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  • Name: Rebecca
  • Age: 57
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve, resleeve
  • Surgery date: February 8th, 2016
  • Testimonial date: February 23rd, 2016
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
Initial sleeve performed 3/18/2013; re-sleeved 2/8/2016.
My reason for the sleeve in the first place was because I had lived my entire life fat! I was 55 and felt that I had missed out on so much fun in my life and even though I was happy there was always the feeling of dread when I bought clothes, went out to eat, went to parks with my kids (was usually too big to fit on the rides with them), even taking a plane or bus I was embarrassed that I usually did not fit in the seats well and spent my entire trip uncomfortable; took a trip to Las Vegas and had to be weighed to make sure I was not too heavy for the helicopter ride (what an embarrassment that was)!! My health was good otherwise.
I am an RN, so I did my homework for 6mths on the states vs Mexico...different Dr's...pricing. My insurance that I pay soooo much for offered no help at all. So price wise I knew I needed out of the states but only if I could find a Dr that I was confident with.
Which led me to Dr Almanza in Mexico. In my opinion as a nurse (and all the small details nurses tend to look at) he is excellent! I basically had no support here; everyone as soon as they heard "Mexico" spent their time up until I got on the plane trying to talk me out of it. But with all the research I had done I was confident and kept a positive outlook.
My experience both times did not let me down! Dr Almanza and his staff are very professional, the surroundings are cleaner than all the hospitals I have been in here in the states (that is no lie); and initial stages of recovery was very comfortable in the beautiful hotel you stay at. I never felt alone because the nurse was only a phone call away & they do immediately come when you call; plus each trip I made new friends and hung out with them during my stay.
Since my initial sleeve I have found the person who I knew had always been in me all those years! I have had more adventures, lived like I want to, go on carnival rides, never think twice about when i have to take a seat next to anyone, I buy beautiful clothes at any store that catches my eye, work is not a problem, go dancing, dated (found my soon-to-be husband)!! So many small victories and times that have brought tears to my eyes that I cannot list them all! And that is just since my initial sleeve.
When I decided to re-sleeve there was no question about where I would go and who I would get! Is that part of Mexico a little on the unsafe side...yes I think it is. But there was not a second from the time of landing to getting back on the plane that I felt unsafe. The first time I was alone and the second time my future husband was with me. Each time was an excited, safe and confident feeling I experienced. The staff at the hotel are like mother hens when it comes to looking after you and making sure you are comfortable and not wanting for anything! It is a 'no frills' procedure there...but in my opinion that is what has you up on your feet and decreases the potential complications that some people have with surgery. And I was not after 'frills'...I was after an excellent Dr and a good recovery. That is exactly what I got when I scheduled my surgeries with Dr Almanza.
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