frustratingve (08/03/2021)

I am 8 weeks out from my surgery and have loss 42 pounds and I am looking forward to losing more. the first thing I will say is that I was disappointed in hardly anyone tqking care of me spoke english. Since a large portion of your customers are from the United States that would seem to be a import... * read more.

Awesome, the best decision in my life (07/26/2021)

Life changing, feel healthier, stronger, younger. The staff and the doctors crew is awesome. Very professional and excellent care, 100% recommended. ... * read more.

Excellent Dr (07/23/2021)

Dr Almanza is an excellent Dr and the amazing staff, they taking a good care of me, thank u so much really appreciate it and weight loss agent thank u for your help, Im so grateful, God bless you to give a me a new quality of life, in this two weeks I lost 19 pounds... * read more.

Best decision of my life! (07/21/2021)

My sister and I decided to make this journey together. We both tried every diet you can imagine. I am so happy that we found Dr Mario Almanza and we chose to have the gastric sleeve. He is the best. I am feeling better than I have in years. I am 11 weeks post op and am down 43lbs. If you are on ... * read more.

So far So Good (07/20/2021)

I had my sleeve to RNY revision on June 29th and so far so good. The doctor and nurses are wonderful at the facility are very nice. The surgeon did a wonderful job, because my pain levels were minimal and I felt faintly nauseous. Whatever I needed they were there right to offer assistance. I felt... * read more.

New journey (07/18/2021)

I want to thank Dr Almanza his nursing staff and all the other staff for the best care giving to my daughter Yuri Leyva and my self the experience at the hospital was indeed the most wonderful one we had. Thank you Dr Almanza for doing the surgery and giving both of us our life back I will follow my... * read more.

Life changer (07/17/2021)

I had a great experience with Dr. Almanzo and his staff The hospital was very nice and I was very well taken care of. I recommend it 100%!!... * read more.

Do what’s best for you. (07/16/2021)

My experience was great! I have no regrets, I just wish I had done it sooner. Although my journey has just begun, I have not had any complications. The staff as well as the portal has been very helpful. I feel as though I've lost more inches than weight. I'm just shy of being 2 months post op. ... * read more.

I look and feel great!! (07/15/2021)

Well I had the surgery with Dr. Almance in Oct of 2020 and as of now I have lost 153 pounds and counting.. I feel better have been taken off all my diabetes meds, blood pressure meds, and give a perfect bill of health. I look and feel great!! ... * read more.

My weight loss journey (07/13/2021)

I researched and knew people that used my doctor. I went in on a Friday night and had my surgery was in the hospital Saturday released Sunday and went shopping. I have lost 75 lbs now and have had no problems at all. K wished I would have done this a long time ago ... * read more.

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