Learning to live again (03/29/2017)

This has been an awsome, but challenging time. I have lost almost 50 pounds but more inches. I can bend over and tie my shoes and breath at the same time, YAY. I plan to lose at least 30 to 35 more. This has been awsome and I would recommend this procedure to anyone and I would do it again.... * read more.

The care was above and beyond expectations. (03/29/2017)

I wish to thank everyone involved in my procedure. Every question I had was answered truthfully and honestly. I wish to thank every employee from hotel staff to all hospital employees. The care was above and beyond expectations. The doctors are knowledgeable and answered all my questions. The ... * read more.

Down 70lbs (03/29/2017)

I had a great experience! The Dr and staff were amazing! I was borderline diabetic and I needed to make a choice and decided to get sleeved. I'm so happy to have done it and the only regret I have is not to have done it sooner! ... * read more.

Starting Ova Never Felt So GOOD (03/29/2017)

I have been over weight most of my life and it progressively became worse when I married my soon to be ex husband. In having VSG it not only helped me get the weight off but it gave me a new outlook on life. I am a new woman and I know that I deserve what life has to to offer me. Thank you for givin... * read more.

Dr. Almanza and all of the nursing staff were great! (03/29/2017)

I had a very good experience with Dr. Almanza and all of his staff/nurses both at Green Health Hospital and at the Hotel Hacienda del R o, they were all great! My husband and I flew to San Diego and were picked up by one of the drivers, Tony, and taken with another couple across the border to the h... * read more.

A "NEW" me (03/28/2017)

Hi, I have been pondering writing my testimony for quite a while now.
My weight had been increasing very steady since about menopause and I had tried every kind of diet. I was still able to lose some weight but always gained it back as soon as I stopped "depriving"myself. The more weight I gained ,t... * read more.

Not what I expected (03/28/2017)

I had the sleeve done and thought it would give me immediate results. It did not. I've come to realize that this procedure is a tool and not a quick fix. I thought I'd lose weight if I just ate smaller portions of whatever I wanted. I have learned to eat more protein and less of everything else. My ... * read more.

Definitely do it! (03/28/2017)

I had a great experience! The hospital, nurses, Doctor and staff were all great and caring. Im very glad I decided to go ahead and move forward with bariatric surgery. Im down 35 pounds since preop. I felt no pain related to surgery only gas discomfort . I would highly recommend this procedure done ... * read more.

It is not easy (03/27/2017)

It is not easy but the nurses and dr are great.It has been a adjustment I have not be sick with it so that is a good thing.... * read more.

Unbelievable life changing HAPPINESS (03/27/2017)

I was so excited to finally get my surgery. Surgery & the staff of all areas was wonderful. Tijuana was beautiful, friendly, & so accommodating! It's been 14 days since surgery NO COMPLICATIONS, NO ISSUES, I feel happy & so confident I have already went from 202lbs down to 175lbs. Everyone notices, ... * read more.

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