Feliz con mi bariatrica (02/15/2019)

La mejor decisi n que pude a ver tomado en mi vida con el mejor DR Almanzar... muy feliz con los resultados... * read more.

If you don't believe it...LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! (02/12/2019)

Those fat disgusting pics of me were taken in December 2017, 2 days before my surgery. The NEW ME pics is December 2018. Was a size 52, 355 pds and now I'm a size 34, 188 pds and without one day of exercise! OH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
... * read more.

No pain, no gain (02/12/2019)

I was skeptical at first as most of you are reading this. The staff here are the best and they make sure that you feel welcome and are taken care of. I loved my doctor!! He was friendly and had real concearn for you as a patient! I am three weeks out and I have lost 28lbs!!!! Its a rough at the star... * read more.

Best decision ever (02/12/2019)

I am so glad I did this. I have lost 65 pounds, got of all of my blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetic medicine. Have more energy and feel better than I have on years.

... * read more.

Best people and very clean hospital (02/12/2019)

Best hospital staff was amazing nurses were very helpful n caring..very clean doctors were checking up on us often..thank you Dr Alamanza your amazing ... * read more.

Dreams become reality (02/12/2019)

I have been considering weight loss surgery for years, however my insurance at work will not cover bariatric procedures. I was told by two others in my town about Dr. Almanza and the benefits of doing it in Mexico.

After careful research I decided the time was now. I have always dreamed of having ... * read more.

Loving Life (02/08/2019)

I have to say that having the surgery was the best decision I have ever made in my life ! I was apprehensive because everyone was telling me it was not a good idea but I followed my gut and am so happy that I followed through with the surgery.

I went alone and felt safe and was impressed by the e... * read more.

The best decision of my life! (02/08/2019)

When I researched after I found about Dr. Almanza from another person that went to him a year ago, I was set to go! All the research and success inspired me and still does. I went in for my surgery 1/20 had surgery 1/21 and I weighed 240.6 today 2/5 I weigh 216 a total 22 lbs lost in just 2weeks and... * read more.

My journey (02/08/2019)

Don't wait as long as I did!! I have lost 82 lbs to this date still need to lose 100 more!!! The place was nice and clean!!! Thank you and good luck on your journey!!... * read more.

I recommend it (02/08/2019)

The experience was great! No infection!!!All staff members were very helpful and very supportive. Only bad thing to say is they need more experience with iv's and a few more nurses. ... * read more.

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