Great doctor and amazing staff. (01/17/2022)

As many I was ver worried an nervous. But the doctor and staff were amazing. I'm so glad I chose Dr. Almanza and staff. I don't regret my decision. I'm leading a healthier life. ... * read more.

Facility was nicer than expected, Doctor was great and the nurses were awesome. (01/07/2022)

Facility was nicer than expected, Doctor was great and the nurses were awesome. Process (shuttle from airport to hospital in Tijuana) was seemingly easy and well planned out. Nurses were amazing, I can not express that enough. Even though there is a language barrier, most of the nurses understand wh... * read more.

I'm half the man I used to be, But in a great way! (01/05/2022)

I Had an amazing experience through Weight Loss Agents and Dr. Villarreal. The process to sign up and pick my options was very easy. I received so much support on their end from beginning to end. My liaison was so helpful once I arrived from my flight. I felt safe and taken care throughout the entir... * read more.

Happy and Grateful (01/03/2022)

I started this process by being turned down by my insurance company and exploring other options. I came across this website and read the reviews for Dr. Almanza. I felt confident after reading the reviews and speaking with the staff. They were professional, answered all my question and help me every... * read more.

Changed my life (01/01/2022)

So I finally decided to have my surgery after contemplating for a few years. Honestly, it was the best decision I could make. Not only do I feel good, but my family and friends are noticing the fat melting away. My confidence is growing with every pound that I lose. If you're indecisive like I once ... * read more.

Excellent experience (01/01/2022)

I received my VSG on 12/1/21 performed by Dr. Almanza. Dr. Almanza and the staff at the hospital were very professional and the service was excellent. Today I am 30 days PO and including the pro-op diet, I have lost 40.6 pounds. I haven't had any negative issues associated with the gastric sleeve pr... * read more.

A success (12/29/2021)

I had this surgery about a year ago, I waited all this time before I start writing these word, because I want to now if there would be any side effects or any other complications. Well, no surprise, I wouldn't expecting that anyways, the surgery was a big success by all means, it might be one of th... * read more.

Don't back out (12/20/2021)

Currently I'm 6 months post op and within a pound of my original goal.I wish I would have done this earlier in life! My blood sugar is in better control. My knees do not hurt as bad or as often. I have the energy I have not had in a while. My experience with Dr. Galileo Villarreal and his staff have... * read more.

This new tool has given me my life back! (12/20/2021)

Dr. Almanza told me I was sure to lose 100lbs easy in 3months. Today is 3 my mths since my surgery and I weighed yesterday as I always do on Sundays and I met that first goal!! I have lost 8 pants sizes and went from 5x/4x down to a 2x (and now it's big) in that short time!! The staff and Dr. Almanz... * read more.

DON'T WAIT, JUST DO IT!!!!! (12/20/2021)

I am so blessed to have been able to do this for myself!! Dr. Almanza and staff were wonderful and for my very first ever surgery, it was not near like I thought it would be, it was way better!!! Thank you for helping me get back to "ME"!!!... * read more.

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