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  • Name: Sam Cook
  • Age: 55
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: December 12th, 2011
  • Testimonial date: August 15th, 2012
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
Hi All,

I had my sleeve on Dec 12, 2011, it has been just 8 short months and I have lost 91 lbs. It's amazing how easy this has been. Now I don't mean every day was easy, but I really have never been in pain, or sick. I dumped 3 times and 2 of those times was from taking pills that would not go down and the other was with brown rice, it just did not agree with me at all. After my surgery the first night I just slept like a baby, got up and walked. Went to the recovery house and was basically fine, went home a day early.

The first month is hard cause you don't really know what to eat, even though you prepared and purchased foods and soups. Food just didn't taste good the 1st month, then all of a sudden your taste buds change. You think things you'd like to have and you get it but when you put it in your mouth it just doesn't taste good anymore.

From about 6 weeks out it really gets easier and easier, your trying more things. The hardest part for me and still is at certain times is small bites. Sometimes when I'm really hungery I eat to fast and your stomach will let you know very fast that that was a mistake.

Today, I eat for breakfast a Instant breakfast no sugar added, lunch fish or soup, dinner is fish or soft meat of some kind, with a vegie. When I snack I have cottage cheese a couple of crackers or cheetos. I just love the crunch. I don't eat out much cause it's a waste of money to only have a few bites, if I do go out I have a cup of soup or share with my boyfriend. I am able to tolorate alcohol, I don't snack at parties cause you won't be able to eat your dinner. For awhile I could not eat anything spicy, but little by little I can now. I used to love steak anymore I can take it or leave it.

It's such a life changing experience, you have to think before you eat, whereas before I would shovel the food in before I ever thought about what I was doing. Your new stomach will guide you now. When you over eat or eat too fast you may get loud hicups, it's really funny out in a crowd when that happens. Your new sleeve will guide you and let you know right away if the bite you just had was enough. It just takes time to relearn new things. It is so worth it. I have not felt this good in a long time. I don't have much saggy skin, thank god. You know what I'm 55 years old I can have some saggy skin... Right.

I am very grateful that I had this surgery and I recommend it to anyone who is ready to stop the yoyo diets, this is it. It's real, it's hard at times but it is so worth it. Dr. Almanza and his staff are wonderful, I would recommend they very highly, the hospital and recovery house were clean and whatever you needed it was there for you.

Thank You Dr. Almanza and all your staff for changing my life.

Cathleen 'Sam" Cook

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