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  • Name: Julie
  • Age: 55
  • Surgery: Lap Band Revision To Sleeve
  • Surgery date: July 18th, 2013
  • Testimonial date: March 29th, 2014
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
I went to Mexico to have lap band surgery in 2012,Dr Almanza did my surgery. I was up and going good the following day. The hospital was located in a strip Mall, which did make me think twice. It was small but clean, the nurses and care aids were very good. I can honestly say I never suffered nor did I have any infection. I went home and over the months lost maybe 15lbs, I went to my doctor here, he wasn't very happy that I went to Mexico for surgery, but he didn't refuse to do my follow ups, he also did 3 fills on my lap band. I just didn't feel it was helping me lose the weight, all I felt was indigestion but kept on eating. In June of 2013 I decided to go back to Mexico and have my lap band removed and have the bariatric sleeve done. My daughter decided she was tired of dealing with her own weight issues, so we booked in together to have our surgery done. We traveled to Tijuana Mexico July 18th 2014 and had our surgery the same evening. We both were up moving around within hours of our surgery, Jen did feel some discomfort from gas, but she just kept walking and taking her GasEx strips. The following morning Jen was taken to the Hotel, I had to stay with them a little longer as I am a diabetic and had revision surgery (lap band to Sleeve). On the 3rd day I got to go to the hotel & join up with my daughter. She was looking good and moving around really well. On the 4th day we had the drains removed. We were taken back to the San Diego side that evening, as we were booked on a flight back home early the following morning. We got a room for the night and enjoyed walking down to the Marina. We did enjoy a clear soup and lots of freezes for our meals. Once arriving home I was back to work within the 2nd week, (I have an office job), Jen was 4 weeks before she could go back to work, in the 4th week she developed gallbladder issues and had to have it removed, this was something Dr. Almanza had forewarned her of (when you lose a lot of weight fast sometimes the gallbladder will act up, she should have had it removed during the surgery, but it was her decision not to. Once that was over she felt a lot better, there was some acid reflux, so she raised the head of her bed and took Gaviscon. All seems good now. Jen has lost 100 lbs to date, her swollen feet and legs are no longer, she has energy that I haven't seen in her in years. She looks great. I lost 40lbs. I am now at the weight I need to be at. My sugar readings are much better, eyes are clearer, B/P is normal. I am very please with our outcome. If I had to do it over again I wouldn't hesitate. Once I have a picture taken of us both I will enter it. The difference is night and day.
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    Response: Congrats on both of your success stories. Just a note to the readers, we are no longer located in that clinic in the strip mall, we moved with Dr. Almanza to a hospital in the same city.

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