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  • Name: Luz Santiago
  • Age: 50
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve and Hernia Repair Add On
  • Surgery date: September 10th, 2018
  • Testimonial date: September 25th, 2018
  • Surgeon: Dr. Galileo Villarreal
I decide to do this because i was tired of being fat. I am 50 and my metabolism was very slow, I didn't workout so that was not going to improved. Ten years ago a had a tummytuck thinking that would inproved it only did for a bit. I started doing online search and i found quite a bit of sites offering this weighloss miracle for me.My concern was doing it in another country. I decide to it and now was the challenge of finding the right doctor to do it. I found 1 but then I found bad reviews on him so i freakout and was ready to cancel the surgery date i schedule, i didnt care if i was going to lose my deposit of $250 i rather be alive. So again Weightloss Agents talked to me about other doctors they work with in different locations so i said ok let me see what you have. New search began, so I went with Dr. Galileo Villareal, i could not say nothing bad about him, he was very nice in person, he constanly check up on me while in the hospital. His assistant Karen was very nice and sweet. I didnt have any problem talking to her and if i needed anything she was there with answer to my questions. Ok, so now I am in texas at the airport, i called in the Doctor responded, they were going to come and get me, then Karen call so everyone knew i was in the airport waiting. The driver was nice, he picked me up, just me and we drove to the border, yes, i said border, ever in my life though i was going to do this, yeaks. Nah, everything went well no complications no question no pull over get out of the car situation, lol. so we past that we got to the hotel, he pull my bag and left. I proceeded to the ckeck in said i was here and Karen from Dr. Villareal made the reservation for me, they ask for my ID gave me a key and went to my room. Great room clean and big.Next day was surgery day on Monday, got pick up 7am bags packed and left the hotel with the hotel shuttle to hospital, I walk in the hospital de especialidades in mexico, register and then had my lab work done, then came in Karen, took me to the cash office for the deposit for the hernia, then to my room the nurse assing to me was so nice, i love her .She put my iv in and now get ready for surgery at 11:30. I also saw the anesthesiologist, he ask me a couple questions and that was it.Very smooth, then i wake up in my room, saying where I was,grogy, and getting up then i cough really hard and blood came out of my mouth and they immediately call the doctor, i was fine i guess that was from the tube in my mouth. on Tuesday i felt ok, ready for a shower still moving very slowing, and walking around the hallway.I was out by Wed felt good, going back to hospital, the bumps on the road did hurt but ok, i did need the small pillow to put on my stomach and the heating pad, A must after surgery.the neck pillow did nothing for me.I check out Thursday got picked up, taken to the border and back to airport to go back home. Now i am 2weeks out horray, I have lost 8 pounds, but my starting weight was 211 and now 182.When i got here to mexico i was 190.the preop diet thats where i lost the difference.I do notice when i walk i loose weight faster, but is been raining so just been sitting around the house. No regrets. Luz
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