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  • Name: Samantha Cortez
  • Age: 31
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: June 28th, 2012
  • Testimonial date: September 13th, 2012
I had surgery a couple months ago and I still can't believe I had it done. It’s truly been the best thing that I’ve ever done i my life, it has given me my life back. I was never an obese person but after I turned 20 I really started to see the lbs add up and my life went out of control. i use to be able to focus and diet and workout and get back and shape. However as of 27 i hit my 200 plus mark and at 5'2 that’s a lot of weight. After researching into the lap band, I decided it was for me it was the control I needed to lose the weight. Unfortunately my insurance won' cover the procedure I Google the procedure and this website came up. Once I talked with the coordinators they convinced me the sleeve would be the best procedure for me. I won't have to worry about getting the band filled and being poked to fill the band every couple of months. My only concern was that the long term effects of this surgery are unknown. However at this point the rate I was gaining weight I doomed to have diabetes and high blood pressure issues. So I was willing to take the chance. Once i arrived to San Diego they had a van ready to pick me up and cross me across the border. The driver was very nice and could see I was nervous. I came here by myself and he really made me feel at ease. It took about an hour or so to cross the border and i arrived at what looked like a clinic in shopping center. At that point i was like "What did I get myself into!" How could I risk getting surgery in this little clinic? The thing is that when you come from the United States especially Texas where everything is bigger and better. But that's not how things are in Mexico, Mexico is not an opulent country. They keep it simple and easy and you know what that's what made this whole experience easier on me. So after I had my blood work done and all the test they run I was take to my hotel in Tijuana. The hotel was amazing 5 star and I was given a large room with a king size bed. Couldn't sleep of course but it was nice to feel pampered before having surgery. They picked me up the next morning at 6am and they prep me for surgery. I thought i would surgery at 8am but it didn't happen until 11am, so I had lots of time to think about my decision. Not gonna lie i broke down a couple times and cried to myself. Reflected on how i got here why did I let myself go. If I hadn't let myself go what could I be doing with the money I just spent on this surgery. But I couldn't dwell on the past and got myself together. This surgery was going to give me the life I once had. After I awoke from the surgery I was in enormous pain the worst I had even experienced I've never had children but talking to other people they describe it as if you have had a c-section. To me it felt like someone had dug around i my stomach. As I tried to rest but couldn't because I was nauseous and full of gas I finally dozed off and then was awoken to be taken to the recovery house. As pain as the surgery the recovery house was so wonderful i couldn't have had better care if i was in the states. The staff was WONDEFUL!!! i thought it was going to be awkward with all these people who had just had surgery but it was nice to be around other people who were going through the same thing. It is now September the 13th and i had my surgery on June the 28th. Exactly 11 weeks from the day i had the surgery. Took me awhile to write this review because i have been so busy and my life is changing so much. In the beginning you cannot eat and you start losing weight but after awhile your body gets use to your calorie intake. That's when i realized there is no easy fix you have to work-out, and i now work-out 4 times a week by going a boot camp that pushes me. So to date I have lost exactly 50 lbs. My starting weight was 266 and now I’m 216. Its be hard and its a struggle everyday but it’s a different type of struggle. i don't see food the same and don't enjoy like before but for someone who loses food, its been worth it. My health is back on track my blood pressure has dramatically dropped and I’m not risk for diabetes. Most important I'm starting to like myself again:)
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