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  • Name: Desiree Sena
  • Age: 33
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: March 5th, 2012
  • Testimonial date: August 27th, 2012
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
Like many others I was cautious about going to Mexico for surgery but with much research I had to do it, and found nothing but great reviews and info on surgery at Hospital Jueruslam. We met at the airport in San Diego and met up with a large good of ladies with husbands, or friends, that were waiting to be picked up to be taken across the border, and like myself were nervous, but when the vans arrived, the people exiting told us about their experiences and said that "it was great, and worth it, and they were safe". We all felt better and jumped into the vans with excitement!!! I took my brother and my friend with me, and glad I did, but after knowing what I know now, I would go by myself if I had too, if you dont have anyone to go with you i wouldnt worry about it since you make friends fast, and their are others that go alone, just me and 2 other girls had taken people with us. We had to get a hotel room and the Hotel was awesome and clean and friendly, they give you your free bother that is the best fresh broth ever, its in the resturaunt in the lobby, and they had otter pops too. I do suggest you stay close to the hotel and keep to the places closest to the hotel, dont go sight seeing on your own, the driver will take you for about 40 min to a spot, thats all you need. I didnt have any complication after my surgery, other girls were in pain, but as soon as my surgery was over, and they took me back to my room I took Gas X strips...........TRUST ME WHEN I SAY YOU WILL NEED THESE!!!! THEY ARE WHAT HELPS!! TAKE 2 BOXES OF THEM! NO JOKE. They are the only thing that gives you relief, that and WALKING!!! I was walking an hour after my surgery and every time i had to pee i walked around for 10 min, you pee a lot cuz of your iv. It has been 5 months now for me going on 6 soon, and I have lost 80 lbs just about, others that I have kept in contact with have lost more, but i'm happy with my results and my life is so different and better and happier, do it, don't wait don't be scared, its the best thing you will ever do for yourself, just remember you might have extra skin, i suggest working out as soon as you can, and you HAIR FALLS OUT!! ugh!! its the worst but mine is slowing down and coming back now, it started happening for me at around 4 months out. Things I didnt like were that the drivers in Mexico texted on their phones to much while driving and they were always late by like an hour!! Be nice to them they are there to help you, but do speak up if something makes you uncomfortable, remember just because your in Mexico that its alright to treat people different there, its not so dont do it!! They will treat you better "trust me" when you are nice to them............good luck and I hope this help you all who are still deciding .......I wish you the best you can contact me on facebook at Desiree J sena if you have questions. :)
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