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  • Name: Ileana Loyola
  • Age: 47
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: May 5th, 2015
  • Testimonial date: May 26th, 2015
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
Hi, last year around August after going to different doctors seminars ,to learn about the gastric sleeve and talking and faxing papers about my condition to my insurance to see it they authorized my surgery, I went to the internet because my aunt told me that a friend of her have had the surgery in Mexico but she didn't know exactly where. When I started searching I came across Weight Loss Agents and I said to myself what I have to loose, I remember I ask so many questions, but they answer all of them very clear, they told me that I needed to fill out a questionair about my medical history and that I would need it to wait to see if the doctor will approved the surgery,I think it took like 4 or 5 days after that, I need it to decide what date, I was so happy that I said to myself let separate that date and Them I would talk to my husband and my daughters and I would get the money, but sadly after I talked to them, they tell me that at the moment it was impossible. I didn't got discouraged, I said to my self, Ileana remember in 4 more months is tax season and you are going to make money (I'm a tax preparer) . I wrote a e-mail to weight loss agents and told them that at the moment I could not do it.
At the beginning of January I went to see my primary doctor and he told me Ileana you have to try to talk to the insurance or ask for a loan but you need to have the gastric sleeve surgery or you going to die, he gave me a referral to send to the insurance again explaining that I have high blood pressure, taquicardia, Diabetis, fatty liver, cirrhosis, hiatal hernia, poor circulation in the lower extremities, water retention,sleep annea, etc. But that didn't discouraged me either, I said I'm going to work this tax season and with the help of Jehova I'm going to have my surgery in May. I again got in contact with weigh loss agents,select the date I would like my surgery and continue the process, gave my deposit, got my passport card for my son and myself, got my airplane tickets. In the e-mail of the approval the doctor said that I need it to do pre-op diet for 10 days to reduce the size of my liver to have less complication with the surgery, but because I have a fatty liver and cirrosis I did it for 18 days.
On May 4th, 2015 at 6:25am Easter time my son and I took the airplane to go to San Diego. When we got to San Diego, we when to zone F where a van pick us up together with others people from different parts of United States and Canada that they also were going to have the gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Almanza. They took us to the hospital were we got our blood work, EKG,and x-ray of the lungs, also if you need it to finish paid the rest of the money of the surgery, after that they took us to the Hotel we check in and in the afternoon about 5:30 they call me to let me know that next day at 6:30 am I need to be in the lobby to be pick up to take me and others people to the hospital to have the surgery. The date of the surgery when we got to the hospital the nurse will start calling each of us to get in a hospital gown, get your legs wrap in elastics bandages to prevent blood clots and get an IV running. Then they start calling first the people that didn't have to many medical problems, they call me around 10:30 am the anesthesiology ask me what medications I took, I remember saying to him Benicart and them the nurse saying to me wake up you surgery finish and you need to walk to get rid of the gases, and it was 12:00 pm. I started walking and walking and just sit down for about 10 minutes a couple of times, at 12 at night I went to my bed to sleep and at about 5 in the morning a nurse came and took my IV out but they lived the Needle so in the hotel they can give you your medicine. I got dress, they give a package with the medicine that I need it to take when I got home and by 7:00 am in the morning I was back at the hotel. When I got back to the hotel I took a shower like they told me to do, and them a nurse came to change my bandage and to give my medicine's thru an IV. In the hotel restaurant you can get a broth that is so good even dough you can only have like 3 or 4 spoons, Popsicle and apple juice. I rest a lot this date and the next one, them on Thursday you have to drink this purple liquid and them they take you to have the leak test, where you have to drink another liquid while they take the x-ray to see if you have a leak, after that they take you back to the hotel and at night time the nurse come and take out the drainage and give you a paper with the instructions of what to do and not to do. The next morning the driver take you back to the airport but it takes about 1 to 2 hours because you have to go the border and show the passport. After I got to the airport we all said goodbye and my son and I went to check our luggage and for him to have something to eat and them get in the airplane, we got home Friday May 8, 2015 at 10:30 pm.
I start at 296.4 lbs when I start the pre-op diet,on the date of the surgery May 5, 280.0 lbs, one week after surgery May 12, 273.8 lbs, 3 weeks after surgery May 19, 269.0 lbs, 4 weeks after surgery May 26, 262.8 lbs. First week I eat only chicken broth, jello,water, second week broth, jello,water,protein shake,third week protein shake,water,like a spoon of refried red beens, some soft cheese,some gatorage, four week start today I'm going to eat okra and very important everyday my multivitamins,B12, iron. I got my stitches out on date 12 everything was OK but the next date the one on the right next to the one that I have the drainages open up, I call my doctor, he said that you cannot put stitches again and to keep it clean that it will closed by itself. Since the surgery I don't have to take anymore my Diabetis, my blood pressure,my heart pills, sometimes I test my blood sugar to see and is amazing my blood sugar is normal,my blood pressure too and I don't get palpitations anymore,no C-Pap machine,no water retention,no swollen legs, like I said at the beginning this was between life or death.
Please anybody that have as many problems as I had before please do everything and anything you have to do and make the call to Weight Loss Agents and get your surgery with Dr. Almanza the magnifican human been that Jehova put in this earth with those marvelous hands and Humility to help people like us. Also he have a terrific and caring staff. I recommended with all my heart because with the help of Jehova and his wonderful hands I'm alive today and for many more years to come.
Thank You Weight Loss Agents, Thank You Dr. Almanza and all his staff including the drivers.
Ileana Loyola
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