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  • Name: Sharla Foster
  • Age: 46
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: July 28th, 2016
  • Testimonial date: August 3rd, 2016
  • Surgeon: Dr. Marcelo Hernandez
It all started at the beautiful Hotel Hacienda Del Rio. We went straight to our room and it was beautiful. The very next morning we were all picked up together, the ones having the surgery, and headed to the hospital. The hospital is no more than 2 blocks from Hotel. My husband came with me and he walked from hospital back to Hotel because no guests after 8:00 on night of surgery. Ok back to the beginning, when we arrived at hospital. We all went up stairs to prepare for surgery, i.e. EKG and Blood Work. Then took me to my room where my husband stayed until after my surgery. Right before surgery they wrap your legs real tight with bandages so to get no blood clots in the legs and also put in my IV. Then they immediately took me down stairs for surgery. I was the first person in our group to go. I went into the surgery room and immediately they started injecting fluids and medicines in my IV and told me they were going to put me to sleep with a general anesthetic. He put a mask on me and I was out!!!! I woke up and they were taking me to my room. My husband was there and he immediately made me get up and start walking. Best thing he ever did that day. Walking and taking only 2 gas strips made me good. The next morning we were all up and the van picked us up and took us back the Hotel for recovery. We still had IV's in our arms and a tube hanging from our stomachs for drainage. These stay for 2 days as more fluids and medicines was put in our IV's for the next 2 days. We all went shopping the day we came back from hospital. Then the next day they take you for a x-ray to see if any leakage. Called it a leak test. All good and I was sent back to the Hotel early because my flight ended up way to early. We all took a picture of our group and I was on my way. Got back to my room and Nurse was there with antibiotics and pain medicine and injected it into IV. Took out IV afterwards and pulled my drainage tube. Kinda like a bee sting but doesn't last but a second. Not bad. Then headed to van to go across the boarder and into San Diego, CA. Back home the next morning. Great experience. Great Doctors (Hernandez) and Great Nurses. If you need anything they are there to help at all times.
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