in less than one week my body already feels better! (02/10/2014)

I have always struggled with my weight my entire life. when I was younger it was mostly about looks. I am a pediatric nurse and 54 years of age now. it is no longer a matter of looks but health and the way my body feels. it had reached the point that I could barely move. I managed to go to work but... * read more.

Life changer (02/10/2014)

This was awesome. Great experience. No complaints. I had it done 15 months ago and lost most my weight in about 7 months. No more sleep apnea diabeties or high blood pressure. I recommend this to anyone who needs to lose weight. It's a true life changer. I eat regular food now. Now sign up and go ch... * read more.

Experience after having the gastric sleeve done . (02/10/2014)

It'ts been 5 days since the surgery and I 'm feeling great.! The day of the procedure was scary but, the very friendly professional manner of the entire staff helped me
It through the day. The day after surgery was a bit uncomfortable, but the nurse staff at the hotel helped take care of my every ... * read more.

It's was an great experience,Doctor and all the staff was soo friendly (02/07/2014)

ITS was the Best decision i Makes in my entire life time is having gastric sleeve done. Cuz before i have high cholesterol ,high blood pressure, and depression. Since I have gastric sleeve done my life has Ben chance drasticly. My blood pressure ,cholesterol ,depression was totally gone. And now wha... * read more.

100 lbs gone in 6 months! (02/05/2014)

I want to thank Dr. Almanza and Weight Loss Agents for helping me change my life for the better! I had a wonderful experience in Mexico and I went by myself and was fine. I had done every diet you can think of and lost some weight but I always gained it back and more. I decided to have gastric slee... * read more.

Feeling wonderful after 8 months (02/05/2014)

I was a little scared because I was traveling to Mexico but at the same time I was happy, I was 213 pound at the time of the surgery and now I already meet my goal I'm at 130 . The clinic is kind of small but very clean and the staff is so friendly that you don't realize it, the hotel is nice and th... * read more.

A great Experience to weight loss (02/04/2014)

I found Weight Loss Agents and Dr Alamnza's information through an online search. I am morbidly obese, being 5' 3" and 288 pounds. I have hypertension which is difficult to control with meds and I have type 2 Diebetes. I was encouraged to consider weight loss surgery by my primary doctor in December... * read more.

Good Deal (02/03/2014)

I enjoyed all but the nurse forcing me to walk. I had a successful surgery and todate have lost 13 lbs. I can't wait to enjoy my new skinner healthier life. Thank you for all your assistance.... * read more.

Nervous but excited (01/28/2014)

I went in to get the lapband and walked out with a gastric sleeve. I did not need to loose a huge amount of weight but enough to get me started on a healthy and fullfilling life. I spoke with a doctor at the center who convinced me that I would be better off getting the gastric sleeve because ther... * read more.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly .... Wait there is no Ugly!!! (01/26/2014)

It's been a week post op and life has been somewhat interesting in trying to keep myself from getting bored with the liquids. I am really enjoying pho broth though I really miss the rest of the vietnamese ingredients that would normally go with it - well maybe more so the meat and vegetables the no... * read more.

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