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  • Name: K from sac town
  • Age: 43
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: June 12th, 2015
  • Testimonial date: June 29th, 2015
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
If you are broke and desperate this is the way to go if you want bariatric surgery. Everyone, everyone was awesome even the drivers that had to pick me up from airport. I'm just going to dive in with the differences and things that i think if you have the money stay in the states and get surgery done...Number one fear...it is so scary to be in a foreign country especially TJ with all the rumors of crime and so on, the fear of dieing or something going wrong with the surgery...yes, that is all possible that is why if you have the money don't subject yourself to this. But for those of you who don't have the money...everyone i went in with came out okay and these are wonderful people taking care of you that are probably more medically educated then in the states but it is the notion that you are not home you are in a foreign country. Oh, also if you speak Spanish go for it...it is much easier, less way less fear when you can hear and understand what is going on around you. TJ not the cleanest place but the hospital and hotel very clean. If you snore or if you can't sleep with someone who snores get a private room. If you are the type that likes to heal and recover peacefully...get a private room...you don't want to be stuck with a talker when you feel like crap. The hotel was nice but remember you are surrounded by restraunts and the kitchen downstairs is cooking constantly so you are surround by delicious smells when recovering...that is painful because you can't eat. The hotel staff was very stingy with the popsicles and apple juice. I felt like i was bothering them every time i asked for something and a lot of the other girls felt like this too...they were afraid to ask for anything. Even though i felt like i was on the verge of passing out from hunger, i was a little angry that they were so tight with the otter pops...i would ask for a couple and they would bring me one with the top cut. I'm like come on...hand me five or six so i don't have to come down every hour and ask again. There are no fridges in the rooms either. I would say bring your own popsicles, but there is no where to put them. The nurses were great...i wish i could have tipped them more. Oh, tip..you have to tip...this is almost part of the culture there...i noticed that a lot of people i came with were really cheap and didn't tip...i was completely ashamed to be called an American because i believe in tipping...i tried to tip and incorporated these costs into my whole trip price...don't forget you want to tip the girls at the hospital then the nurse that cares for you at hotel and your driver and even the tight waitresses/waiter giving you the popsicles...Okay so the worst part was the trip home. Especially because it was a warm day and the driver is trying to be fast to get you home. You are in pain and the van is bouncing around (old van) so wherever you just got stiches feels like they are ripping out each time he hits a bump. When you get to the border there is also a smell that is so horrible it is like a dump...you need some menthol or lipgloss with scent to put under your nose or you will vomit. Try to have a passport, I was so nervous which made it even worse, even though we got through you do not want to be waiting there longer than you have to just get a passport. We had already been in the van three hours and i thought omgosh if i have to wait any longer i'm going to pass out from lack of sleep, food, and the smell. But driver got us over easily...that is why you tip them. Other than these issues i would say my experience was really good, but i did miss the comfort of a good old hospital bed to recover in. I mean in the hotel you are pretty much on your own, the nurses check in on you change bandages, tell you when to shower, etc...but basically it is lonely and boring. Bring books to read, crossword puzzles, etc to keep occupied. OH most important--CALL YOUR CELL PHONE COMPANY and get your phone switched to have service in TJ. I thought my metro was hooked up for Mexico and could hardly talk to anyone to tell them i was okay. This was frustrating because no one back home knows what is up...so yes, make sure you get it verified you will have service there. I don't suggest having surgery here unless you are desperate. There is no where like home where you can just hop in the car and drive home after surgery, but going to TJ i only did this because i couldn't afford the prices here in the states and healthwise my diabetes was out of control, but if i could have had it done in the states I would have. Dr. Almanza is awesome, him and his staff made the process not so miserable or embarrassing. It is a little embarrassing because the hotel is packed with fat white people but don't worry there were lots of fat customers too that were just there staying at the hotel. After i had the surgery and went down to the kitchen and saw the "normal" hotel customers stuffing their faces I thought to myself why did i have this done? Half of these people are not much smaller than me and everyone is a bit overweight? There wasn't one person that didn't have a little extra fat on their body that was my age. So i did feel a little sad and thought why did i put myself thru this? but now that i am home and got rid of all my diabetic supplies and tablets...i feel better. I am having trouble swallowing still...you can't gulp anything. I can swallow twice but the third swallow is painful and i almost throw up. Some nights i can eat baby food and other nights nothing will stay down. I am disappointed because my body is being so stubborn with the weightloss, it is fighting the process so stubbornly. I have only lost 7 pounds since surgery. Oh, also whatever you crave the most like cake, steaks, fries....whatever...make sure you stuff your face with it before surgery like a week before or before you have to do your shake diet. I miss a t bone steak and an ice cold pepsi and now i will never have it again. And yes, it does feel like forever...i can't imagine a steak or pieces of steak going down my throat anytime soon. That is something i regret not eating because i think if i had enjoyed it one last time i wouldn't be so obsessed with it now.
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