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  • Name: Kayla Chamberlain
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: January 28th, 2015
  • Testimonial date: February 27th, 2015
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
hello future gastric patients!! When going to mexico, I really didn't have a whole lot of worry or concern.Everything went EXACTLY the way it was described by WLA, or past patients from this testimonial section. when we landed in San Diego, our flight was about 10 mins early. we were scheduled to be on the 12noon shuttle,being our flight didn't land till 9am. so when we were early, I got on the phone with WLA.They contacted the driver,found out he hadent left the airport yet.They waited an extra 15mins,so we could get on the earlier shuttle!! Thank you for saving us a 3hr.wait till the next shuttle!we(my mother and I) arrived at the clinic to have pre-op testing, I mentioned the fact that we got here a bit early and was wondering if they could do the surgery that day?after talking to Dr.Almanza, they said it was able to be done that day! yeah! one more day to recoup before going home.thanks Dr. Almanza and his staff. Everybody from the van drivers, to the nurses, to the hotel staff was just wonderful! everything went well!! the hotel is nice, but just b aware that at the hotel, the WiFi ISNT GOOD AT ALL. So be prepared. Even while at the hospital, the WiFi wasent great either. So plan ahead, bring books if your a reader. After the surgery I was able to get up that night and walk around. its really the gas that's the biggest headache to the whole thing. walk walk walk is the way to rid this. bring some GAS X strips. some say they work some say don't bother. but, as we all know, were all different! its just over a month since the surgery, and I've lost 27lbs. one bit of advice is REMEMBER, when I started back eating, that to change the actual way you eat. eat slow, chew ur bites a lot! I found that it is hard to retrain yourself to eat a whole different way! The way I've done my whole life. it isn't fun eating to fast or not chewing your bites enough. it doesnt feel good.that really has been the biggest thing that I've had to overcome! when it comes to medication not needed anymore, well to b honest, I'm on the younger age of the spectrum, and hadent yet had to b on meds, but if I had waited another year or two, or 50 lbs bigger it would b no time till I was on high blood pressure,high chloresterol meds. well good luck fellow gastric patients!
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