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  • Name: Jennifer
  • Age: 33
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: April 11th, 2016
  • Testimonial date: May 13th, 2016
  • Surgeon: Dr. Michael Choi
First off, WLA was fantastic. There for any questions and always checking to make sure things went smoothly. I highly recommend them for any weight loss procedure you choose.
I went with Dr. Choi in Miami because I didn't feel comfortable going to Mexico, or having to Fly or navigate an airport while recovering from surgery. I think it was worth the extra $ to have it done close to home, just for comfort alone.

That said, I an very happy with the procedure so far. I am officially 1 month out, and 27 lbs down. I do have trouble hitting my protein goals, but I do get all the water and walking in. The first week was really uncomfortable due to the air (gas) bubbles in my chest and tummy, but I didn't have much pain per se. Like they say, walk and sip!! it helps.

I have progressed from liquids through purees, soft, and just getting to normal foods. Staying away from veggies, tough meat, and anything crunchy or hard. Most everything Iv tried has gone down well. I am working on eating SLOWLY... I can only have a few small bites about twice a day. I get full really quickly, and burp after I eat. I think its from eating too fast. I get air bubbles (pain) in my chest and have to sit up strait to burp it out, then I feel better.

I have gone down a size at work, and can fit in some clothes I haven't been able to in a while, so that's really exciting. I cant wait to hit my goal weight, which I am hoping will be within the next 6 months. I get compliments from people who notice the change, and that feels great!!

I highly recommend the Sleeve Procedure for anyone who is considering it... Just do your homework and understand the restrictions, changes, and sacrifices before you make the decision... I promise it is worth it!!
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