Thank you. (09/17/2019)

I'm excited yo start my journey. My daughter had hers in March of 18 and is 80lbs down couldn't be prouder. Hope mine goes as well.... * read more.

Great successful surgery (09/17/2019)

On September 11th 2019 i flew into San Diego California to cross over into Tijuana Mexico for my gastric sleeve procedure that was scheduled for the next day on the 12th at the Baja hospital in Tijuana Mexico . I was picked up at the airport by Baja hospital driver who was very polite and helpful, t... * read more.

Awesome!!! (09/13/2019)

I waited 3 months to give this testimonial because I really wanted to be able to tell you how it went. I AM LOVING MY NEW LIFE - I HAVE LOST ALMOST 60 LBS SINCE SURGERY. I won't lie, it was HARD!!! Preparing for the surgery was not fun but I promise if you follow all the instructions your recover... * read more.

Super happy! Best decision of my life.... (09/13/2019)

After a year and six months of my surgery I feel this is the best decision i have ever made in my life. It was the right decision for me and I have recommended the sleeve gastric surgery to others. Dr. Mario Almanza helped me so much, I will be grateful for the rest of my life. If I had to do it all... * read more.

My journey (09/13/2019)

For 15 years I was over 400 lbs and did the yoyo dieting game. In July 2019 I had WLS and I wish I would have done it earlier. Like most I was nervous but everthing went well. The first few weeks was rough but every week got better. Im currently at 2 months post op. I have lost 68 lbs. Im off all my... * read more.

Life changing! (09/13/2019)

Thanks to all staff at the hospital! If anyone is having second thoughts about having surgery don't! Get it done you won't be sorry! The facility is very clean. The only issue was cold shower! The staff are caring and professional! My journey has been very good so far! I still have weight to loss b... * read more.

Reset my objectives (09/13/2019)

So I had a resleeve I had this surgery done 5years prior to this. I had great results I made it down to 225lbs. But I lost my right way of thinking and my sight of my goal and started to over eat and eat incorrectly which caused me to regain weight. I went up to 275 and knew I needed to reset my bra... * read more.

Wish I would have done it many years ago!! (09/11/2019)

Today is 35 days after surgery, I have lost 41.4 pounds from the day of surgery. It has been an amazing experience. I feel fantastic! I have more energy, my joints don't hurt nearly as bad as before. Amazingly, even my asthma and allergic rhinitis is better, go figure on that one? It is an almost... * read more.

The Trip (09/11/2019)

I was very impressed with everyone. Jessica at the was amazing and helpful. Enrique and Lena were my favorite nurses. The facility is clean and the rooms were looked beautiful like a hotel room. I tell everyone how new and shiney your facility is.... * read more.

I wish I’d known about them soon! (09/06/2019)

I just had the best experience of my weight loss journey life! The staff was amazing and very knowledgeable. The physicians make direct personal contact with the patients (me). I had a sleeve before and I've never had a leak test. They went beyond measure to ensure my surgery was a success. I h... * read more.

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