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  • Name: Jennifer Goldblatt
  • Age: 45
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: April 4th, 2016
  • Testimonial date: April 12th, 2016
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
I was very nervous about going to another country to have surgery done. I am considered morbidly obese yet my insurance would not cover the surgery and in the US it cost over $20,000 plus 6 months of dieting and food records. There were many people from my small county including several that work in the medical field that had had the surgery over the past couple years. They all looked so great and had lots energy and talked of their wonderful experiences with the surgery. I decided I really needed to do this now.
Once I signed up with Weight Loss Agents, they would call, text or e-mail regularly to check in on me and answer any questions. I could call them 24/7 with any questions as well. I felt very prepared and confident leaving for my surgery.
I was picked up at the airport and taken directly to the medical center where I had tests done, EKG, blood work, Etc. and signed paperwork. Dr. Almanza came out and spoke to a group of us and explained that he had the stomach sleeve surgery himself about 4 or 5 years ago. He looked great. He explained what would be happening to us before, during and after surgery. Next I was taken to my hospital room where a nurse started an IV and I chatted with my new roommate while we awaited our turn. After surgery, when you are fully awake, you are encouraged to walk. It helps release air pressure in your body which can cause pain. Many patients were pacing the floors and would stop and chat. It was a good chance to get to know others that you would be seeing over the next couple of days and also encouraging to see how well people were doing immediately after the surgery.
I was wheeled up to the surgery waiting room and placed on a gurney. When it was my turn I was rolled into the surgical room and put on a table. A mask was placed on me and I was out. It was a few hours later before I woke up in my room and was alert enough to start my walking. The nurses in the hospital did an excellent job taking care of me. Most of them spoke clear enough English. I have a severe tape allergic reaction and was breaking out in welts. Nurse Lily got the tape off of me and used a different less harsh product on me. Then on the evening shift, nurse Edwardo used an even better product on the IV on my hand.
The next morning we got to leave and move to the hotel. There are nurses on staff 24/7. There is a dedicated room for them that has all of their supplies. Patients can call or stop by at any time. A nurse hooks your IV up and gives you antibiotic treatment and cleans and re-dresses the incisions twice a day as well as brings you water, apple juice, jello, even otter pops. The nurses did a fabulous job answering all of my questions and taking good care of me. A doctor comes around everyday to check on all of the patients and answer questions as well.
There is a great driver, Oscar, that will drive you wherever you need. Shopping, pharmacies, restaurants (for your guest). There is a restaurant onsite that looks very good. Patients are only allowed to have broth, but that was tasty. There is not a lot to do there. You are free to walk around the neighborhood. Patients can not swim. TV is Spanish (as expected) Many patients pace around and visit with other patients. It is great to talk to others going through the same things as you. There is wifi, so bring a computer to watch movies or Netflix (It did work there), or a book. My guest and I sat by the pool and played cards.
My experience was great. I don't have after pix yet because I am only 7 days out, but I have lost 16 lbs already. I wish I would have done it sooner. I would like to say a special thank you to three nurses that I really enjoyed and they seemed to do an excellent job. Nurse Lily, Nurse Edwardo, and Nurse Sergio. They took wonderful care of me.

There is one thing that no one warned anyone about and it happened to many of us. Take extra underwear on your carryon. You will probably need it.
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