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  • Name: Jason Sharpe
  • Age: 33
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: February 3rd, 2017
  • Testimonial date: June 19th, 2017
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
I guess I will start with why I decided to do this, my daughter! On September 10th 2016 my daughter was born. After a couple of months I looked at her and wanted to be around and more importantly there for her. I looked at my self and knew if I carried on the way I was going I would not see her grow up!
I went to the doctors for a health check up and it really was not good news. High blood pressure, pre-diabetic, high cholesterol, back hurt, knees hurt and I would get out of breath just from walking stairs, smoking 2 packets a day and drinking around 3 beers a day and this all happened in 4 years of immigrating to Canada from England. It was a horrible realisation as prior I use to swim competitively, play rugby, soccer and go the gym 5 times a week. #
My new career did not exactly allow for much down time, of course this sounds like an excuse and it is but I was lost and had no idea where to start! I had tried all kinds of diets, tried going to the gym and have the support of a loving wife and family, nothing worked and I was at 300lb.
I knew I needed a tool to help me sort my life out. One night whilst talking with friends. They mentioned that they had both had a gastric sleeve 2 years ago. My first thought was why your not fat,then I laugh at myself for thinking this. So I started researching everything to do with this type of surgery. For me the pros out weighed the cons. So I booked it!
I decided to travel there on my own as I wanted to do this for myself as well as my daughter. The experience was very smooth from start to finish. All involved knew their job and were accommodating especially weight lost agents. The doctor greeted us all and gave us a group talk with everything that would happen. The hospital was clean and quiet and every nurse was brilliant. If you are a hairy chested guy like myself please make sure you shave it all off. I was/did not and when I returned to Canada because of my hair 3 out of 5 incisions were infected. I will say that if you travel on your own you are not allowed to book a room to your self in the hotel for safety reasons and that is good but I was placed with a gentlemen who was very ill and did not get much rest after the operation. I spoke with the hotel and the nurses station I did not get any help but the rooms are large, clean and modern and the beds are very comfortable.
I wanted to leave my testimonial for a while because I wanted to do it justice and give you guys a realistic view. This for me is (apart from my daughter) the best decision of my life, it has turned it upside down but for the better in every way. If you decide to do this you will have thoughts that you have made a mistake and wished you had never but I'm telling you you will change your mind and love it.

I have attached photos in 4 months 96lb lost and counting.

All the best people in what ever you decide but you cannot go wrong with weight loss agents.

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