My new life! (11/29/2022)

It has been six months since I came to have VSG with Dr. Almanza and his staff. This experience has forever changed my life. My diabetes and high blood pressure have done a complete turn around. I have completely changed my eating habits because I don't want to ruin this gift of surgery & realize th... * read more.

Do I regret it? (11/19/2022)

Long answer made short no. This has changed my life for the better as I used to have sleep apnea and a severe level, and it has now been completely resolved! There was other health issues that I had as well that are no longer present. I was 319 pounds at my worst and I am now down to 156 pounds. Th... * read more.

Cambio de Vida (11/14/2022)

Mi nombre es Dayana, y realmente ha sido un proceso delicado los primeros d as, pero sin temor a equivocarme fue la mejor decisi n tomada, he bajado 18 lbs en 2 semanas y me siento divina, Gracias a todo el equipo por ser tan amables y pacientes y en especial al Dr Almanza por hacer que esto fuese p... * read more.

Healthy journey (11/11/2022)

I'm super glad I made the decision to have the procedure done I feel much better I quit smoking after 20 in November will be my 4th month and I have lost about 36pd I feel and look great. The staff at the office is A1 they are the best ... * read more.

LIFESAVER (11/05/2022)

This dr was wonderful, and the staff...this was a very safe experience and it truly saved my life. I'm a year out with absolutely know problems..I am over 100 pounds down and counting...have tons of energy , from a size 22 to a size 4. I love shopping now for clothes. ... * read more.

Gastric Sleeve (11/02/2022)

I have a great experience with my gastric sleeve surgery and I am so happy I did it.... * read more.

The best decision I've ever made (11/02/2022)

At first I was afraid to have surgery because it was a different country. However, thanks to the testimonies of people close to me, I had the courage to make this decision to have surgery with Dr. Almanza. The arrival at the hospital was wonderful, all the staff very friendly and very professional. ... * read more.

6 Years and counting (11/02/2022)

6 years and 9 months ago I made one of the best decisions ever! I flew to Mexico for the gastric Sleeve surgery with Dr. Almanza. I have kept all the weight that I've lost off through proper diet and exercise. I am 5'9" tall and weighs 172 pounds. even though I would rather be at around 155 poun... * read more.

70 lbs down! (10/28/2022)

I'm excited to say that I have lost 70 lbs since my gastric sleeve surgery completed on 6/15/2022. I feel healthier and my weight loss has eliminated my joint pain, heart burn and anxiety. I'm so thankful to Dr. Mario Almanza and his medical team. I was treated with compassion and received the best... * read more.

The Process (10/19/2022)

Since I am not Spanish speaking the process in Tijuana was challenging but they did there best. I am 19 days in and I have lost a total of 15 lbs. I would recommend the procedure but take a friend for morale support.... * read more.

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