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  • Name: Stacy Ann Tedrow
  • Age: 46
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: August 4th, 2015
  • Testimonial date: August 10th, 2015
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
Once again I just have to say the customer service provided by the Weightloss Agents is extraordinary! Very knowledgeable of the medical services Dr. Almanza provides and yet encourage you to seek a second opinion by conducting your own research which thus far in my experience verifies what The Weightloss Agents have communicated to me. Not to mention the authentic or genuine friendliness always conveyed even when I may sound a little frustrated and not quite a hundred percent.

Although, since Dr. Almanza essentially saved my life by removing the lap band and providing illustration after illustration of what damage the lap band had caused. I consulted with bariatric physicians here in The United States who practice in California with regard to a second opinion as well as any follow-up that may or may not need to take place. It was so funny because the one surgeon I found that performed the gastric sleeve, had an excellent education, provided psychologist and health nutritionist on staff. Originally when his staff had consulted my insurance, Anthem Blue Cross, who communicated to their office that I was maxed out on my deductible and could have the surgery for no out of pocket expense the insurance would cover it all. In shock, at this wonderful news I contacted my insurance who verified that all the physician has to do is provide documentation showing that the gastric sleeve is medically necessary and they would cover the expense. When I went to the consultation with the bariatric surgeon that specialized in gastric intestinology he informed me that the policy of Anthem Blue Cross states that all patients approved by insurance must have a BMI of at least 35-45. My BMI at the time was only 28 which is just overweight. Therefore, I went on to explain that last year in April 2014 I weighed 148 lbs and gained almost 50 lbs since then presently weighing 196 lbs. and it was only a matter of time until I reached my obese weight of 230 lbs to 255 lbs prior to having the lap band procedure in March of 2011. I then provided all my medical documents showing metal pens have been placed in my right ankle for a lifetime due to a compound fracture that occurred, a slipped disc in my lower back, and scroliosis in my back, just a mild form. The opinion of the Experts was still the same, we will see!

I quickly went home and got on Doctor Almanza's patient testimonial website to find an exacting story with the exclusion of the deductible portion. A lady with Anthem Blue Cross insurance went to a Bariatric physician who up front had informed her there would be out of pocket expenses due to her deductible but, first she must complete the psychological interview with the psychologist as well as the health nutritionist component prior to being approved for the surgery, merely a four month process. When I discussed all my options with friends in family the one answer stuck in my mind, "Just stick with the bariatric surgeon that saved your life."

I was so relieved to have my appointment date scheduled for Mexico with Dr. Almanza in which I wasn't going to have to hear conflicting stories about what having the procedure would require. It is so nice to have knowledge of your need for the procedure and to schedule an appointment date for the procedure to be conducted and have it completed! Receiving a bottom line figure with regard to the expense. Not to mention the group experience shared with others from all over the world, the tour of TJ, the Hotel stay, shopping, and great company! A beautiful location with top of the line medical staff who are experienced with conducting which ever bariatric procedure you may elect to have. THANK YOU DR. ALMANZA AND STAFF FOR providing me with medical care I desperately needed when no one else would! Best wishes for Dr. Almanza and his staff!
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