The Three P's

Posted on 01/15/2016 5:35pm in Procedures

The 3 P Approach To Selecting A Provider

As you do you research to get your procedure, we know that you're probably interested in 3 main things, we call them the "3 P's". They are: Price, Physician, and Proximity. We know that you want a great Price. Who wants to overpay for anything? That's why we've contracted with amazing providers who work on low margins and offer very attractive pricing. This is also why we've done the legwork and have several financial relationships to help you get a loan for your procedure, should you desire financial assistance. We do what it takes to make it affordable and get you a great price, so we've got that P covered for you. We also know that you want a highly qualified Physician, that's the second "P" (Physician). We facilitate for many different physicians who are highly qualified in primary as well as revision procedures. We'll help you research the Physicians as well as talk to previous patients of theirs, as you narrow down your choice. We also know that you're also concerned with Proximity. That's the final "P". Staying close to home is important whenever feasible, but you should really consider the benefits of medical tourism. Usually, we need to travel to find a great Price and Physician, so we sacrifice Proximity in doing such. Ideally, you would get all the three P's, but many patients make a compromise on one of them in order to make their dreams a reality.

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