I was so pleased!!! (06/11/2014)

I had my surgery 5/23/14 and as of today 6/9/15 I am down 30.4 lbs.
If I could give any advice it would be to make sure you are prepared and ready, not only for the surgery but also for when you get home.
Everything was just as promised. The pick up at the airport, lab work, and on to the hospital.... * read more.

Feeling better (06/10/2014)

Hi since surgery I have lost 44 lbs and have not taken any blood presure pills lipitor or any other medication. I do take B vitamins .My doctor in Canada is very pleased with my results he is monituring me on a monthly basis and wants me to give him the contact information so he can reffer more of h... * read more.

Having the Gastric Sleeve surgery changed my life for the better. (06/10/2014)

Hi my name is Linda I had a wonderful experince in Mexico, they picked me up right in front of the airport and I didn't have to wait long, when they pick you up they take you straight to you hotel and the rooms are cleen and comfortable, the staff is very helpful and prompt.
The day of your... * read more.

Lost 30lbs (06/09/2014)

In less then a month I lost 30lbs. Looking forward to losing more. ... * read more.

Energized (06/09/2014)

Since my surgery I have lost 45 lbs to date. I have another 65 lbs to lose and feel very confident that I will reach my goal. I have way more energy now and can do things I could never do before. I have absutely no regrets in havin the surgery and felt very safe being in Mexico alone. The hotel was ... * read more.

Diet is a 4 letter word (06/09/2014)

I was not always an over weight woman. Actually was rather slim as a child. Was moderately muscular during my Marine Corp enlistment. Even owned a heath club and trained new members to use free weights for a few years after the corps. Yep, I was quite buff back in the day. That was then. ... * read more.

I love it (06/08/2014)

I had a lap band put in in May 2012, and I starting having trouble in 2013. After not being able to get any support from the Clinic that put my Lap band in. I started researching to have the revision to the sleeve.
I have been finding out a lot about Dr. Almanza. So I scheduled to have my revision d... * read more.

Don't put it off! (06/07/2014)

If you are thinking about having the gastric sleeve procedure and are having reservations of doing so, I can tell you that my experience was great. From the moment I signed up, the communication and compassion of everyone involved was fantastic. They are very organized and helpful. I felt great th... * read more.

Life Changing Experience (06/07/2014)

I would just like to start by saying this has been tough but with the help of my son we have made it through it. We both had the surgery and are on our way to losing the weight we need to lose as of today June 6 2014 we have both lost about 50 lbs each. The hardest part is adjusting the amount o... * read more.

ONEDERLAND!!!! (06/06/2014)

First I want to thank Dr. Almanza & his wonderful team for the care I received in Mexico. I can tell you I found the facilities to be cleaner than US hospitals. The weight loss agents held my hand thru the whole journey. It is exactly how they tell you it will be. I could never have afforded to have... * read more.

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