Life is good! (09/21/2017)

I'm already 5 months post op! Down 60lbs!!! I can't believe the amazing success I've had. The whole experience from start to finish with the weight-loss agents and Dr. Almanzas surgical team was amazing. The first picture was about 3 weeks post op I was down 25lbs already! My goal is to lose 30lbs ... * read more.

No regrets (09/21/2017)

I did have my doubts, about going to another country to have surgery. There was no language barrier, everyone spoke fluent English, and was very professional. After coming back to the United States I went back to work, two weeks later. In hind site I can see that was way too soon. I should of given ... * read more.

Great experience and nice safe hospital and hotel (09/20/2017)

Yes I was kinda of nervous to go to Mexico to have the gastric sleeve but weight lost agents was very helpful and once picked up from airport by driver which was very friendly and help calm my nerves crossed over and was takin to a very nice hotel resort with very nice and helpful employees and staf... * read more.

My surgeon was Dr. Almanza and he was terrific! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (09/20/2017)

My surgeon was Dr. Almanza and he was terrific!
Hi my name is Tara and I had my surgery on March 8th 2016 with no complications whatsoever and absolutely no regrets. My surgeon was Dr. Almanza and I experienced minimal pain right after surgery (mostly just gas) and my insicions are now n... * read more.

Amazing (09/19/2017)

Best decision of my life ... * read more.


My experience with Dr. Almanza and weightlossagents was great. The whole process from beginning to end went as smooth as possible. I was sleeved on 02-20-2017, I have had zero complications. The hospital and hotel staff was great and I made some new friends throughout my journey. I would do it again... * read more.

Buyer's Remorse (09/18/2017)

I wanted to wait until I felt better to write a testimonial but here I am 16 days after surgery and still not feeling any better. My pre-op leading up to surgery was fine no problems at all going to and from Mexico. After surgery I had constant gas pain and nausea, tried everything nothing worked.... * read more.

New adventure (09/18/2017)

I decided to have the Sleeve, because of a friend's success. The procedure has helped me to lower my blood sugars, by losing weight. I had no serious problems with the surgery. It went very well. I was a bit frightened, being in Tijuana, in a slightly filthy hospital. But I did as I was told an... * read more.

Happ Girl!!! :) (09/17/2017)

Hi all...I had my sleeve done on march 16th with Dr Almanza and his staff.They were all wonderful. The staff at hotel was also very nice they did take a while to get to you when you neded something but they had a lot of patients, 12 just from my day of surgery.Which 10 i have stayed in contact with ... * read more.

Exceed expectations (09/17/2017)

As the title I had exceeded expectations,
Since the first moment when the team pick you up at the airport.
The medical team is fantastic all of them from the clinic to the hotel.
I received a fantastic treat, in the clinic,looking after you, if you need anything... you feel cared and cherished.
At ... * read more.

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