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  • Name: Cassandra
  • Age: 48
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: February 14th, 2017
  • Testimonial date: March 2nd, 2017
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
I got my gastric sleeve surgery 2/14/2017. It's been 15 days since my surgery and I've lost 21 pounds so far. The process was easy from the beginning to the end. Once I made the decision to have the surgery in Mexico (it took me 4 months to decide), I paid my deposit and Weight Loss Agents were in touch with me to give me information and answer my questions daily. I flew to San Diego on 1/13/2017 and went to the pick up point outside baggage claim, and the van from Mexico was there waiting on me. Roberto picked me up and he was really nice and spoke good English. We went across the border, and I arrived early enough to go to the hospital, get my blood drawn and my vitals taken, and pay the balance for my surgery. Afterward, the van driver the took me to the Baja Inn and several other American and other nationality patients were staying at the same hotel. Everybody was really nice! The hotel was very clean. I typically on stay in Marriott brand hotels, but I was comfortable at the Baja Inn. The rooms are decorated nicely and again, very clean. The hotel restaurant provided chicken broth for the patients staying on site for free and the nurses station in room 127 also provided jello, popsicles, juice and water to support your liquid diet before and after the surgery. I went to the hospital the next day, had my surgery and spent that night in the hospital. The nurses were very nice and attentive. The hospital was very clean. I was very comfortable and felt like I was in good hands. The doctors were very nice and very competent; they clearly do more of these surgeries each day than the doctors in the USA, because of the volume of people that choose to get their surgery done in Mexico. I can see why they are very good at the gastric sleeve surgery---they are experts! Once checking out of the hospital the day after my surgery, they took a group of us back to the Baja Inn for continued recovery and around the clock nurses care. The nurses were very good and very attentive. Again, I was comfortable at the hotel during recovery. I stayed at the hotel for two more nights and then I was released by a visiting doctor the night before I was supposed to fly home. The van took me back to the San Diego Airport on the morning of 2/17/2017, and I flew back home. I sit and thank God for this experience, the inexpensive cost and the ability to loose so many pounds in such a short time period. I am very happy with my weight loss and would recommend going to Mexico to see Dr. Almanzo and Team to anybody that needs to loose weight and improve their quality of life. I thank God for blessing me to be able to have this procedure and change my life forever! #grateful
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