Life changing (02/23/2018)

The surgery has been a huge success first of all the staff in Mexico was first class from the driver to all of the medical staff they were all excellent! The surgery I'm still trying to find the pain it was amazing that they could remove the stomach and you not feel it! Gas was the biggest enemy for... * read more.

6 week update (02/23/2018)

What a life changing experience! My new stomach can take more and more variety daily. The portions are just a lot smaller which is why I wanted the surgery.

Stats update:
1/8/2018 Pre-surgery weight 225lbs, size 38 pants
2/22/2018 Post-surgery weight 185lbs, size 32 pants
Goal weight 165lbs.

I... * read more.

New Lease on Life (02/22/2018)

To begin my message I was definitely nervous it was in Tijuana. You always hear about the concerns of people having surgery in a foreign land.
That being said I am completely thrilled with everything I went through there. I had the best care I could imagine. From the moment we arrived in Tijuana th... * read more.

Very very satisfied (02/22/2018)

This has been the BEST life changing decision I have ever made. I recommend this procedure to be done in Mexico. It's way cheaper than the states and it's well worth every penny. If I had to do it all over again I will most definitely choose Dr. Mario Almanza again... * read more.

Lap Band revision to Sleeve (02/22/2018)

I was very pleased with the weight loss agents and how they kept track of everything. Thy were very helpful and kept in touch and responded quickly.

The surgery went well and Dr Almanza was very nice. The Hospital was very new nice and clean, however the waiting room was left unattended for long p... * read more.

Dr.Mario Almanza (02/22/2018)

I feel great thanks to Dr.Mario Almanza he change my life I am so thankful to have had such a wonderful experience with the Dr.and his staff I would choose him again if I had to thank you ... * read more.

Very Happy!! (02/21/2018)

It has been 3 months since completing my procedure and I have lost 50 lbs. I have no regrets, the only regret is that I waited so long to make up my mind.
The staff is awesome. The surgeon is well skilled and pleasant. My incisions were tiny and healed quickly without any infections.
If you are ... * read more.


My mom and I went to have the gastric sleeve. We had an amazing experience the doctors and nurses were great Natalia and Sebastian they were like family. They took amazing care of us and made sure we didn't need anything. The hospital was nice and clean and the drivers were excellent too. I would hi... * read more.

My life re-set. (02/20/2018)

My gastric sleeve was 03/03/17. It was a very good experience. I felt safe and that I was in the hands of professionals. The first night was the hardest, some discomfort and vomiting, the staff worked hard to keep me comfortable. The care at the hotel was as diligent as the hospital, if not better. ... * read more.

My Testimonial (02/20/2018)

I've been bad about keeping in touch. My surgery was 08-21-17 and as of today 12-21-17 I've lost 60 pounds. Merry Christmas to me, Ho Ho Ho. I had a very good experience and gave you an A+ to my doctor. I would do it again and have recommended to others. The only thing I would do differently is I wo... * read more.

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