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  • Name: Carol Jensen
  • Age: 49
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: October 6th, 2017
  • Testimonial date: October 19th, 2017
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
I almost had this procedure done 2 years ago when one of my close friends tried talking me into going with her. I kick myself for putting it off for 2 years but after doing my research and seeing her AMAZING results, I scheduled myself to get in there and just Get it Done! My procedure took place on 10/06/2017. My doctor was Dr. Almanza and location in Tijuana Mexico. The medical facility was clean and professional. When I first got in on day of surgery, the nurse was in such a hurry to get the IV in me to get me into surgery as I was first on the list. Unfortunately in her haste to hurry, the nurse blew through the good veins in my both my hands right off the bat in the first couple of minutes which made it difficult down the road to change out my IV at a later time, which I found would have been a huge help. The surgery went as expected, I was very sick and throwing up as I was waking up out of the anesthesia, although I told the anesthesiologist to give me something for nausea when I go under because I always get really sick from it. It was very painful to have to wake up to throwing up blood and foam and trying to figure out where I am.

The medical staff who cared for us the day/night that we got out of surgery were very kind to us. There was a total of 4 of us in the room so we didn t get much sleep with everyone in pain and getting up at all hours but eventually, they moved us to the hotel. The hotel was comfortable and clean but oh so noisy! My bed was broke but I couldn t sleep much anyway due to the noise of people talking in the walkways and rooms around us were just partying and so loud! The floors are tile so you dont have the carpet as a noise barrier, you hear talking, walking and shutting doors constantly. The hotel nurses I don t have much nice to say about them. You are on Their time frame as to when they want to deal with you, not when you need them. We were told that the day prior to surgery we were able to have jello and Popsicle's, they didn't have either ready or cold for us so there was a wait. And then they were going to bring them to our room, that didn't happen either so we just had to sip on the chicken broth that the hotel kitchen had. It wasn't bad, but bring your own chicken bouillon cubes, it has better flavor. The last day we were there, the guest I brought knocked on their door asking the nurses to come up to my room and remove my IV and they were napping and one of them was hooked up to a vitamin IV watching Football. They said they would be right up and they made us wait several hours to come up to remove my IV port. Finally the head nurse that had been gone during our stay, returned and we let him know what poor service we were receiving. It was frustrating, I was in tears. My one vein was DONE, couldn t take any more IV, pain meds or antibiotics shot into that vein.

The hotel restaurant servers were cheating the guest I brought and a couple other guests when it came to charging them for their food. They were overcharged by certain servers. They chose to eat elsewhere due to that so other guests going with VSG patients beware. They were overcharging by $3-$4 on a cheese quesadilla! and she was tipping them for their service on top of it.

The drivers, especially Roberto were wonderful, always upbeat and friendly. I tipped him anytime he drove us around out of appreciation for that! I am pleased that the surgery is over and that I am back home in the States. I am glad I had the surgery and very interested to see what my end results will be like! I will certainly let friends and family know of my experience and what things to watch for but I had an overall good experience.
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