Life Changing (09/23/2022)

I was so hesitant initially thinking about the surgery and going to another country to have a major surgery. I now am so happy that I made the decision. I was referred by a friend to go through weightlossagents.com and Dr. Mario Almanza. The entire experience was simple. I never felt like I didn't k... * read more.

I never felt better in a medical field. Every body treat me like a Queen (09/23/2022)

My live change a de moment the I contact the team. After the surgery I started to gaining my health and mi conference back. I have more energy. I went to si my Primary Dr and he was glad of my decision and the way that I was at that time ( a month after the surgery). I am so sure that this was the ... * read more.

Best decision I've made (09/23/2022)

I am 6 weeks post op and have lost a total of 30 lbs so far. I made the decision to get the gastric sleeve after failed attempts to lose weight using help from my pcp and nutritionist. I had tried prescription weight loss medication and diets. Sure I would lose 12-15 lbs only to gain them all back a... * read more.

Trust the process (09/20/2022)

Two years ago I excepted the journey of having sleeve surgery. After surgery was over I thought to myself what have I done to my body. I'm happy I went through with sleeve surgery it changed my life. I'm happy healthy and I don't regret a thing. The staff was over-the-top nice. They made sure that ... * read more.

I am a Believer - I was a Skeptic (09/19/2022)

My wife and I both had a Gastric Sleeve surgery completed in the states in Feb 2017. I weighed 315 lbs and my wife was 240 lbs. My wife lost 50 lbs in the next challenging six months while I lost 55 lbs and we have maintained those weights until May 2022. Issues were that we were still having huge ... * read more.

Great Service (09/13/2022)

8 years after going to Dr Almanza for my sleeve I decided to go back to him for the revision. He and his staff were very professional and attentive before and after my procedure. 15 days later I'm down 21 pounds!! I highly recommend ... * read more.

Life changing (09/02/2022)

I FEEL so much better. This has been a life changing experience for me and I am so grateful for dr almanza. ... * read more.

Best Decision Ever (09/02/2022)

It was 2021, I had just turned 26 and couldn't recognize myself anymore. I had always struggled with my weight, obesity running in the family, but being isolated during lockdown sent me over the edge.

I had been toying with the idea of a gastric sleeve for a couple years but never knew of anybody ... * read more.

Life changing (08/31/2022)

I have not had to take my blood pressure or diuretics since my procedure. My blood pressure is so good. I feel great I feel motivated I feel beautiful again.... * read more.

No regrets. (08/31/2022)

I had my surgery exactly a week today and I am down 15lbs since I started pre-op. I am so happy I went with Dr Almazan, he was highly referred to me by 4 of my co-workers who had it done 5 years ago and still to this day kept the weight off. Transport from the airport to the hospital was smooth and ... * read more.

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