Best decision i have made!!! (03/21/2018)

Just Like most of you i was re-searching this surgery, Dr., and hospital. I found all the bad and good, but i talked to so many people and the love they had for this Place i made my decision and i don't regret it at all!!! Most of the Staff were amazing Dr. Almanza was Great i have had no complicati... * read more.

Amazing! (03/20/2018)

My experience was great.I drove to McAllen Texas and stayed at the Hawthorne suites that Dr.Cantu office booked for me.The hotel was a 5 star. The day of my surgery Dr.Cantu personally picked me and my family up and drive us to the hospital in Raynosa Mexico couple miles from McAllen Texas. That mad... * read more.

On my way!! (03/20/2018)

I had my surgery done with Dr. Almanza on March 15th, 2018. All went well. The only issue I had was having a constant headache the entire time I was there. Once I was at the airport headed home I was fine.... * read more.

A fresh start (03/19/2018)

At my highest weight I was 450. I decided I had enough with the yoyo diets. When I went to Mexico I was very nervous and scared. The driver Oscar picked me and my mother up at the San Diego airport on March 11th. We then went to the hotel and settled into our room. The hotel staff was more than welc... * read more.

Life Changing (03/19/2018)

My husband and I were very nervous about 1) just doing the procedure 2) doing it in Mexico 3) problems arising and what would we do and 4) language barrier.

I've had open heart surgery, bilateral renal bypass, left carotid endartectomy blah blah blah and docs in the US thought I was crazy!. Now the... * read more.

Great experience (03/19/2018)

I arrived to the hospital scared and I left confident that I made the right decision, it is very true when Dr. Almaza states that we will never forget that day. Life changer experience. Great staff, very busy place when I left, I was glad on y weekend there were not too many operation done. The last... * read more.

Amazing service (03/16/2018)

I was very skeptical at first being M xico but I went for it and never regreted a minute. The staff was so nice from the driver to the doctor. Mexico was nice and not at all like the news potrays it. The weight loss agency was very helpful and even followed up after the surgery just to check on me. ... * read more.

So happy i went through with it!! (03/16/2018)

I was scared to get it done due to the fact that it was in mexico,but im so happy i went! It was GREAT! The staff, the facility, and the doctors were all so friendly and professional. The facility was super clean and the doctors know everything there is to know about bariatrics. I definitely will g... * read more.

Exceeded Expectations! (03/16/2018)


I started my weight loss journey a couple months before my surgery date. Like many of you, I did extensive research and read testimony after testimony trying to find the ones that closely resembled my own life and would hurry and look at their before and after pictures and think to myself ... * read more.

I wished I would Have done it sooner! (03/16/2018)

let me tell you, I was so nervous about going, and going alone at that.. But once I got to the hospital everything went great! They did my vitals that day, and I was up for surgery the next day! The Doctor met with us, and he gave us the confidence that we would love the outcome of this procedure. T... * read more.

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