My Experience (08/15/2018)

I have never wrote anything so forgive the errors. I have to say a little something about my experience. As a older adult and never having surgery before, to say I was anxious is a understatement. And going to another country which I chose. Weight Loss Agents were exceptional.Walking me thru all ... * read more.

Hard journey BUT Worth it. (08/15/2018)

I am almost 10 weeks post-op now. It has been a hard journey for me personally. I took the pre-op diet to heart and lost almost 30 pounds pre-op. I have lost post-op almost another additional 32 lb. It has not been an easy journey. Having success with weight loss, having my blood pressure come down,... * read more.

68lbs lost thankyou weightloss agnets (08/15/2018)

I'm so happy I had my surgery with DR. Almanza thank you guys for checking on me this whole time can't wait to get my mommy makeover... * read more.

Not a panacea, but a tool to help. (08/15/2018)

I knew going into this that I would need to bring to the table a willingness to change my lifestyle on a permanent basis and that the surgery would not be a cure all for chronic weight problems. After 9 months and 85 pounds lost, without about 30 to go, I am ready to affirm the following: The surg... * read more.

Life-saving (08/15/2018)

Since my surgery I've lost over 100 lbs, started working again, and live with a lot less pain.... * read more.

Best decision I've ever made!! (08/15/2018)

After months of research and questions. I made a decision to go to Mexico after hearing of Dr Almanza from a friend who had the same gastric sleeve procedure done by him just months earlier. Everything, of how great the facility and nurses and doctors were true. I had an awesome experience. Its be... * read more.

Great choice (08/15/2018)

I am so happy I made the decision to change my life. On 7/11/18 I was sleeved. Waking up from anesthesia was probably the worst because of the pain from gas, other than that it has been wonderful. The staff at the hospital takes such good care of you. I would recommend this procedure to anyone strug... * read more.

Glad I did it (08/15/2018)

Dieting all my adult life, I was tired of the failures. I made this decision to be free of worrying and the constant thoughts of food and failure if I did eat. Be it a carrot or chocolate.
My doctor and team were amazing. They take very good care of you. The hospital is clean and bright, the hotel ... * read more.

Great results! (08/15/2018)

Having been on the yoyo dieting circuit for 20+ years, this was a wish, come true. I initially thought about a gastric balloon, but after researching the gastric sleeve,it seemed a better option for me. The entire procedure, from travel to Tiajuana to pre-op prep, to surgery, to post-op recove... * read more.

Totally Worth It (08/10/2018)

I recently had Gastric Sleeve Surgery so far I m very pleased with the results. I have struggled with my weight for 30 plus years. This will give me the opportunity to have the body I ve always dreamed of. Don t wait to make your dreams come true. You won t regret it! ... * read more.

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