Best decision of my life! 110 pounds lost forever!!!!! *

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  • Name: Luke Rennells
  • Age: 37
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve, resleeve
  • Surgery date: January 15th, 2016
  • Testimonial date: March 2nd, 2017
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
You must be crazy to consider going to Tijuana, Mexico for weight loss surgery! Nope, not me and neither was my mother-in-law. We decided that our weight issues have gone on for far too long and decided to book surgery for the same date. I remember being so judgmental at the San Diego Airport pickup zone, saying to myself, look at her, I bet she s here for surgery . And laughing about it now, she was!!!

My surgery was scheduled for a Friday morning and I arrived on a Thursday afternoon. After being picked up at the airport, and driving across the border, we arrived at the hotel. I was quickly greeted by the bell hop who insisted on escorting me to my room with my luggage in tow. The night nurse introduced me to the hotel restaurant where you get an unlimited supply of chicken broth, as much sugar free Jell-O as you can eat and apple juice. I was advised no more Jell-O or apple juice after 10pm as my surgery would be first thing the next morning. My mother-in-law arrived shortly after I did and we spent the evening watching the TV in the hotel room and enjoying our time together.

Friday morning, 7am roll call. The van arrived at the hotel to take the group of us scheduled for surgery that day to the hospital. I arrived at the hospital and was impressed with the facilities as they resembled a actual hospital in the states. I nearly passed out while they were drawing my blood for testing and sweat so much from that experience they had a hard time keeping the EKG leads connected to my body. LOL. As I waited for surgery, I reflected on life and what I had done to get to the point I was at now. It was a Come to Jesus meeting that I had with myself that I was convinced to be 100% committed to this new lifestyle.

Surgery time whew, they put this mask on my face, I was asked to count backwards from 10, I made it to 10 and next thing I knew surgery was over and I was in the recovery room. Amazing what modern medicine can do to one person. Dr. Almanza was my surgeon and took really good care of me. I had only two complaints, gas pain and the NG tube they inserted up my nose to my stomach for extra drainage. I begged, pleaded and almost cried to get it taken out that night but had to wait until the next morning. I was in no pain and my nausea was under control. Walking around the halls was my best friend because it took the gas pain away.

Saturday, discharge from the hospital and back at the hotel for recovery. We were met by another team of nurses and a doctor at the hotel for a couple bags of fluid mixed with pain meds and antibiotics. We were instructed to take a shower and remove the bandages from our battle wounds so they can be replaced. The real fun began A group of us decided to take a walk down the street where we went to Sam s Club and walked 5 miles round trip. I can t recall the last time I ever walked that much, let alone a day after surgery. Chicken broth for dinner with lime. Yummy.

Sunday, leak test time. Just to make sure everything was functioning as normal. Passed with flying colors. Then more time to relax by the pool with other patients before we would retire for the evening to depart the next morning for the trip back to the airport and back to our happy homes.

I can t say or thank Dr. Almanza and his amazing staff of doctors and nurses for taking such great care of me while I was in Mexico. I ve lost a total of 110 pounds and have about 20 more until my goal weight. I ve gone from a size 44 waist to a 32/34 waist and a XXL to L/XL shirt. I even felt comfortable enough that for a gift for my wife, we went to Hawaii five months post op and I even took off my shirt to go swimming in the ocean.

If you are on the fence about doing weight loss surgery in Mexico, don t be. You will be in good hands from the time you arrive until you leave the van to board your plane. My advise don t overdo it on the GasX strips and walk as much as you can when you can post surgery. Bring a heating pad and if you go in December to February bring a heated blanket as you can get cold easily. Also bring a pillow for the plane ride home because it helped me to not constantly put my arms on my stomach while crammed in the aircraft.

Dr. Almanza thank you very much for how you changed my life for the better. This is an investment but well worth it. Anyone, reach out to the support staff and they will answer any questions you have about what procedure might be best for you to the cost to helping you get your travel plan and documents in order.


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