Lap Band Revision to Sleeve - Everything I hoped it would be !!! *

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  • Name: Angela Morgan
  • Age: 40
  • Surgery: Lap Band Revision To Sleeve
  • Surgery date: November 13th, 2014
  • Testimonial date: February 12th, 2015
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
I had a lap band surgery approximately 5 years ago. The first year was great, but after my band slipped it was never the same. My weight would yo-yo depending on how much of a fill I had or didn't have in the band. It was extremely costly to continue to fill and unfill the band. I was just never completely satisfied. I finally decided that I either needed the band out or to have a revision. After speaking with a friend that had the gastric sleeve procedure I decided to give it a shot. I started doing some of my own research about the surgery and looking at the cost for the surgery, which lead me to Dr. Almanza. I admit that I was skeptical at first due to the cost difference, but again after researching this thoroughly and discussing with others that had the procedure I decided to do it. I had a friend that traveled with me, although I think you could go alone. There were several when I was there that were alone and had no issues. I arrived on a Wednesday night and since it was later we were taken straight to the hotel by van. There was a group of us. 4 that were having surgery the following day. The hotel was very nice and I never felt unsafe or at risk in any way. Early the next morning we were taken to the surgery center. Admittingly, it's not all that to look at, but it was clean on the inside and they were very efficient. You can tell they do these procedures every day. You will meet with a doctor that will go over your medical history, etc and he will give you clearance for surgery. You will meet Dr. Almanza before surgery and he will go over with you exactly what your specific procedure entails. Keep in mind his English is not the best, but his nurse is right there to help interpret. After that they start calling you back for your procedure. After surgery they put you in a room and you pretty much stay with your group that you came in with, which is comforting because you make pretty good friends through it all. So there were 4 of us in the hospital room together where we had to spend the night. After surgery I had a drain tube in my stomach and my nose. I was the only one in my group that had one in my nose. They said due to scar tissue from my lap band that it was precautionary. That was probably the worst part for me, but they took it out the next morning. I was up and walking around directly after surgery, which is good if you can do that to help move the gas out of your body. The gas will cause you discomfort, but it's not unbearable. Just make sure to take gas-x strips with you. They seem to help. The next day we were allowed to go back to the hotel. I was able to walk quite a bit and went out shopping even. You have a nurse at the hotel that will come in and give you IV antibiotics. I stayed 2 more days at the hotel, but again I was a revision so I think the stay was longer due to that fact. My drain tube in my stomach was taken out on Saturday, which my surgery was on Thursday. I was allowed to fly home on Sunday.
I had no issues with infection or pain. I have one 2 inch incision above my belly button and about an inch long incision to the top and side of my belly button and 3 more very small, like 1/4 incisions. They all healed nicely and I'm very satisfied. You will have to have your stitches removed back at home. I ordered a kit on eBay and did it myself but if you have a family doctor they could do it for you. I'm 3 months out from surgery now and have lost 28 pounds so far. I've had to buy new clothes and my body just feels great to me. I wish I had revised sooner. I don't have problems with vomitting like I did with the band. I can eat pretty much what I want. Of course, no bread and no sodas, but I get full after just a little bit of food. I would highly recommend this surgery to anyone struggling with weight loss. Dr. Almanza and his team do a great job for a fraction of the cost that you will pay in the states !! I would absolutely do this again !!!
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