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  • Name: Julieta G.
  • Age: 52
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: October 21st, 2014
  • Testimonial date: November 11th, 2014
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
This was a wonderful experience, very professional team, from beginning to end.
I was so impress with the hotel and the service 5 stars! all nurses are fantastic. I wish I can remember all the names.
Doctor Almanza, talk with all us before the surgery answer all our questions. He is adorable and very handsome and told us He had the surgery 7 years ago...what make us very calm. The hospital in TJ is an old hospital, but very, very clean.
You go to surgery and before you know you are all done in your room.
The first night is very hard, I was in pain, nauseous and uncomfortable (because I sleep on my side) But you can handle it!
My dear Americans, you are not going to get "Narcotics" for the pain...NO Narcotics in Mexico!...which is hard but a very good thing, they are terribly addictive, you don't face reality and you start moving faster. The moment you feel uncomfortable, star waking and you will feel better.
The next day after surgery, I was able to sleep in my room and felt so much better. By the 3rd. day I was ready to go home.

Recommendations for Patients:
Be very strict in following the pre-op diet. Stick to it perfectly, The better you do it the better you will do after surgery.

ICE chips are the best, you are going to try to drink like you used to . but you can do it anymore (that is the reason for the zippy cup. Take ice chips all day long with a spoon, this will also keep you hydrated.

Proteins, proteins and more proteins, Chicken soup with a lot of veggies is the best!!! (Blend all and eat it like baby food or eat it little by little). Protein shakes, try all kinds so will not get bored, etc.

For breakfast or lunch scramble eggs (whites mostly) with almond milk so they are soft and spongy.

When I want something sweet: Jell-O is the best!!!

Best drinks: Vitamin Water , Gatorade, Almond milk, Mango juice (all juices)

My surgery was 3 weeks ago, I know everyone is different, I have tried different foods and these made my stomach hurt: tuna salad, milk and yogurt, bread made me felt like a balloon I really wanted to throw it up.

Recommendations for Hospital:
Dr. Almanza you need a new hospital, you deserve a new hospital.

The hospital needs a special room just for waiting for patients a family with a nice TV and books or magazines. It will take the stress down.

The Hospital beds need new mattresses.

Other than that:
I am so happy, back at work, don t regret ANYTHING (should have done it years ago )
I already lost 20 pounds, I have to push myself to eat, I don t feel hungry at all

If you have questions feel free to email me: ejulieta@live.com.
I will love to know how are my roommates doing, the two ladies from Washington, the one that is from Monterrey Mexico My Dominican girl from Florida, an all the other ones that have the surgery that same day: Write me!!!
I hoope you are doing well. This is Julieta from San Diego.
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