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  • Name: Susan T.
  • Age: 47
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: June 8th, 2012
  • Testimonial date: January 16th, 2013
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
Hi I'm Susan and I want everyone to know that this is the best thing I have ever done for me in my life time! My husband said he wishes he would have gotten me the surgery years ago. If we would have known about it I would have, but the surgery wasn't available or to much! My daughter-in-law told me about that her and her mom was going to get a weight loss surgery and she wanted to know if my daughter wanted to go. I asked my daughter and of course she said yes. I told her i think I want to go. She said mom your not that big and your a grandma but if you want then go. I talked to my daughter-in-law and she told me about it and I was shocked to know it was in Mexico. I said are you kidding me the surgery don't scare me but Mexico? She said don't worry she knew a couple people and it was safe. I told my husband and he thought I was crazy and at first all of our husbands did. By then we all had our minds made up and we were going no matter what people thought. I want to say in making our decision the weight loss ladies were so helpful, nice and answered every question we had. They went beyond my expectations! Our surgery was set for June!
I weigh right now 124 and started at 173. My daughter started at 183 and is now 107 a size 2, she hasn't been a size 2 since middle school. It changed our lives! We have all struggled most our lives going up and down and doing every weight loss pill and diet around.... My husband said this is the cheapest diet because now I won't yo yo any more. I'm happier now and I like going out. I don't wake every morning depressed. Of course shopping is much better now that everything looks good and I don't leave hating myself. (oh and don't worry what you save on food you can spend on clothes.) lol also it's cheaper because when you get it you wear it more times because your not yo yoing.
Surgery time. I'm scared, confused, and did I mention so hungry I could eat a cow! The three days before surgery will be the hardest, well it was for me. I was so hungry I was having headaches and sick to my stomache due to being so hungry. I just wanted to get there and be knocked out and get it over with. We stayed in San Diego and met the Van the next morning and was on our way to Mexico. Nerves were running high and talking to others on the van made me feel a little better. Knowing we all had the same concerns and worries, but knowing were all here together and we all wanted the same out come to loss weight and be happier and healthier. Had surgery felt great and then it hit. I was throwing up and just wanted to sleep but within two days feeling lots better. Nurses were amazing! Amazing! One of the best parts of the trip! It was all clean and safe!! I Just had two more go a ex son-in-law and sister and I'm so proud to say he started over 300 and has lost fifty pounds in one month. My twin grand girls will have a father that will be around for a long time and much healthier. Heading back with a friend in february for hers. I'm happy and hope you will be too! I tell everyone and have many more friends and family that want and will be going.
I would like to thank Dr. Almanza and all his staff!!!!! I promise you won't get a better surgeon or staff as we had at JH. Not in the States!
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