Dr. Almanza and his team is a well oiled machine. Everything went like clock work. *

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  • Name: Lynn Truscott
  • Age: 54
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: February 17th, 2015
  • Testimonial date: February 27th, 2015
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
I am very happy with how everything went. I would have liked to have met the anesthesiologist for more than 5 seconds, then I was out, no chance to anything. He obviously did a great job, although I feel he is very important piece of the magic that happens there. It would be nice to meet him prior to the OR table. I would say I had 2 days tops that I did not feel so great, think I let the pain get the best of me, otherwise it was amazingly smooth and easy. I did keep my JP drain, as I was draing 150-200cc a day and that is too much drainage to pull the JP. I feel bad that people may get theirs pulled to soon because of lack of knowledge. Mine was pulled today POD 10 with only 25-30cc draining for 24 hr period x 2 days. People should be doing a follow up with their PCP by then for suture removal also. Can't imagine how I would have felt all that drainage into my abdomen. My weight is down 16# from where I started, so 10 of it since surgery. I did get liquid antibiotics from my Dr. The capsules opening and dissolving made me sick. Suspension requires refrigeration so I can understand why we don't get it from Dr Almanza. The treatment we had in hospital and at the hotel was A-1. The hospital is very different in their practice as compared to here in the states, but the nurses seem to know their stuff and kept everyone straight. No name bands for the patient. Did not really think about it till I left. I guess I'm sounding critical, I am a surgical/ Recovery nurse in the states so I am blasted with the many differences. I have nothing but praises for treatment and care provided. I would go back in a heartbeat and would recommend to anyone who needs bariactric surgery and can't get it in the states for a reasonable price.
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