Very happy (02/22/2017)

Hi, I just wanted to say that Dr. Villarreal is a great surgeon. He really cares about his work and his patients. I recommend him 100% to anyone looking to have weight loss surgery. I wished I would have had the surgery years ago. Best decision ever.
Thank you Dr. Villarreal and his assistant Kare... * read more.

The painful truth (02/22/2017)

Okay... So, here is the painful truth! This surgery is NOT for the weak!!! People say it's taking the easy way out. Well, let me tell you. It's FAR from the "easy" way. It took me 3 months to feel good and okay to actually finally start eating. In the first 3 months though, I lost 100 lbs. I was hap... * read more.

Amazing (02/22/2017)

Life could not be better. This was the best choice of my life!... * read more.

Happy Ness is..... (02/21/2017)

Happy Ness is working with weightless agents and all the staff in mexico for my surgery. the professionalism and hospitality was like nothing I have ever experienced. I felt like royalty. everything was so smooth and streamlined. I can't recommend it enough!... * read more.

Great decision (02/20/2017)

My experience with Dr. Choi was fantastic! He and his staff were wonderful, kind and compassionate. The VIP treatment was great! Recovery has been easy. Lost 20lbs in two weeks. I am having to remind myself to drink protein and water since I rarely feel hungry. Appears all but 1 incision is he... * read more.

Fantastic, world class experience (02/20/2017)

In three weeks since the surgery, I have lost over 40 pounds. I feel great and have more energy. I am walking 3 hours each day. ... * read more.

a unique experience (02/20/2017)

Hello, I had the sleeve surgery 4 months ago and I waited to give my testimony to make sure I could talk about the whole experience.
First, the staff (from customer service to the surgeon including the drivers and nurses) is incredibly amazing. You will be safe, pampered and cared for from beginning... * read more.

Great decision! (02/20/2017)

I should have made this decision years ago! I was actually mad at myself for not being strong enough to lose the weight myself through diet and exercise, but at 57, if I could have controlled my weight myself, I would have by now! With Weight Loss Agents, I feel great, feel good about myself and the... * read more.

DOING AWESOME!!!!!!!! (02/20/2017)

What has worked for me so far since my return. I will say this, my travel back home was horrific. Lots & lots of nausea not being able to hold anything down. Had bad chills which told me I had a fever. Once I arrived back in San Antonio, TX & checking my temp, I was right. Temp was 99.9. My friend t... * read more.

Its never to late to regain your life (02/20/2017)

Its never to late to regain your life.... * read more.

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