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  • Name: Ictricee35
  • Age: 45
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: July 10th, 2016
  • Testimonial date: August 10th, 2016
  • Surgeon: Dr. Marcelo Hernandez
Hello to All,

My experience was great and I traveled alone to Mexico. The instructions are pretty clear, once you make it to San Diego airport you call the number to let them know you made it and get yourself to Section or Row F and a van will come to pick you and all the others that are having the procedure.

Once we were picked up it is a very short ride maybe 30 to make it to Tijuana, Mexico were he takes you to a very nice hotel Hacienda Del Rio. The only issue it was it took over a 2 hours and half to get a room, and once we got our room the driver told us to be back in lobby by 1pm so he could take us to the hospital to do our labs, blood work and EKG.

We met back up in the lobby our driver who name escapes me was so very helpful, took us to hospital which is actually 2 blocks away from the hotel to run our labs. As we where having our labs both doctors came in to introduce themselves Dr. Almanza (not sure if correct spelling) and Dr. Hernandez and offered to have our surgery that day instead of having it the next day the way it was originally scheduled. So all of us around 8 people said yes let's have the surgery tonight and that would give us an extra day to be helped by the nurses at the hotel.

Ok I have to be real once I woke up from having the surgery, I was so miserable, I was very nauseous, and they said that was apart of the gas, that I need to get up and walk, and I just couldn't right after. However; like 3 hours in I got up and felt like crap and tried to do some walking to see if I could get this nauseous filling to leave and it just wouldn't move. On the for real, the night you spend at the hospital was the worst night for me because of some pain but the nauseous is what really got me.

The next morning the shuttle comes back to take you to the hotel, to be taken great care of by all the nurses and doctor. The nurses and doctor comes by to see you twice a day, and if you need them before they come you can call them on the phone to let them know what you are needing. I was there 4 days and left on a Thursday to come back to catch my flight home.

I met some beautiful people who wanted to make a real change, we all pretty much had the same story regarding weight loss issues, but all decided to come and make a beautiful change for ourselves. All in all the experience was wonderful and within that same week of having my surgery I lost 17 pounds.

So you ask should you the sleeve done in Tijuana, Mexico even if you where like me came by yourself, I SAY YES, take that leap of FAITH and make that very personal decision to come and have a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!!
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