My wonderful decision I made (12/12/2013)

I came to the weight-loss agents Dr. Almanza to help better my life and that has certainly happened have lost four sizes come down to a size 10 and I wasn't 18 my husband has lost more than that he's he was size 44 he is now is a 34 we are just grateful for Dr almanac and his staff... * read more.

So glad i finally had this done !! (12/12/2013)

This surgery is the best thing i have ever done for myself . I have lost 43 lbs since october 3rd 2013 . I feal great , and am really excited to see how much more im going to loose. Even though i have been to mexico about ten times i was still a little scared to go have surgery in mexico , but i was... * read more.

Best Decision Ever (12/12/2013)

After struggling with weight battles most of my adult life I decided to have the surgery...I had watched my brothers transformation after he did it and the results were absolutely amazing. I joined support groups and asked a lot of questions and the answers always seemed to be positive and encouragi... * read more.

gastric sleeve surgery experienc (12/08/2013)

that was a great experience.hospital staff, surgen ,traspotation,hotel everything was more than my expectation.post surgical recovey was excellent.lots of my problems already gone.i am feeling much better.... * read more.

You should advertise it as Pain Free Surgery (12/03/2013)

Hi. I just want to say that the care I received 11/28 thru 12/1 2013 at your hospital for the gastric sleeve/cholecystectomy surgery far surpassed any care I have EVER received at any American hospital. I was so impressed with your doctors and nurses. Everyone was right where they were supposed to b... * read more.

Feeling Pleased! (12/03/2013)

I am so pleased with my weight loss so far. I started at 208, and here I am one month later at 186. 22 pounds in one month! I hear higher BMI patients lose faster but at this rate I should be at my 150 goal well before summer! Thanks Dr. Almanza! After pics coming soon!... * read more.

From Fat to Fit... Truly a Life Blessing! (11/26/2013)

Post Surgery Review as of 11-26-13
I would like to take this opportunity to assess my progress since the gastric sleeve surgery that I completed on 08-12-13.
First of all…
Thank you! This surgery has changed my life.
The benefits of my surgery:
1) Pre-surgery I had a very high fasting blood ... * read more.

awesome! (11/25/2013)

On 2012, I was in the process of going for this procedure thru my insurance company, I had started on my 3rd month of supervised diet, when my employer changed insurance carrier and the new plan doesn't cover bariatrics. I have been a member of OH for over 2 years and i have read about folks going t... * read more.

Highly recommend! (11/24/2013)

From the courteous, efficient and knowledgable staff to the amazing Dr. Almanza, WLA is the whole package. I can't say enough good things about how they made an extremely scary process and made it as painless as possible. I'll definitely be back for my mommy makeover next year! Thanks for everything... * read more.

Don't hesitate. Go for it! (11/20/2013)

Hi, My name is Wendy Lewis and I am telling my story to help you take control of your life. I was just under a BMI of 40 and had no comorbidities to qualify for much, if any insurance here in the US. I didn't want to wait for diabetes, high blood pressure, or any of the other potential diseases that... * read more.

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