Great I did it! (07/27/2017)

Just like everyone, I have tried everything under sun from dieting to straving myself. I would lose weight, but I will gain it back with extra pounds. I had a friend who found out about the procedure, and did it a year ago. Every time I would see her, I could see her progress. I decided to go ahead ... * read more.

No regrets. (07/26/2017)

I traveled to Tijuana by myself. I was in bad shape so I requested wheelchair assistance through both the Mexico City airport and the Tijuana airport. I'm glad I did as I did not have to navigate through the airport lines to get through Customs and Immigration, and that to me, was going to be the mo... * read more.

Getting a tune-up before needing an overhaul (07/26/2017)

Very interesting and benifitionary surgery process for different symptoms not only for weight control.
As we were approaching the hospital there was a young man in the same van that didn't had a weight problem. So I was coiuros why he was getting the same surgery as I and the other 4 patients with... * read more.

good experience (07/25/2017)

Everything went amazingly well. I had no problems. This is a way for people to loose weight that have trouble dieting. You will loose weight. I lost more than 25 lbs in the first 6 weeks. Once you get off the soup diet you eat small amounts since your stomach is much smaller. The mental part of this... * read more.

Great results (07/25/2017)

So far I have loss down to 135 lbs went from a size 12 to a size 6 since surgery date feeling so much better health wise with the restaurant card I am able to still eat out and just order smaller portions or off the child's menu ...can't wait to see the results at one year... * read more.

What a relief!! (07/25/2017)

All I can say is wow I went in at 293lbs 8 weeks later I am at 234lbs, I was taking 3 insulin shots a day for yrs. now I am insulin free no more blood pressure pills I have more energy. Best money ever spent. I did deit but it always came back with more weight TY dr Mario!!... * read more.

A believer of medical tourism! (07/24/2017)

I was at a top weight of 258 lbs. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes in March of this year. I was devastated! I knew weight played the part. I have always been one that knew how to lose weight but not able to keep it off. I knew then I needed help.My Niece had it... * read more.

Excellent Experience (07/24/2017)

Dr. Almanza is awesome. The travel was great and easy. No problems. The surgery went as expected. I am very happy with my experience and at how well I am doing. It has been 19 days since surgery and I have lost 27 lbs. I'm excited and committed for/to my future. I just wish I had done it sooner.... * read more.

Best Decision Ever (07/24/2017)

I finally decided to have to Gastric Sleeve done after seeing the transformation of my husband, brother in law, sister in law, and best friend. They all had the procedure done in 2016. They were new people! I wanted to feel good and look good about myself again so I finally chose to do the surgery i... * read more.

Changed Life (07/24/2017)

Though I was hesitant about having the gastric sleeve performed on me because of things that can be found on the internet, I was heartened to hear from several people who had had it done in my hometown. After much deliberation and prayer, I took the plunge and I want to tell you that it was the bes... * read more.

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