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  • Name: Melinda Miller
  • Age: 42
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: March 18th, 2014
  • Testimonial date: September 18th, 2014
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
I was very nervous going to Mexico to have surgery. I will start out by saying my surgery went well and my results are great. I had surgery 6 months ago and I have lost 83pds so far. My cholesterol has dropped and my sugar level has dropped. All in all, I am pleased. The hotel we stayed at in Mexico was very nice and the staff was friendly. I was a little worried about the hospital because it is a lot older and smaller than our hospitals in the U.S. Also, they use much older equipment as far as their EKG machine and IV machines. Everything is manual, with the exception of the X-Ray lab we went to after surgery. The surgery room is not very comforting looking but well equipped. I was able to meet Dr. Almanza right before the surgery so that was nice. My main problem was the language difference. The nurses, all except one, could barely understand me, or me understand them. However, we found an app on my cell phone that translates so that was nice. The nurses cared for you the best they could. The only other problem I had was that I had to call the nurses desk at the hotel to be helped. They do not come check on you at regular intervals like here in the states. However, they did come when I called. I was able to make a few friends as there were several more people there having surgery. I had no complications. The best part after the surgery was being able to eat the popsicles they provide for you at the check in desk at the hotel. It took a few weeks to learn what I could or could not eat. At this time I am pleased that I went to Mexico for surgery. They will tell you what you need to do step by step as it happens in Mexico. I was happy that I brought my husband with me. I would not want to do it by myself. Although there was a couple of ladies that came by themselves and they were well taken care of. Thank you!
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