Operation went great, other parts not so good. *

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  • Name: Robert Wainright
  • Age: 40
  • Surgery: Lap Band
  • Surgery date: July 22nd, 2015
  • Testimonial date: August 23rd, 2015
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
After getting to Mexico, which was very easy, we went straight to the Hospital and got a EKG and blood work. Everything went great till we get to the hotel. They had me and my wife in different room after we were told that we will be place in the same hotel room and recovery room since we are husband and wife. The operations went great. Up and moving around in four hours. We went to the plaza and shop and went back to the hotel where we got some more antibiotics and pain meds. The next day is where I feel things went wrong. The group got in the van to get X-rays done before leaving Mexico, after that we went back to the hotel and waited for the van to take us back to the states.

There was no antibiotics or pain meds given to us to take home with us. My wife and I was the only ones that was getting the lapbands, so we thought we did not need the meds, boy we were wrong. After taking off and landing, we starting to feel it alittle. After the 2nd take off we were feeling it fully, landing was rough for us. We got our bag and left to go home. We messaged them because the pain was just to much for both of us, and was told to take the meds, what meds? After we told them we did not get any medications, we called our doctor who know we were getting the lapbands done, told us to come in ASAP. After getting the names of the medications that we need to take, our doctor order it for us, that evening we started feeling better. We feel that they should have been on top of everything and have better communication, also the people you talk on the portal is not the same people down there.

There was only an few that could speak American English good enough to understand. If they are dealing mostly with American, maybe they should learn to speak English better, but don't get me wrong, they are very friendly and very polite.

Maybe my wife and I was expecting something different then what we been through, but in all I give it a 7 our a 10. Down side: language issue and nurses not on top of things at the hotel. The hotel will give a 9 for being small and cute. Very friendly staffs. The restaurant was great. Give us what we wanted and give us alittle extra when we ask for them. The food looks great too, to bad we was not allow to eat it.

Maybe after the weight loss and I have time, I'll think about going back down to get the sleeve done and have this band remove.

Robert Wainright
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