Surgery (07/28/2012)

Surgery was a great experience. Mexico treated me just fine. I am 4 weeks post op and am proud to say I am down 33 pounds. Best decision I have made for my future.... * read more.


It may seem dramatic to thank your bariatri surgeon for saving your life, but in my own case it is certainly warranted. When I chose Dr. Almanza, I had done my home work, was aware that he is highly regarded in this field, and in fact, has a distinguished reputation world-wide, ranking in the top 5... * read more.

Beginning a New Life (07/19/2012)

Although it is a bit more difficult when you don't speak the native tongue, JC was very professional and streamlined. Surgery only took 45 minutes and I was up and walking within hours of it! The 2nd and 3rd day was a bit rougher as far as being sore but I have had no vomiting or complications. A... * read more.

Everything went well (07/18/2012)

Everything went well. The surgery was smoother and less painful than I had imagined. The hotel and the clinic worked well together. My only constructive criticism is that the beds at the hotel were rock hard. They weren't good for my back or anyone else's. Perhaps you could persuade them to get bett... * read more.

A great experience (07/18/2012)

I am doing great. I cannot say enough about Jerusalem Hospital and the people who work there. I am a nurse practitioner in the USA & I can honestly say that my nursing care was beyond my expectations (certainly better than I would have had at home). It was an amazing experience. The bonds that a... * read more.

No Nightmares, Just Sweet Dreams. (07/15/2012)

In upper North America we are very reliant on media to form our opinions
and this is unfortunate. There is alot of good in the third country of our
continent and we missout. I remember many years ago hearing a story of
a lady that had traveled to Mexico to have surgery and she lamented on the
trag... * read more.

i did it, wasnt letting anyone discurrage me from goin w negative attitudes. its my turn to be happy. (07/15/2012)

I was doing the atkins and was stuck lost 20 lbs then it just stopped, was angry to learn a freind was getting this done in the states and she isnt evev fat, angry becouse i needed it and couldnt aford it. I guess more jelous than angry, soi was trying to get a insurance that would pay, no luck, cam... * read more.

The best decision of my life! (07/14/2012)

This has been the best decision of my life! I want to thank all the Dr's and nurses and all the staff, for the great care I received.I was so nervous about this procedure and traveling alone to Mexico. My procedure was the gastric sleeve. I was in good hands from the first moment I stepped in the va... * read more.

It could not have been any better (07/13/2012)

I had the best experience at the recovery house I was well cared for and in such a supportive environment. It was wonderful to be surrounded by so many people who are all going through the same thing. We bonded on our weight loss journey's and how we all came to the same choice which was so upliftin... * read more.

New Life (07/09/2012)

I would thank Jerusalem Group for helping me alots to start my new life ... * read more.

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