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  • Name: Imayarze Limonta
  • Age: 40
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: March 31st, 2017
  • Testimonial date: July 31st, 2017
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
First I want to recognize the whole Mario Almanza's team, for the excellent job they did with me, and the oustanding treatment. The personel were very kind and ready to assist with any need. It was a good experience. Thank you very much. I am glad to share with you my good news. I have lost 50 pounds so far since my surgery, today is my week 16. I can't be more happy with the results and the complements that come along on the daily basis. I look and feel younger, and my clothes look really beautifully on me. I feel great. And I talk about my experience with every person that wants to know about it... like now I am sharing my experience with you.
I can confirm that making the decision of having a gastric sleeve was the best one I have made concerning my weight loss goals. I tried many different types of medicines to loose weight,but I didn't get the results I wanted. I tried diets and exercise, but it didn't work for me. It takes so much effort and sacrifice for me to see one pound loss that I get discourage and give up. With the Gastric sleeve surgery I loose the pounds doing nothing. I eat and I get satisfy faster that ever before in my life. If you want to make the decision of getting the surgery done I can tell you go ahead, but there are somethings that you need to know before going there to be prepare psychological when it happens to you after your surgery.
First of all, you will not eat as much as you want to. If you think that you are eating just a little bit with your current diet, wait to see what will happen after the surgery. You will find that you were really eating a lot. The amount of food you will eat after surgery is very small. I didn't realized how much I was eating until after the surgery. You will really desire to eat more but you won't be able too, you will have to eat very slow and shew the food very well before swallowing it. Sometimes you will be so hungry that you will hurry up and finish the food at once. But just be patient, otherwise you will vomit and that is not nice. Sometimes you will feel frustrated especially if you are out with friends, they will think all kind of things about your new eating habits until you explain to them what is really going on with you. But,that is the beauty of having this surgery, it is like having a policeman in your body that is stopping you from going were you don't ever want to go again. It is a good feeling after all because you have conquered the temptation of the extra eating desires with this surgery.wooho!
Another thing that will happen to you is the acidity that comes out from your gastric juices. In my case it lasted 15 weeks. I still have some, but it is not much. I barely can notice it again. That is good news. It is not forever,but at the beginning it was really bad. I had to sleep with all the pillows I can find to keep my head and shoulders elevated and feel comfortable, which prevented the reflux.
After eating I still experience an immediate postprandial symptom that last for about 15 minutes. It is much less now than weeks before. These symptom are like feeling, tired, weak, and sleepy. I know this will happen, and what I do is that I plan my eating time to last for at least 30 minutes so I can have my rest after eating.
I have had no problems with my hair or my skin, nor my teeth. I feel great, full of energy, I have to go out to jog because the energy is very high. I sleep well, I learned to eat my portions no more than that. When I go to a restaurant, I can't eat all the food they serve. I usually carry home the food that I can't finish eating (restaurants serve a lot of food).
My best wish for you in your new journey!
Thank you.
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