My Personal Experience (06/16/2021)

The experience was definitely different. After pre-op, I literally walked into the operating room and got onto the operating table myself.

The biggest issue that I had was the language barrier. There are not enough English speaking people on staff. Ask a question, they hand you their phone so it c... * read more.

Great Experience (06/16/2021)

I was very nervous about having Surgery in Mexico. I am an RN in Surgery in the US and Immediately noticed equipment and pre-op procedural differences that gave me anxiety. The facility was very clean with beautiful white floors, clear of clutter. It was scary having the communication barrier. Many ... * read more.

Rapid weight loss (06/16/2021)

I had the Gastric sleeve and Gall bladder removal on the 30th of April. The staff was amazing and i was well taken care of. Since my procedure i have lost a total of 22 pounds in 1 month and 2 weeks. I will continue my weight loss journey.... * read more.

Post surgery first week (06/12/2021)

Dears, is being a week from my surgery and I feel much better thanks God. The facilities and the staff during my stay at Baja Hospital was very comfortable and everyone were caring and vert professional with care and never left me unattended. I will recommend . Please find attached my first week p... * read more.

Professional prompt and responsive (06/07/2021)

Weight Loss Agents were so easy to work with. The transportation, doctors, communication, doctors, medical care (both before and after surgery, facilities and the procedure itself, all exceeded expectations.

Thank you!

Mark... * read more.

Since having the sleeve I no longer have problems with my feet and back! (06/03/2021)

When I decided to have the surgery I was having problems with my back and feet to the point to where I couldn't hardly walk! or do what I needed to do, working on the job was even hard! since having my sleeve I am down 145lb i now have more energy!! that I could. Have never ever imagine me having! ... * read more.

Best decision ever (06/03/2021)

I was very nervous about traveling to Mexico for gastric sleeve surgery. But talking to the people at weight loss agents made the process so easy. They answered all of my questions for SEVEN MONTHS. They never were impatient, they were always professional, and I got answers to all my questions in a ... * read more.

Happy (06/03/2021)

Hi everyone I had the surgery April 20 2021 starting weight was 237 today June 1 I'm down 50! It is a life changer, you learn to eat the right stuff and how to take care of your self! I was a nervous reck doing this but it is the best decision I have made for myself. The nurses were so nice and help... * read more.

A good night sleep (05/30/2021)

I am one week. Before surgery I was suffering terribly with acid reflux and gerd disease immediately after my surgery the acid reflux was gone I was able to sleep on my right side without choking and coughing my chronic cough just disappeared my acid reflux is gone I am so thankful so grateful and I... * read more.

Wonderful experience (05/25/2021)

I made the best decision I think I've ever made in my whole life on getting the gastric sleeve. The whole process from the scheduling to the surgery was so simple. I'm mad I didn't do it sooner. Weight loss agents answered all my questions and concerns during the process. The staff at the hospital w... * read more.

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