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  • Name: Khalid Paden
  • Age: 53
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: March 22nd, 2018
  • Testimonial date: April 13th, 2018
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
When I was considering gastric surgery, there were a number of choices. In my opinion, the lapband might slip, the balloon could cause infection, bypass was complicated and could cause dumping which would be difficult in my profession, folded stomach could cause food to get stuck and possibly rot. There were a number of interesting choices.

I finally chose to really research the Gastric sleeve. It seemed that with a skilled surgeon it was the best choice for me. Dr. Almanza specialized in this procedure. He had lots of positive referrals. The only complaints that I read about were from people who did not follow the post-op meal plan. For example, one lady decided to have a hamburger soon after her gastric surgery and had to be rushed to the hospital. Everything I read showed that if I followed the doctors instructions, I will do very well. Dr. Almanza s pricing structure was also very good.

I worked with his people to set everything up. I went through the pre-op procedures and then arrived. They provided transport from the airport. Everyone I arrived with was in the health-care industry strangely enough. But even more interesting was that many people who were there were former patients who already had the gastric sleeve process done, and were bringing family and friends to do the same. Many former patients were quite happy to show me their Before pictures.

The only problem(s) that I experienced were related to the fact that the good doctor was getting more medical board certificates. To achieve this we were not at his normal facility. We were at Hospital Angeles. The hospital looked modern and clean, but my bathroom had a 1.5 inch cockroach waiting for me. The cleaning staff quickly came and took it away. I noticed that the cleaning staff worked very hard to keep the hospital clean. That roach somehow snuck in. My first night post-op was difficult only because the night staff would not give me anti-nausea medicine. So I was vomiting all night. The entire group that I was with complained to the hospital staff in English and Spanish that I had not been given my prescribed anti-nausea medicine and they could hear me down the hall. I did not receive any until the next morning when Dr. Almanza and the senior staff at the hospital arrived. One of Dr. Almanza s former patients actually had to take care of us at night. She made sure that we walked around to try to get rid of the gas in our system from the surgery. She would check on us. The night staff should have done this, but the staff at Hospital Angeles does not specialize in this type of care. I was assured by a number of Dr. Almanza s former patients that the care is much better at his facility. The night staff started providing basic care after we complained after the first night. Some of Dr. Almanza s staff was present during the day, and I believe that helped a lot.

I had no pain after the surgery though when the pain medicine was done. I had the surgery on a Thursday, flew home on that Sunday and started back to work on Monday. I have found that as long as I followed the meal plan I had no problems. Eat slowly. Chew a lot. Eat small portions. I suspect that I will be ordering from the childrens menu for a while. I have already recommended a friend for the procedure. I am three weeks post-op and I have gone from 304lbs to 273lbs.

Would I do it again??? Oh yes. I am already noticing that I will have to purchase new clothes soon as my goal is about 170lbs, and I will have to purchase intermediate clothes. :D

I think the best part of the procedure besides the outcome was the happiness, exuberance, and support of Dr. Almanza s former patients who were there. Some of us exchanged information and want to see After pictures.

Khalid Paden

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