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  • Name: Connie Bowers
  • Age: 44
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve and Gallbladder Add On
  • Surgery date: February 17th, 2015
  • Testimonial date: March 4th, 2015
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
My decision started with talking to a coworker who lost weight with the sleeve. She was unable to get insurance approval even though she was 100 lbs overweight. She finally decided to take out a loan and pay cash. She paid around $15,000 in the states. I knew I was not going to be be able afford that amount. I started doing my research and came upon a site where everyone was talking about going to Mexico for all kinds of surgery. I saw the sleeve being offered for less than 3 x's what she paid. I researched the Dr's and the surgery. When I informed my husband I was going to Mexico for " stomach surgery" he was supportive. He knew I've been unhappy a long time with the extra weight. I decided to go alone being I did not want anyone there causing me extra stress by stressing themselves over me. I told no one but my husband. Such a stigma with going to Mexico for anything these days. I just did not want to hear the negativity. It was my body, my decision. I learned this was not uncommon for surgical patients to NOT inform their family, friends. I flew to San Diego a d was picked up by driver and taken to the hotel. The room reminded me of a motel 6. Basic but clean. I paid for my own room because I knew I would not feel like visiting with others after surgery. I wanted to rest by myself. The hotel supplied me with the pre op food I needed. The next day the driver took us to the hospital where I had my labs and EKG done, iv was started then surgery soon after. I awoke in a recovery room with 3 other ladies I had met previously. We spend the night in the hospital and were encouraged to walk. Given iv antibiotics and lain meds. Please do not expect the same nursing care you would receive in the states. If you need something you need to ask for it. They do not " make rounds". I had my glallbaldder out so I had some extra pain than the regular sleevers. My roommate had to physically go down to the nurses station to ask for help for me. No Call Lights in room! I've never seen this as a nurse. We kinda had to help one another. I'm not complaining it all worked out. Just be proactive with your care. We all left the next day around 12p. The driver was very nice, he went very slow to hotel. :) I went straight to my room to rest and then start my walking regimen. Every 2 hours I walked the halls. Several of the ladies I learned later went shopping , most regretted it the next day due to pain. I focused on getting my fluids in, walking, allowing my body to heal. I had just caused trauma to my body and I needed to rest. They do have nurses in a room at the hotel. They changed our bandages and checked our drains, gave us IVs every 4 hours. We stated at the hotel 2 days then flew home. The worst days are surgery days and travel days. Please, remember you have to drag your suitcase back home. Something I kinda forgot. Pack light! Take a pillow. I did not use the heating pad till I got home. Make sure all the things you need after surgery are right by you. Bending down to rifle thru your suitcase is not fun. I took 2 weeks off work and needed every bit of it. The fatigue is the hardest for me. I'm sure it's due to the low calorie intake. I'm excited to see the changes in the next year and I would do it again in a heartbeat! A word of caution, your an outsider in Mexico and Americans are an entitled bunch. Do not expect to be catered too like in the US. It's basic healthcare in Mexico with no thrills. Something our country should look into. :)
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