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  • Name: Deborah Spence
  • Age: 47
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: June 3rd, 2013
  • Testimonial date: September 4th, 2013
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
I have wanted to have gastric surgery for a number of years but my doctor always refused and I tried numerous weight loss programs. I knew a friend that did go to Mexico and had the Gastric Sleeve Surgery and I ran into her husband and he informed me and showed me a picture of her success at losing 100 lbs. I went home and sat on my computer for hours looking through many reviews testimonials, blogs and messaged a couple of doctors. First call was to her doctor but another office answered and said he was no longer practicing and they could do my surgery. Then I looked for a Doctor that had many great reviews and only a few bad reviews but they seemed to be personal healing stories and I knew everyone handles surgeries and healing differently. I had previously 12 surgeries and have recovered from all fast and easily so this wasn't my concern. I message Dr Almanza and within 15 minutes a very friendly man called me and answered many questions and I said ok if you can get me in June 3rd I will book it and this was just 3 weeks from that day. They had that day available and I booked it and paid my deposit to hold the date and this man continued through text answering every question I sent to him. At 10 days from surgery a rep called me for balance of payment and sent me directions for my liquid diet. June 2nd I arrived and was picked up at the airport and taken to my very nice hotel. I was visited by a few very good looking men that took blood work, pulse blood pressure and an EKG. I was later informed I could be the 1st for surgery if I'd like and I jumped at that and next morning arrived at the hospital. I was greeted at the door with another good looking nurse who put little blue booties over my shoes and I stepped into the hospital, was suited up with a large gown and then another good looking male nurse put an IV in my hand on his 1st try. (this has been something not many nurses have been able to successfully been able to do and usually end up using artery inside my elbow) He also bound my legs in pressure bandages and sent me upstairs to a waiting room. There I waited with other patients and met Dr Almanza had a picture with him. (also a good looking man) He informed me I was 1st and I asked if he was sure he was wide awake and he laughed and said yes. I was taken back downstairs (walked myself) and climbed up onto the operating table and before I could even look around I was out. I awoke on the operating table and walked myself back upstairs to my waiting bed. I did throw up once but this is common for me after surgery. I was up and walking around shortly after as this is my way of recovering quick and I was told I was being moved with my room mate to the other hospital. Blue bootied up again and downstairs to the door and whisked away by van to the end of the strip mall. LOL I could have walked. I was met by 2 more handsome male nurses and they got me all set up in my bed did my vitals and showed me my bell and turned the tv on and even got my laptop out of my bag for me. Here I was shocked at the fast response I got when I rang the bell. These guys were at our bedside in less than 30 seconds. In Canada I was lucky if I saw a nurse within 20 mins. The place was spotless and cleaned so often. I would come out of the bathroom and they'd be in there cleaning it all down after each visit. I settled in for the night and the nurses visited with us and also admired the pictures I shared on my laptop they loved my dog pictures lol. After a fairly good night other than a bit of pain from the gas that is left in your stomach I felt much better in the morning and was transported back to the hotel. I decided to stay and rest and my room mate went and looked around the hotel and went and saw a dentist for her husband. The nurses at the hotel all again very handsome came and checked on me regularly and check vitals and changed bandages. I did call a few times for my room mate as she was having some pain and I swear they were camped out at my door because they were there again in under 1 minute. Later that day we were picked up and taken back to the hospital for an IV bottle and some juice and popsicles and then taken back to the hotel. My room mate wasn't feeling very good and they decided to return her to the hospital to monitor her closely. I settled in for the night and the nurse returned offering pain killers and anti nausea meds but I was feeling good and declined and settled in for the night. The next day was the leak test, I wasn't feeling very good and felt kind of nauseous. I had to drink a small bottle of the worst tasting blue liquid that was a dye for the contrast for the leak taste. I went down to the lobby and all my fellow patients were all feeling nauseous and also were not enjoying the blue drink. I felt better that everyone was having the same feelings so didn't feel worried that something may be wrong. We went for a short ride to radiology and then were advised we had to drink another clear contrast and then do the leak test. OMG this was even worse than the blue dye. As soon as we had our leak test we were all outside rinsing our mouth out and spitting all over the road lol. BIG TIP take water with you this day. lol We returned to the hotel and I attempted to go outside for a walk but wasn't feeling very good and returned to the hotel. I called the nurse and said I wasn't feeling good and he came and gave me pain killers anti nausea meds and a sleeping pill which this time I accepted and went to bed for the night. I woke up the next morning a new person and felt 100% better. The nurse visited me again removed my drain, oh yeah forgot to talk about the drain. This was a small plastic balloon that assisted with drainage from the surgery that hung out one of the 5 incisions that I emptied a few times a day, no big deal. He cleaned my incisions and applied new bandages and told me when the driver would take me back to the San Diego airport. My whole experience exceeded my expectations and I can honestly say I receive better care in Mexico than I have in Canada. I would and do strongly recommend this surgery and Dr Almanaz. I am at 3 months Sept 3rd from my surgery and I have lost 53 lbs and feeling so good already going from size 22 pants to size 16 and 2 x shirts to medium. I owe this success to Dr Almanaz and his great team. I had a friend from San Diego pick me up at the San Diego airport as I decided to visit with her for a few days before I headed back to Canada. Just to give you an idea how I was feeling for 2 days I shopped outlet malls one day and another big mall the next with no discomfort. Tip when returning, at the airport request a wheel chair as the airports always have long walks and with the wheel chair they take you to the front line of security clearance and right to the gate and at the next airport meet you at the gate and take you to the next gate if transferring and to the baggage area to collect your bag at the end of your journey.
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