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  • Name: Tamera 2
  • Age: 46
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: January 24th, 2017
  • Testimonial date: February 14th, 2017
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
I had a sucessful surgery with no complications. I started on this journey over two years ago. I first went to a seminor through a local Bariatric Center but of coarse my insurance wouldn't cover weightloss surgery. So it was a no go. Back to plan B. Well one day in November of 2016 I was looking up total knee replacements after my doctor told me in a few years I would need one. In the article someone that had a knee replacement first had to loose a lot of weight; so he got a Gastric Sleeve. In less than a year he lost 100 pounds. I was captivated. I looked up everything I could on G.S. There was no way I could aford to have it in the U.S. and my husbands employer still was choosing health planes that excluded weightloss surgery. My husband told me about a friend that goes down to Mexico for surgeries and Dental work for the past several years. So I found at least three different centers. You can see I choose Dr Almanza and used Weightloss Agents they took care of all my arrangements and scheduling. It turned out wonderful. Each agent I worked with were very caring,compassionate and professional. They helped me with all the paperwork and made sure i understood everyhting. They also took time to check in frequently and see how I was doing and make sure I didn't have any questions. Also if I texted or emailed they responded immediatly. You can always call and reach someone too. Before I left for surgery I really felt I understood everything required to prepare for both pre-op,post-op and how and what to pack for Mexico. When you get to San Diego you check in and they give you the drivers name, color and what kind of vehicle he'll have. I didn't have to wait more than 15mins. When you get picked up you go directly to the hospital to meet the Cardiologist and have your physical and depending on your health history you may have addional test at no additional charge. The doctors are very thorough. Please make sure your honest with them about your health history and follow all the instructions to the letter to avoid complications. After your physical you meet with the business office and pay your balance if you have one, sign surgical consent form and given a paper with important information about your stay. When everyone is done you check into the Beautiful Hotel and meet one of the nurses. She will give you a goodie bag with all your clear liquids, water,apple juice and jello. Popsicles are available in the nurses room in rm 127. Broth is available in the restaurant. However before surgery it tasted great but afterwards it tasted different so I ended up eating one of my soup cubes I brought instead and it tasted much better. The hotel staff, nurses both in the hotel and hospital, doctors in the hospital and Dr Pompa wo cares for you in the hotel gave me great care. Couldn't ask for a better exsperience. I'm very happy I choose them. The next day I had surgery and was sick when I woke up from anesthesia. The nurses were right there giving me meds and tried to help me feel better and they did. Everyone really seems to enjoy their job. I was discharged the next day to the hotel. You get to shower and then the nurse comes and cleans and rebandages your wounds, drains your drainage tube and give you an I.V bag of fluid,pain meds and nausea meds. You get one twice a day for two days. Its like a bag of magic because it makes you feel so much better. If you require more for pain,nausea or more they are there to give you more through your I.V. You well have 12-24hrs were you can't take oral meds. Make sure to get your meds from home in liquid form if available and bring pill crusher for those that can be crushed and mixed with juice. There were 11 others that had surgery with me and all of them had a successful surgery without complications. They even took groups of us shopping two days after surgery. We had a good time and brought home some nice things. The area the hospital and hotel are in is very nice and safe. We walked all around by ourselfs and felt comfortable. There are some neat photo ops if you enjoy that too. I hope that helps you get an idea of what to exspect. I have lost 28lbs in three weeks,Woohoo!!!!!!
I will continue to update pictures as I loose weight and post amount lost. Highest wt. 288, before surgery 265. Now 238. One last thing I would say is make sure before you schedule any weightloss surgery you are ready to make the change with your diet because if you cheat it can lead to possible serious complications or ruin your sleeve by stretching it. Feel free to contact me through GastricSleeve.com if you have any questions. GoodLuck : )
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