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  • Name: bogdan molfa
  • Age: 31
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: November 18th, 2014
  • Testimonial date: January 9th, 2015
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
My name is Bogdan, I am 31 years old. Five weeks ago I weighed 250 lb, but now I am down to 200 lb and I feel wonderful. Let me tell you how it all began:
I have tried all kind of diets, weight loss pills, going to the gy,m even starving myself but nothing was working, I had not results. I saw that the gastric sleeve surgery is promoted everywhere and I told to myself that I need to try it, to make a change in my life. I have considered all the risks and the benefits of this intervention. After balancing the risks and benefits I have decided to go for the surgery because there were more benefits then risks. I have started my search on google to see where the stomach shrank surgery (gastric sleeve) is done and I have found the weighlose website. I started to gather more information about it, I have read other people s reviews, I have looked up information about Dr Almanza and how many surgeries he performed, and slowly I have decided to make this change. I have scheduled my surgery for November 18, 2014 in Mexico with Dr. Almanza. I had paid for everything on-line and bought my plane tickets ready to go for the surgery and for a change and a new life.
On November 17, 2014 I arrived in San Diego where at 12:00 PM a car was waiting for me to go to Tijuana for the surgery. Everything was well organized and the car was waiting for me at 12:00 PM sharp, at the meeting place. We drove for approximately 30 minutes to the clinic in Tijuana.
Upon my arrival, a very nice doctor told me that he will perform an EKG, a consult and some lung tests. Then they sent me a floor down to have my blood test done. The clinic is actually a maternity clinic. It was very clean and the staff was very friendly. After they performed the tests, I was taken to the hotel, Tiguan hotel. It was a nice four stars hotel, clean without any strange odors, the sheets were clean as well as the towels, the room was pretty big; in the end it is a four stars hotel.
I had the surgery scheduled for November 18, I was anxious; I wanted to do this surgery to start my change. While waiting for the time to elapse I went for a walk around the hotel for sightseeing. It was my first time in Mexico. People were friendly; there were a lot of places where you could buy souvenirs. It was hot outside and I was amazed of how clean the streets were.
At night when I got back to the hotel, the receptionist called me to let me know that the next morning a car will pick me up at 8:00 AM to go to the clinic. I arrived at the clinic at 8:30 AM and at approximately 9:00 AM I met with Dr Almanza. He was friendly and promptly answered all my questions. There were other people there waiting for the same medical intervention and after he consulted with each of us they started to prepare for the surgery. When I had the surgery there were other six people that were doing the same medical intervention.
I was the second person scheduled for that day. At around 10:00 AM, a nurse came to me in the waiting room and took me to the surgery room. I do not remember anything from during the surgery, I just woke up in the hospital room being thirsty and hungry as I have not drank anything the night before and three days before the surgery, at the doctor s recommendation, I was on a diet which only allowed me to drink liquids and not eat any solid food. The surgery lasts for about half an hour and is done using a laparoscop. I have spent the night in the hospital and the nurse was checking on me every two hours or when I would call for her. The next morning after Dr Almanza came and asked me how I felt, the car was waiting to take me back to the hotel. When I got back, at the hotel s reception other nurses waited for me with new instructions. They told me to take a shower as they will come soon to change my bandages. After the nurse changed my bandages she told me to walk for 30 minutes which I did.
I did not had any pain and I did not vomit or experience any nausea. Everything went OK. The third day after the surgery I was taken to the hospital so they can do a contrast X-ray to see if everything is OK. Doctor s answer to my question: Is everything OK? was: Congratulations everything is great.
At the hotel they have a nurses room and there is always a doctor there. The doctor visited me twice and the nurses, if you needed anything, you called them and they will came to your room in no more than ten minutes. I will rate the service a 10+.
After four days in Mexico I got back to San Diego at 2:00 PM and flew back home. After the surgery I feel much better, I feel full of life and the most important part I feel light . I did not have any pain. I continued to change my bandages for 10 days after the surgery and I took out my stitches on my own at home. I vomited maybe three times because I had drunk too much liquid or too fast at first. I had respected the diet and the instructions they gave me at the hospital and everything was OK.
I truly recommend Dr Almanza s team with trust. They had helped me change my lifestyle and soon I will have to go clothes shopping to change my wardrobe. I am down two sizes!
Thank you Dr Almanza

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