Take the time for mental health! (02/06/2023)

First off, the surgery went great, and Dr Almanza and the whole team at the hospital are outstanding!

I want to highlight something that the psychologist at the hospital told me - it is just as important to look after your mental health post op as it is to follow your diet post op! It will be tough... * read more.

Julia Rodriguez de Purto Rico, mi testimonio (01/24/2023)

Hola, mi mejor desicion fue esta, el realizarme una manga gastrica, consegu todo lo que necesita arravez de esta agencia, que me simplifico la vida. Excelentes profesionales. Fui operada por el Dr. Mario Almanza, M xico. Comenc mi proceso en 215 lbrs junio 8, 2022 y hoy d a enero 23, 2023 pero 1... * read more.

Excellent surgeon and staff (01/19/2023)

First of all through the whole experience start to finish I've not vomited once. This is proof of the excellent surgeon in Dr. Galileo.
Through the whole trip the only complication were in the air travel. With delays taxi's had to be rescheduled. The assistants were on top of the logistics. Staying... * read more.

Muy feliz con los resultados ya solo me faltan 7 libras para lograr mi meta en febrero de este año cumplí un año de hacerme la cirugía (01/19/2023)

Cerca de un año cumplo en febrero y a 7 libras de mi meta que son 130 libras! Gracias a Dios a mi doctor Almanza y a mi esfuerzo como ser humano no a sido f cil este caminar pero lo e logrado, estoy muy feliz con los resultados y muy orgullosa de mi!!! ... * read more.

Life changing (01/17/2023)

Hello my name is rasshad all my life I have suffered from being a bigger person. Always the odd one out in groups of friends or family. For years I have thought about having this done but wouldn't the cost change my mine. In March of 2020 I lost my biggest cheerleader my father. He wanted ne to have... * read more.

+A (01/13/2023)

Antes de tomar la decisi n de hacerme este procedimiento investigue a fondo los pro y los contras. Tambi n he tenido la oportunidad y experiencia que personas cercanas a mi se han realizado este procedimiento y su evoluci n no ha sido del todo bien creo que hasta traum ticos.
Pero, eso no influy ... * read more.

Life change (01/12/2023)

This was the best decision of my life. I have my confidence back, I am healthier and happier than ever. I'm so grateful for the Dr and staff that treated me. I recommend anyone to do this for themselves!... * read more.

Feeling Amazing! (01/11/2023)

I has my surgery on 6/15/2022 and have lost a total of 90 lbs. I feel amazing, my acid reflux went away, my inflammation in my joints resolved and I'm no longer in pain. I am happy with the results and very grateful to Dr. Mario Almanza. I feel so blessed! ... * read more.

Life changing (01/11/2023)

I am grateful for this opportunity to have this surgery. It has been life changing to say the least, I am just over 2 months post op and I have lost half the weight I was looking to lose. Pre-surgery weight was 220, and I am down to 180. I have 40 more pounds to go, but I am getting there. Thank you... * read more.

Wish I had done it sooner! (01/10/2023)

I wish I had this done sooner! This process was so easy and so much more cost-effective than anything I could've gotten done in the states.
My stats are as follows:
Highest weight was 206 lbs., day of surgery 199 lbs., current weight 135 lbs., goal weight 120 lbs. my height is 5"2' and I was 38 when... * read more.

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