Amazing (07/19/2018)

I'm just one week out now still in some pain. I was unable to get any lipo with the mommy makeover due to my iron levels. So I only got the tummy tuck with a breast lift and implants. Dr Camberos was amazing! It was nice they checked everything and didn't take risks with my health. My results at... * read more.

Mommy makeover (07/19/2018)

I had a wonderful experience. The staff was amazing and took great care of me. I will be Going back to have a fat transfer to my butt and lipo. ;) Can't wait!! ***** ... * read more.

Best Day Ever (07/19/2018)

This was the best thing I have ever done just for me. From the minute I arrived in San Diego I was treated with terrific service. I was able to do my surgery a day early. The hospital, staff and nurses were fantastic I never waited for anything if I called they were there immediately to make sure... * read more.

Life changing (07/18/2018)

I was very pleased with staff and the dr. Almanza..when I arrived I knew I had made the best decision of my life, I was very touched the way that the nurses took care of me and even helped me. If you want to make a life choice of being healthy then this is the facility and this is the best doctor ev... * read more.

Completely happy (07/18/2018)

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Almanza after the surgery I have dropped from 184 the day of surgery down to 135 in just a matter of 4 months! I'm happy with my weight loss and I feel like a completely different person. Everyone compliments me on how small I've become. I didn't tell anyone that... * read more.

No Regrets (07/18/2018)

12 weeks and 66 pounds gone. Feeling great and loving my life. I have no regrets having the gastric sleeve. I wish I would have had it done 5 years ago when I first started following Dr. Almanza.... * read more.

No Regrets! (07/18/2018)

I had my gastric sleeve surgery July 2, 2018. I was so afraid to have my surgery in Mexico especially without my family by my side! Now that it is complete I would recommend the surgery with Dr. Almanza to anyone looking into having surgery! The facility was spotless and the nurses were amazing. ... * read more.

Fat to fab (07/17/2018)

When I first looked into this surgery, I was at an all time high in my weight at 331 pounds. I felt bad, and had for more years than not, I was about to start medicine for blood pressure, diabetes , and high cholesterol. 13 months out and I've lost 140 pounds and see no meds in my future. Blood ... * read more.

Best Decision I Have Ever Made (07/16/2018)

Dr. Almanza was amazing. I love that he himself has gone through this process. My surgery went flawlessly, our stay at the hospital was great and the nursing staff was amazing. I am one week away from my one year mark and I could not be happier with the decision to have this life changing surgery... * read more.

Extremely Pleased (07/16/2018)

My gastric sleeve experience has been a life changer. Along with a current 75 pound weight loss, I have been able to go off several of my medications for hypertension and diabetes. I am no longer insulin dependent and I am much more mobile now. Going out of the country is a scary thing, but I will ... * read more.

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