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  • Name: Y.A.L.
  • Age: early 40's
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: May 6th, 2014
  • Testimonial date: May 14th, 2014
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
Re: Gastric Sleeve

Each step of the journey went seamlessly 'no pun' intended. I was picked up 15 minutes early at the Airport and the location was easy to spot. The driver was friendly & courteous. Upon arriving at the hotel, our bags were quickly delivered to our rooms. The hotel is exquisitely decorated, exceptionally clean and welcoming. The following steps followed, doing our blood work, EKG and reviewing all paperwork were kindly done in private with efficient & friendly staff.

Once again we were shuttled by a friendly driver over to the hospital. The photos on the web site do an excellent job preparing you for the layout; you feel like you have already been a visitor at the hospital. It feels like you booked an expensive private hospital wing for yourself.

Dr. Almanza came & introduced himself along with a female nurse. He reviewed the procedure in detail and answer all or our questions. He took time to have an individual picture taken with each patient and he honoured requests like mine which of course was 'May I be first?'. Guess who was first - ME!!!

Pre-op: The IV specialist had no trouble & I was upstairs ready to go before I knew it and then I was gently woken and I thought I had drifted off and still needed to have the procedure but to my surprise, it was already done! In hind site, I remember meeting the 'Sleep Doctor' outside of the OR room. I was the taken down stairs into the recovery room were I was wide awake and I felt like I had a double expresso because I was so full of energy & excitement.

I had no nausea, no trouble walking around the hospital after the procedure and I honestly felt great! I kept waiting for some pain to kick in or other side effect but I had none except some gas build up. I was allowed to take my normal medications and the staff ground it up for me and before you know it, I was discharged & back at the hotel in my private air conditioned, quiet, lovely hotel room with my own nurse.

My recovery went smoothly at the hotel as the nurse on call (24 hours) brought me popsicles, jello, juice, water and she would even bring the flavors I liked best. The following day, the patient shuttle driver took us to get our x-rays & upon return I had my iv & drain removed, as I was healing rapidly and no longer needed either. The following afternoon I walked around and went shopping outside on a strip called 'Revolution Street' with lots of neat little shops and I felt great. I was not hungry, I was mildly stiff but the sun was shining & I was happy about the positive start of my new chapter.

With an early wake-up call, on the last day my nurse visited one more time to change my dressings and off I went to travel home. Traveling when you are in top health is tiring but traveling after having the gastric sleeve procedure, I was nervous about any kind of complications; there were none. I am happy to say I had NO COMPLICATIONS and after 2 flights I arrived home later that evening feeling sore and tired but much better than expected.

It has now been one week since my gastric sleeve procedure and I am back to my usual routine LESS 10lbs in one week; Great Start:)

Thank you to all of the staff from the drivers, hotel staff, clinic staff, Nurses, Doctors your 'Team Approach' helps to make each individual feel welcome & safe knowing they are in Safe Hands.

I would not hesitate to go back for a 'Mommy Make Over' when I complete the first milestone on my new journey!

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