I feel 20 years younger and stronger (05/26/2017)

I am now 8 months post surgery and feel like I am finally the person on the outside that I was always meant to be. I have lost 89 pounds so far and continue to surprise myself. My energy is over and above anything I could have ever imagined. People that know me say I am glowing all the time and I... * read more.

New Me (05/25/2017)

Down now almost 60lbs.
Weight when I started 220lbs and down to 162lbs.
Loving the new me don't let no one or no body stand in your way of loving yourself first.
Nicole... * read more.

Very Happy I made this decision (05/24/2017)

I have a unique situation than most of the patients that opt for a Gastric Sleeve. I had a Lap Band for 10 years. I am convinced that the Lap Band has a "shelf life". I have heard of a lot of people having to have them removed after about 8 years. I lost 110 lbs with the Band. It was life chang... * read more.

Best decision ever (05/24/2017)

Hay my surgery on Feb 2x, 2017 . It has been 3 months since then and I have lost 50 pounds. I started at 287 , eventhough Im a 6'5 dude and people will not think I was obese, my BMI was close to 34 and I didnt feel good when looking at the mirror and having trouble when I need to get my shoes on. Le... * read more.

Great experience (05/24/2017)

I was worried about going to Mexico for surgery, but once I got here all my worries went away. The staff nurses,and doctors are great. Everyone is very nice. The hospital is very clean and safe. Now I'm losing weight like crazy. I can't wait to loose enough to go back for plastic surgery.... * read more.

God Is Awesome! (05/23/2017)

As I achieve more milestones, I'm the most grateful as I look back on how I used to look and how far I've came. I have achieve a more healthy look thanks to Weight loss Agents. My result and my outcomes are real. I lost 85 pounds in 8 months due to my surgery and Dr. Hernandez. It was good for me, I... * read more.

Looseing and loving it! (05/23/2017)

This was my first time traveling abroad so I was a little worried but wla made it easy, they made sure I had all my ducks in a row. I had to do a 10 day liquid diet before surgery, but it went by fairly quick. And once I was in Mexico everything went quickly and smoothly. Between the care at the hos... * read more.

now sleeved (05/23/2017)

I have joined the sleeved crew. Best decision I have ever made. I's been 11 days and I have lost 11#. The staff at Dr Almanza were wonderful, took care of all our needs. Some of my friends didnt like the ideal but I knew I had to do it. I hope to loose about 100# or so. Just go for it.... * read more.

Best decision ever! (05/22/2017)

Everything was coordinated to the tee from picking of the date to when I landed in San Diego. Which was good because I came by myself! The hotel was nice and clean no confusion about payments and such . Day before procedure had labs done and met the Drs & nurses. Toured hospital which was also nice ... * read more.

over 6 months still losing! (05/22/2017)

I had Surgery 8 months ago. I have lost a total of 117 lbs and I feel absolutely fantastic. I still plan to lose another 100lbs, and the weight is still coming off (although more slowly). But unlike before surgery, I'm in control of my own body now and I have the power to lose all the weight I ne... * read more.

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