amazing! Especially Alex at the hotel. I wanted to bring her home with me! You are with som... * read more.


Highhest weight EVER in 2013, 374 LBS. Yo-Yo dieting on ketosis got down to 250, just to put 30 back on and end up back at 280 day of surgery...11 months out tomorrow and I'm a healthy & happy 168 LBS! JUST DO IT!... * read more.

A new me (10/16/2017)

I lost 60 pounds and this surgery changed my life gave me confidence, I had social anxiety because of how insecure I felt about my appearance. I only shopped online. And now I enjoy going out. Trying on new clothes in the fitting rooms...... Of the department stores.. this was the best decision ... * read more.

What a great experience! (10/16/2017)

I am very happy with my choice to both have the surgery and with going with Weight Loss Agents.

When I arrived at the airport and called the number given, I waited maybe 4 to 5 minutes. I was picked up by a nice gentleman and we headed right over the border to the hotel.

I lucked out the first nig... * read more.

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