sleeved at a lower bmi than most; proud of it!! *

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  • Name: Sarah Mc.
  • Age: 37
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: March 16th, 2015
  • Testimonial date: February 16th, 2016
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
Going into this I heard quite a bit of negativity, from people that I don't usually associate with. My friends and family gave me full support, hell my mom and good friend were sleeved the same day as me. I was 198lb after the liquid diet but have been on a weight loss/gaining (more the latter) roller coaster since giving birth to my first son 17yrs ago. At my highest weighing 233. Although this might be a final goal for some people, it was where I was unconfortable and miserable. When I could barely fit into my large scrubs (which are a big large) and had just about enough energy to make it home from work and to the couch for a nap, it was time for a change.
My sister had seen dr almonza a year prior and had amazing results. I wanted my sexy back. Some say "the easy way out", I say "why not"?? I wanted "permanent, or close to it" and I want to enjoy life and not have weight play a part in practically every decision in my life or interfere, rather.
Soooo I did it, 3/16/15!!! Coming up on my anniversary I can truly say it's the best decision I could have made and so glad I didn't WEIGHT any longer.
So the advice I would give is...if your not happy with your weight, be it 500-600 or 200-300, consider the sleeve. And why not go to Dr Almonza, who has a ton of experience, multiple upon multiple positive reviews from past patients and you can't beat the price. In the U.S. Our dr.'s won't even suggest weight loss surgery until a patients weight is to the point where even after weight loss surgery there'll be a need for many cosmetic surgeries for excess skin. I believe doing something about it while you still have the ability to bounce back with our natural elasticity in our skin.
Again it's been a wonderful year! Besides the minor discomforts of heartburn, which a daily omeprazole worked great, I've had no difficulties. Weight before surgery=198
Weight today=115 and have held this weight for 3 months. It's much easier to try and gain than loose.
Thank you Dr Almonza and his team and thank you to all the Weightloss Agents that walked me through this journey!!!!!
Pics will come soon!!
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