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  • Name: crystal jadallah
  • Age: 30
  • Surgery: gastric sleeve
  • Surgery date: June 22nd, 2012
  • Testimonial date: July 3rd, 2012
  • Surgeon: dr. Mario almanza reyes
Hi everyone, I'm 5 days post op now and feeling 200% better that i was the 1st 3 days. I had my surgery 6/22/12 with 2 other wonderful sleevers, the other 2 gals bounced back pretty quick, I on the other hand had a lot of nuasea and vomiting which is due to the gas pushing on my diaphram hitting a nerve that triggers nuasea and vomiting. on 6/25/12 once all the gas started passing I have felt a whole world of difference. O.k surgery was 6/22/12 mine was 8:45pm, it lasted about 45 minutes. The clinica is very clean, and sterile except they do reuse the EKG sticky tabs. the only thing i could find to complain about. Mostly men working there. the ones in black are like CNA's the ones in white are your nurses. most of them work about 15hrs each shift. But attend to your every need very well. I arrived about 11:30am to the clinica, waited downstaires about 30 mins, was taken upstairs, had my picture taken with the Dr. had my lab work drawn, compressions wrapped around my legs, IV started, EKG, then began the waiting game. there was a total of 11 surgeries that day, 3 of them were sleeves. they started on the sleeves about 530 6pm. we stayed in the clinica that night, I was very nuaseated from the anesthesia The nurse came and gave me zofran IV everytime i pushed the wall call button. I was the only one in my room but there was 2 beds. We recieved IV antibiotics, sleep meds, anti-nuasea meds, and pain meds. the next morning 8 am the transport was there to transposrt us to the recovery house and hotel. I stayed in the hotel as my spouse was with me. I slept and vomited every 30-1hr. could not keep anything down. at 5pm transposrt was there to pick us up and took us back to the clinica for IV fluids and the whole list of meds again. we also got our take home meds and wound care instructions and the lovely purple stuff to drink for the x-ray. the next morning 8 am we were to start drinking the purple stuff i only got down about an ounce it had no taste I just could not keep anything down, at 9 am they picked us up we went for the x-ray, there right when we take the xray we had to drink about 2ozes of a barium which is pretty nasty. then they took everyone else back to the hotel and I went to the recovery house at this time for more antinuasea meds, then they took me back to the hotel. they came to pick us up 5-6pm to remove our drain. and please be ware that there is a small little tube on the outside of the stomach THAT IS NOT THE COMPLETE DRAIN, the inside drain is about .5 inch wide and about 6 inched long. when they tell you to breath when removing it you better breath it is very uncomfortable. they took us back to the hotel asked what time we wanted pick up. they were there 7-8 am on monday to transport us back to san diego. when i got to san diego I called my family MD for appt 6/27/12 as my flight was not until 6/26/12. word of advice if you can afford to get a straight flight back home it is recommened. i had a 3hr30min flight then a 2 hour layover then another 2 hour flight. horrible. also pick up something to drink in the airport before boarding I tried to drink the apple juice on the plane and it caused a whole lot of gas. so when i got to san diego i got a hotel and went to sleep slept all day and night, was up some inbetween eating ice pops,gatorade, since then the nuasea has inproved only get nuaseated now if i drink to much to fast. But i am learning what i can and can not have. If asked after the 1st day or 2 I would have stated I regreted geting it done, But now that things are getting better, I am liking it more and more. went to the Dr. this am, he gave me some phenergan for the nuasea, checked my insicions for infections, all is good there. however like most american MD's he does not want to remove the sticthes, which is fine being a nurse I will take them out myself, if help is needed my brother in law is also a nurse so Ill manage there. I am able to get down about 2 ice pops at a time but thats it. The to ladies that had their sleeves the same day bounced back like champions. each sleeve is different.. Yes I would recommend Dr. Almanza.
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