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  • Name: Debra Loving
  • Age: 47
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: November 6th, 2019
  • Testimonial date: November 14th, 2019
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
Hello my name is Debra,

My brother's friend had the gastric sleeve two years ago by Dr. Almanza and his results were amazing. My brother being a PA had visited the facility with his friend and he himself was very impressed with the facility and the knowledge of the staff.

Two years later I found myself completely unhappy with the relationship I have had with food. I felt mentally, spiritually and physically drained and felt so far away from the 75 lbs I had lost in 2012. I dont have the part of the story were I was on several medications, or high blood pressure, or any other illnesses. I simply wanted to feel good about me again. I took a leap of faith and could not be more pleased with my decision.

For all the people who were like me thinking what would it be like to go out of the country for medical services? You here horror stories and I cant say none of them can be true, but not at Baja Hospital with Dr. Almanza and his staff. They were all kind, comforting, knowledgeable and attentive. I received better care here outside of Michigan than when I had a tummy tuck done by Dr. Freeland in west Bloomfield where he almost let me die from a sleeping bladder.

My experience with every thing from the first phone call was amazing and great. If I called or text the girls answered all my questions. When I arrived Tony my driver was kind and helped myself and my daughter feel secure in our travels to and from the air port. All the staff was wonderful at the facility, many knew English, or partial and those who did not were able to use a translator to help with communication gaps. For family and friends who come with you eating was a breeze as my daughter used Uber eats and food was delivered to the hospital.

there was no part of the process that I was not prepared for because of the diligence of the team. I'm 10 days out from surgery and I am still fully supported by Dr. Almanza and all the staff and team at Weight Loss Agents. DON'T wait anymore find the healthy you that wants to live for you, your kids or like me for my grand children. FOLLOW the directions from beginning to end and you will not be disappointed.

I pray God leads you to the healthiest version of you and that you will allow Dr. Almanza and his staff to hold your hand through the process.

Thank you Dr. Almanza and to all the staff from beginning to end. You have helped me change the direction of my life and health I am forever grateful.

Debra from Clinton Twp Michigan

Pics of the new me will be in its way in a few months :)
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