A new beginning (12/15/2019)

I am sooooo glad that I had the gastric sleeve done.I have lost 44 lbs. so far.I feel so much better.More energy and more self esteem.Thank- you... * read more.

My new Journey (12/15/2019)

I researched his surgery for about 3 years my best friend had it done 3 years ago in October I had mine this year on November 1st been doing well and I've lost a lot of weight and inches I wouldn't change one thing I'm glad that I made this decision I wish that have done it earlier... * read more.

Wouldn’t change a thing. (12/13/2019)

I received the gastric sleeve two years ago and I have lost a significant amount of weight. I had re typical side effects for a long time but now I can eat comfortably. I try to watch what I eat and workout. I am not currently losing anymore weight but I am happy with where I am at. I went from 215 ... * read more.

An excellent doctor and staff. (12/09/2019)

Ladies and gentlemen Dr. Mario Almanza and his staff are amazing from the time you arrive at the airport, all the way up to your departure. You will definitely have a 100% caring staff throughout each day. It was a great experience for me and wanted to share it with you. You can ask as many question... * read more.

10 of 10 excellent experience. (12/04/2019)

After one month myself and my two daughter-in-laws have lost 30 - 31- 28 pounds we feel great. Would have this surgery again . Baja hospital was the cleanest most sanitized with the staff that took care of our every need. We were totally safe at all time. Would tell anyone don't be afraid dr Alman... * read more.

200lbs down! (12/04/2019)

I am a little over 18 months about and I have lost 201lbs so far. this was the absolute best decision of my life. ... * read more.


I'm almost 2 years out from my surgery date... and I can honestly say: That this is THE best decision that I've ever made in my like and for my life... YESSSSS, I was nervous at first... but MOST of the staff was kind !! A couple of the nurses were rude, making smart remarks about how I was "lazy" i... * read more.

What a wonderful experience! (11/26/2019)

The care I received and the hospital were better than any I have received in the US. The facility was cleaner than any I have ever been in. ... * read more.

Hindsight is 20/10 (11/26/2019)

I researched for over a year reading everything I could, interviewing acquaintances and even looked into having the surgery in the states. In the end my cheapness got the better of me and I chose Mexico. My wife thank goodness for her and her willingness to not let me go it alone. We flew into San ... * read more.

One of the best decisions of my life (11/25/2019)

I was overweight for my height 5'2. I decided to have the gastric sleeve to be able to do many of things with my child due to him not having long to live. I'm in love with my results and recommend overweight, fat, unsatisfied people to get the sleeve it will change your life! Take advantage of this ... * read more.

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