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  • Name: Yud
  • Age: 31
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: March 2nd, 2017
  • Testimonial date: April 17th, 2017
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
Of course I was hesitant at first. And skeptical. And apprehensive. Truth be told, I even changed my mind initially because, well, is Tijuana. But as I researched more, got in contact with other patients, spoke to the Weightloss Agents representatives, and read hundreds of reviews I grew determined to go through with the procedure. Now, almost six weeks later I am so glad I did! I have lost nearly 40 lbs., my physiological and psychological health continue improving, as well as my energy level. The benefits I have ontained post-op are so many, that I can devout my entire testimonial to it; but I suspect that readers wish to know more about the pre-op stage. I have included especially important tips in all caps for the reader's convenience. The arrival stage is pretty flawless, we had more trouble making a connection in LA, our flight to San Diego left us! SO MAKE SURE THAT IF YOU'RE MAKING A CONNECTION YOU GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME, 30 MINUTES IS NOT ENOUGH! You'll be rushing throughout the airport and will most likely get left. We finally got on a plane to San Diego, and arrived at about 3 30 pm, called the 1800 number as instructed to check in and we were soon picked up by a silver van. The rep stayed on the phone with us, until the driver arrived a few minutes later, she gave us the driver's name and a description of the van, when the driver arrived, the connection was seamless. We were then taken to the clinic in Tijuana, where we payed the remaining balance, labs were conducted and an EKG was performed; we were also given additional pre-op instructions for the following day, and then taken to the hotel Hacienda del Rio. Again here,
the process was smooth, no surprises and no complications. Upon arriving at the hotel, we checked in, payed the balance for a private suite (because my husband traveled with me); and were given a bag of post-op foods. DO NOT BOTHER IN PURCHASING POST-OP BARIATRIC FOODS, AS THEY WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH ALL YOU WILL NEED FOR THOSE DAYS AFTER THE SURGERY. Everything from water, juices and jello, which are the only things you will be able to eat anyways! If you are traveling with company, there is a restaurant at the hotel, but the food is not great (at least according to my husband). There are other eateries like a Domino s pizza and Subway nearby, and a convenience store and pharmacy just around the block should you require basic necessities in those days. The following morning we were on our way to the clinic by 6 am, the hotel and the clinic are so close to each other that my husband walked from the hotel to the clinic that morning (because the van was full of patients and he preferred to walk), he also walked back to the hotel that evening. Upon arrival that morning, things moved quickly. I changed into a surgical gown, they wrapped my legs in bandages for post-op circulation enhancement, and after taking some pics and hearing from the doctor we were on our way to surgery. Absolutely no complications. It was a quick and simple procedure. When I awoke, in the post-op area I felt as if nothing had happened. I was then moved to a room with another patient until the following day. The care was excellent. Nurses checked in constantly, providing assistance as needed. You will spent most of the time sleeping anyways. GAS STRIPS WERE EXTREMWLY HELPFUL, DO NOT FORGET TO BRING THOSE. I also did my walking rounds as instructed and overall this helped reduce the discomfort tremendously. THE DOCTOR WILL LEAVE A DRAIN INSIDE YOUR STOMACH WHICH THE NURSES WILL REMOVE BEFORE YOU GO HOME, this is standard procedure and very beneficial as it removes excess fluid and prevents inffection, do not be
alarmed. On the third day, I was taken back to the hotel. I continued walking and sipping iced water for inflammation as instructed, the nurses continued checking on me periodically and cleaning the wound sites; again here, everything went very well. On the fourth day, I was taken for the swallow test. THE SWALLOW TEST IS IN A DIFFERENT CLINIC AND IS NOT AS CLOSE TO THE HOTEL, YOUR COMPANY MAY NOT BE ABLE TO COME WITH YOU DUE TO LIMITED SPACE IN THE VAN, but you will return promptly to the hotel do not be alarmed. The swallow test was the most difficult because the taste is so horrible! You will be given 2 liquids: #1 at the hotel that you have to start sipping early that morning (it has a purple tint to it), #2 at the x-ray clinic, which you will have to chug. Because you have to chug it, it can be painful! Brace yourself. Some people complain of diarrhea immediately after, in my case it was not until the next morning and regrettably it continued at the airport. BE PREPARED FOR A RESIDUAL DIARRHEIC EFFECT THAT CAN LAST UP TO 2 DAYS DUE TO THE SWALLOW TEST SOLUTION. IF YOU PASS GAS IT MAY ESCALATE INTO SOMETHING ELSE. BE CAUTIOUS! Once the swallow test was performed, I was given a copy of my x-ray with my new stomach and taken back to the hotel. That same day in the evening, the nurse removed the drain, a simple painless process. I also received additional wound-care instructions. THE MEDICAL TEAM LEAVES THE STITCHES IN PLACE FOR YOU OR YOUR PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN TO REMOVE 10-12 DAYS LATER; PLAN ACCORDINGLY. BECAUSE THEY LEAVE THE STITCHES IN PLACE, YOU ALSO DO NOT NEED TO BRING SURGICAL STITCHES WITH YOU TO TIJUANA, AS YOU WILL NOT NEED THEM AT ANY POINT. In my case, I removed the stitches myself, using a pair of surgical scissors I purchased from a retail pharmacy; no big deal. But I do wish I would have known that they would leave the stitches in place. I would not have brought surgical stitches with me to Tijuana. On the last day, we boarded the van early at the hotel, and just like that, we were on our way home. A process that takes well over a year in the U.S. between appointments, unnecessary evaluations, and mindless testing while you as the patient agonize with severe obesity, took 3 days in Tijuana under expert care and superb post-op nurse supervision. I am slowly regaining my life back, I can walk, bend down, play with my children, and even jog a little bit. I have slowly regained my health one pound at a time, thanks to Dr. Almanza and his amazing team! I dared to explore this unconventional possibility of medical tourism, and for your sake and the sake of your health, I hope you dare too! Please, if I can be of any assistance, or answer any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me at:

Best of Luck!
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