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  • Name: JIL GAINES
  • Age: 36
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: July 25th, 2014
  • Testimonial date: August 1st, 2014
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
So far this has been definitely life changing. Joining into this journey I felt prepared since I had a friend that did it with Dr. Almanza a year ago and I joined a forum that was on gastric sleeve surgery. Anyone considering this operation needs to read the forums. They are very detailed. The hospital, blood work place, and leak test facilities were not typical of the States but were fine. When we arrived at airport, there was a driver there at the specified time to pick me and my husband up and couple others groups. We bonded immediately, the entire drive we talked about the procedure, our concerns, and we were lucky to have a guest that was with her friend that had it done 3 years prior and could see how great she looked and get the ins and the outs. She reassured us that it was a great decision and would feel normal in a few months. The nurses at the hospital were great, even though I did not really need them much. After surgery I was a little nausea but never thru up, they gave me medicine. You are roomed with someone else that had the same procedure ( if you brought a guest they stay at hotel). In the morning they send you to the hotel with was only a couple miles away. Drivers are very careful with bumps to keep you comfortable. Once at the hotel they clean your incisions and put you back on fluids twice a day, with pain medicine and antibiotics. You are now also able to try ice chips, water, Popsicle, and apple juice. For me I had no issues. My husband made friends with the guest of the other patients since we are unable to eat at the restaurant in the hotel, which they say is great food. While at hotel there are nurses available to you 24/7, again I never needed them except when it was IV time and clean incisions. You are able to walk where you want or they will drive you around as well. You can shower. The third day is the leak test and get everything removed. This was very nerve racking to me since I read how horrible it was. It was too too bad just bad after taste so suck on the candy they provide. Then back to hotel to get IV and drain tube removed. That was definitely a weird feeling but no pain. When you leave they provide you with a ride which takes forever to get across the border so bring something to drink. I have not had to take any of the pain meds they provided, I am still taking the antibiotics which taste horrible and I have to cut in half, I am still taking gas X since I feel bloated, and heartburn medicine. During your week after of strictly clear liquids I would get Ensure Clear to get some protein in your system. The staff and Dr Almanza were great and Weightlossagents were always there to answer all my questions. I did not take a before photo other than the one at the hospital with the doctor but I will attach a recent one before the surgery. Starting weight before pre-op diet 210#
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