My experience with the Weight Loss Agents and Dr. Almanza in Tijuana Mexico July 2017 *

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  • Name: Tamara Sparks
  • Age: 50
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: July 3rd, 2017
  • Testimonial date: August 1st, 2017
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
My experience with the Weight Loss Agents and Dr. Almanza in Tijuana Mexico July 2017
First of all, to those scheduling surgery, I want to congratulate you for making the decision to improve your quality of life through weight loss. Most of us have been through the yo-yo diets and the feelings of helplessness in trying 1,000 different ways to lose weight. I hope that anyone getting sleeve surgery respects their new sleeve for the tool that it is and strictly follows all instructions given by their surgeon.
My story . I began my pre-op liquid diet a few days early just to get myself in the right mindset before I left for Mexico. I did a lot of reading, communicating on the forum and praying the weeks that led up to my sleeve surgery but especially the week before I left. Ironically, I did not actually pack until the night before we left. We had such a busy week and I was procrastinating as well I am sure.
The day before my surgery I began the travel process and headed to the airport bound for Mexico. The flights were not bad and we arrived on time. Once arriving at ZONE F at Terminal 1 of the San Diego International Airport, I called the number I was given to notify the shuttle that we were ready for pick up. My husband and I waited in the lovely San Diego sunshine! It was beautiful I got a little sunburn but it was not painful. Once our driver arrived, we were whisked off to Tijuana, Mexico.
We arrived at the Hotel Hacienda Del Rio in Tijuana. This is an older hotel but very nice. It s bright yellow and I liked that it was small. The beds were comfortable and the room was very clean. Armando will be your best friend. Anything that we needed or questioned, there was Armando. He was very helpful in every area and worth every single tip we gave him. Alex was one of my favorite nurses at the hospital and a true gem. If you go, please tell her I said HI.
I was given timing to be in the lobby the next day for surgery. My husband and I did a little exploring around the hotel and found some great little places. We ended up at Puerto for dinner where we met a fantastic bilingual couple. We sat at the bar with them. I drank Hibiscus water and had a few bites of fish. It was really nice and we all exchanged our contact info and have stayed in touch.
So the next day, there we were, waiting with others for the shuttle to take us to Green And Health Hospital. Dr. Mario Almanza was my surgeon and he was doing all of the surgeries that day. I was so fortunate to meet so many wonderful people along the way that were also having surgery. I felt so much more comfortable by reaching out and getting to know others and in the process; we could all help each other out throughout the process the next few days! I roomed with Lisa and Lisa, aka Nikki . But that s another story!
We each took turns meeting with the staff at the hospital for our bloodwork, EKG and settled our accounts. It was mid-morning and we were actually the 2nd surgery group that day. The hospital was very clean and the staff very friendly. I felt very comfortable. As we were each taken back to prep for surgery, Dr. Almanza came and talked to us as a group. He was very nice and took a picture with each of us. It was not the personal one on one attention you would expect to receive in the states but the nurses more than made up for this. I especially loved one nurse and she did not speak English very well, I did not get her name but she gave me a hug before surgery and said that she would stay with me.
I shared a room with Lisa and Lisa, I was the last one from our group to go into surgery. The caregivers all waited with me and when I left they all went to lunch. When I came out there they were waiting for me. I was loopy but remember someone saying There she is still smiling!
It was a little rough going at first. I am happy to say however that I did not get nauseated as I normally do with surgery. I also did not throw up. The pain was manageable and the staff was right on time with all medications in my IV. Oh how we walked. Each time we got up to walk, the Lisa next to me gave me a gas strip as I forgot mine. You only need them the first night but you NEED them. A must to pack and share. We all did laps in the hallway in single file. We encouraged each other pushing our little IV poles LOL The walking was the very best!!! I was not able to sleep the night after surgery, which is weird because I am a sleeper.. .so I got up and crept out, not to wake my roomies and walked the halls. I think it has really helped in my positive recovery.
The next day, early, we were able to leave the hospital for the Hotel Hacienda Del Rio. We got up and dressed. Our IV ports left in and off we went. The nurses at the hotel were ready for us and they got us all setup with new IV bags and meds. They removed the fluids from the drain tube and we got ice chunks and juice. They were huge. I was thinking we were going to get little chips When we did not have the IV bag, we were able to walk around, sit by the pool or rest. It was very nice. Our group all got along really well and had meals together.
The following day, we all went for our Leak Test. Again, we met in the lobby. Our group received a little cup to drink and pain medication but my IV vein was done so I was told that they would start another IV when I got back. I was worried that I needed the pain medication for the test but my husband assured me that I would be fine and I was. Once we got to the X-ray facility, we were given a cup to drink during the x-ray. You stood on a stool and faced sideways and drank the contents of the cup. Next you faced forward and drank the remainder. It was not super gross and it did not hurt. Only one person in our group got diarrhea from the drink. I did not.
Later at the hotel a Doctor McDreamy came to individually go over everything and read the x-ray. It was nice and I was surprised how small my new stomach is now. We also got to have broth when we got back. I brought my own, but I did not think their broth was bad? When it was all done, I had my new IV and got my last bag of fluids. I was given my pain medication and my drain bulb was removed. It was the weirdest feeling. It did not exactly hurt but it was not a walk on the beach either. It is fast and then it is over. Then we were back on the shuttle to cross the border and head to the San Diego airport. Fortunately, my husband got a hotel near the beach and we stayed 3 nights. It was like being in Disney Land with a broken leg but I enjoyed the beautiful city as much as I could.
I am 8 days out and back at work. I am doing great and working to get all my fluids in. No complications and feeling very excited to make the very most of the opportunity that I have been given for a new lease on life!!!!!
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